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Hana kimi live action torrent

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hana kimi live action torrent

Hana-Kimi | torentinomom.site?page=torrent-details&id= torentinomom.site (online. Horikita plays the protagonist Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl in the with SARS-Fansubs to bring you guys hardsubs version of HanaKimi. Hana yori dango: Fainaru To be honest, I don't watch too much Japanese drama - most of the series that I had seen were those which were really good and. OLTRETORRENTE ORTISEI WEATHER It supports touch. It is recommended operations were used business with AI. Based on a either curved or was used.

Search forums. Log in. We've disabled all private messages. Please use the forums, thanks. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jan 24, Messages Likes 0 Points Joined Apr 10, Messages Likes 0 Points I can't wait to watch it!

I think that Oguri and Ryou were both candidates as Sano but Oguri definitly has the height and I'm really happy that Oguri to got a bigger role. AnimexAngel New Member Jun 26, Joined Apr 2, Messages 24 Likes 0 Points 1. I can't wait to watch this!! XD I'm sure it's going to be good!

Japanese usually make good drama of manga XD I'm sure it's going to be awsome! It's so funny!! I love Nakatsu! He's so funny XD My favorite actors are also in this drama, so it makes me want to watch it more!! Joined Dec 30, Messages Likes 0 Points Until recently, I have been very skeptical of the shows they watched ProDai, 1 Litre of Tears, Hana Yori Dango and even somewhat looked down on them and the shows.

Yes, I was pretentious. Until one day, a friend of mine was describing this scene in a television show she was watching and I couldn't stop laughing. I knew that I had to see this show. And then I knew I had been converted. Let me tell you, this is an excellent show. It's funny, smart, sincere and awesomely awkward. If you're wary about watching J-Dramas or still aren't convinced that it's a legit form of entertainment which I totally was , this will change your mind.

Yes, it's loosely based on the manga, so the acting is a little over-the-top and the scenarios are unbelievable, but that's just the awesomeness of Hana-Kimi. All the actors are perfectly cast in their roles and the script is witty and hilarious. Yes, you will actually LOL. Every time. And yes, you should find someone to watch it with so you can grab and squeeze them when it gets just too cute which it does. Moral: Watch. LOL more. Be a better person. Plus, the soundtrack is sure to get you in a good mood, without a doubt.

Details Edit. Release date July 3, Japan. Fuji Television Network Kyodo Television. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 54 minutes. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. See more gaps Learn more about contributing.

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Unlike Sano in the Japanese series Minho's version of Sano he becomes more sweet earlier in the series being cute and shy about his feelings. The sound track is good too and the series always ends with a cliff hanger making you want to watch more. Its 16 episodes of awesomeness. Well to be honest I didn't finish this series I can't really stand Taiwan sub's because the voices don't really get through to me and the cameras were bad so I could never see there face really good which I hate but here I go By far this series stuck by the manga and got dull and dry but had really good parts to that defined it making it a good drama.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. The country's that did this was Japan,Korea,Taiwan. Likes Comments 0. Like Featured post Taken Out of Context…. Into Anime? Join the community. I've been crossing my fingers for a Hana-Kimi anime for years, ever since I got hooked on the manga.

Great actors. Originally Posted by domino. This has definitely become one of my favorite shows this season. Spoiler for Episode three :p :. Finally Sano knows! I think it really gets juicy once Sano's aware that Mizuki's a girl. In the manga he opens up a lot once he finds out, even though he doesn't act like it; looks like it'll be the same here too. And aw, so heartbreaking seeing Mizuki cry. Especially because it was Sano who made her cry.

Bad Sano! In addition, I like the feel of this show it very entertaining and leaves you wanting for more Ashiya is a strong well-rounded character my respect grew for her after the marathon. She tolerated all that pain just for a smile Ashiya Chwaaan. Also Ep 3 is out -Banzai-. Just finished eppy 4. IMO it wasn't as good as the previous two, but the ending completely made up for it -- it was super duper great.

Aaaand, I'd feel bad spoiling it, so you all have to go watch it for yourselves. I like how in the very last second of each episode it leaves a huge cliffhanger; the problems in each episode get solved, but at the very end they put something else in just to keep you in suspense. Haha, so evil. I'm definitely going to watch this.

I enjoyed the Taiwanese version despite its many weaknesses, but having just seen the first episode of the Japanese show I can tell it's going to be much, much better! The show has a good pace and I think they did a great job with introducing all the major characters and the three dorms in the first ep.

I also think that Osaka High is much more convincing as a boys' school than its Taiwanese counterpart. It was really fun to see how much bullying Mizuki had to endure on her first day. I'll probably wait till the end so I can marathon it, otherwise I'll probably lose interest since I can't wait a week because I know what'll happen already I 'forgot' about HYD halfway because of the very same reason.

Although I'll definitely watch it someday. Having Horikita Maki would always make me want to watch a show same thing applies with other actresses, Ishihara Satomi and Nagasawa Masami. I love this show! The silliness one moment, slipping into more serious moments the next, just makes it an interesting show.

I have honestly laughed, cheered and cried already, and that is in the first four episodes! I walked into this series unknowingly, because it looked interesting on animeinfo. I have not previously read the manga or seen the anime. You should have seen me when I realized it was Shun-chan as Sano-san. It totally excites me to see new posts in this thread.

XD Anyways, didn't like eppy five as much as the previous four I dunno, it just didn't hit the spot. I was pretty bored the whole time except when Nakatsu dreams about Mizuki, getting bloody noses of course I don't know why that's so funny on a real actor -- I should be commenting on how lame and corny it is rather than laughing at it!!

I suppose it was mainly because the focus was put on characters I really don't care much about. Ahh well. My Goddess Aldnoah. Tales of the Abyss Archive Toradora! All times are GMT The time now is Contact Us - Support - AnimeSuki.

We use Silk. Mark Forums Read. User Name. Remember Me? Trouble logging in? Page 1 of 3. Thread Tools. Spoiler for One scene that comes to mind is : When the head of dorm 1 ah, his name escapes me atm tells his men that if they wish to stop receiving his instruction, they may leave the room in the next minute with no penalty, and then he turns around and starts counting down. That's all for now. XD Ah, if you're not a fan of the live-action, I still recommend reading the manga.

The storylines are the same but there are a few major I approve! Discuss away! Find More Posts by Risaa. Send a private message to Pellissier. Find More Posts by Pellissier. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya, which has already been dramatized in Taiwan.

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