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Stuck on elevator machinarium torrent

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stuck on elevator machinarium torrent

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When an actual horror auteur gets into virtual reality and starts pulling the strings I can see people really getting screwed up. In fact, I can very much see people dying. Watch the trailer below One of my big takeaways from playing Kitchen was that the current classification system, at least here in Australia, is going to break under the strain of VR gaming. By its very nature, it is high impact everything as there is no dissociation between one reality and the other; your body is but a passenger as your mind takes the full brunt of it all.

In my opinion, someone will die playing virtual reality because their body will check out while the mind loses control. Even the games I played that were pure joys free of scares - including a title by Rebellion where I fought from the seat of a fast-moving tank in a futuristic arena, and another akin to a Rabbids minigame where I smashed through buildings and dodged projectiles as a giant worm see above — were more immersive than anything current traditional gaming can offer.

And immersion equals impact. Virtual reality is great fun, but it definitely will not be for everyone and their classification will need to make that clear. But I believe even more titles, like Kitchen, will be refused classification straight up. I wonder, if the Classification Board has indeed considered what it plans to do when the Vive, Oculus and Morpheus plunge into Australian stores over the next 12 months.

Magic The Gathering is the original card collecting game, and a two-decade old phenomenon. However, the rise of new competitors like Hearthstone , variants like Armello and big IPs like Elder Scrolls Legends has crowded the space it once dominated. Clearly Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast want to shake up the formula and that should be exciting news for fans.

Promised features include more multiplayer modes — including the return of Two-Headed Giant — playable Planeswalkers cards, the ability to play battle mode against the AI, improved deck building, and weekly quest and community challenges to tackle. It will remain free to play, as well.

Last year, we caught up Wizards of the Coast to get a detailed account of the entire Magic The Gathering phenomenon, from its early eighties roots, through its nineties heyday and into its video game renaissance. This epic Making Of feature was published in Episode 6 of Grab It , our digital iPad magazine, alongside a host of other great exclusives, including the making of Star Wars Commander and an interview with Fighting Fantasy reviver Tin Man Games on the return of the choose your own adventure novel in digital form.

Australian developer Dean Edwards and Beefjack are working on a truly unique horror title that seas you exploring the deep dark deaths of the ocean. Called Iron Fish, it's coming to PC later in and as you'll see in the trailer below, it's got a very creepy vibe to it. Endless Ocean this is not!

The Solus Project is a first-person survival exploration game from Grip Games coming to the Xbox One in vi [email protected] Built on Unreal Engine 4, it focuses less on combat and more about you - the last chance for humanity - stranded and desperate on an alien planet in the year It will also be coming to Oculus Rift, and you can see how the experience plays in Virtual Reality below. If you're excited about the coming onslaught of VR games, we recommend checking out Episode 8 of Grab It , which features a number of exclusive interviews and features on upcoming VR titles among its 68 covered indie games.

It was the featured title in our launch issue, where we peeled back the amazing journey founder Ryan Payton had taken to achieve his goal of bringing a console-quality video game to touchscreens. You can read our world exclusive making of in our free edition of Grab It for iPad - jump in with no strings attached.

Surely the series will get a solid marketing push and may be able to ramp the quality bar up even higher. Gamers on consoles might also get a look in This detailed and immersive world would shine in an Oculus Rift. Perhaps we're looking too far ahead, but the short and sweet of it is; congratulations to both Camouflaj and GungHo. Sony is in a much better position at this point in the console generation than it was last time out, but the battle remains heated.

Of the remaining three, none yet have a release date. Also Read: Episode 8 of Grab It , with 68 exclusive indie developer interviews and features. But consumers are on notice, and expectations this time around will be higher to deliver on what is shown in a timely fashion. The difference between the PlayStation and Xbox hardware is smaller than it has been in any of the previous generations, which means now more than ever exclusives are an important deciding factor for many consumers.

And the other two games still don't have a release date. So much for building hype. Elsewhere in the press conference, Microsoft highlighted previously announced titles Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Halo 5: Guardians and Fable Legends, only three of which have come out.

This has been a building problem. Consumers will be on notice, struggling to believe that anything newly announced at this year's conference will release in the year ahead. What will Microsoft do? Targeted for their investment in time and money towards popular video games, these gamers had critical files hijacked, encrypted and held for ransom. Read more Grab It had the opportunity to attend a behind closed doors Skylanders: SuperChargers demonstration prior to the official announcement, and this is some of the fine points we learned.

No doubt by the time you read this, the first previews for Skylanders: SuperChargers will be spreading across the Internet like a virus, infecting kids with a deep-seated desire to add to their toys-to-life collection, and cured only by open and deep parental wallets. And SuperChargers looks like great fun. Every journo would have seen the same demonstration, which gets the over heroes now available to players behind the wheel of 20 vehicles a mix of land, sea and air in sectioned-off areas of the Skylands that facilitate such gameplay.

High speeds, tricks, combat, pick-ups… although it's much more than a Mario Kart clone. But will the just announced sequel join its predecessor on mobile. Following the critical acclaim and relatively impressive commercial success of the reboot, a sequel is no great surprise, but still a very exciting proposition.

The game will grow the winning template in all the right ways, too. The XCOM initiative is now a bunch of freedom fighters, recruiting in the shadows and using guerrilla tactics and stealth to fight back and expose the truth. You are now the invader, even though it is your home. Firaxis have the knowhow for working on mobiles, and also a knack for doing in ways that critics warm to. In addition, the developer is very pro-mobile, with head figure Sid Meier releasing a number of iOS only properties over the years, including excellent instalments in his Civilization Revolution series, Haunted Hollow and Ace Patrol.

Furthermore, publisher 2K Games are also on the mobile bandwagon, even bringing across the full BioShock experience last year to the shock of many. We anticipate a slightly smaller wait this time given that can walk in the footsteps of its predecessor, so you can expect XCOM 2 to make its way to mobile devices around Q2 If you have an iPad and you love your indie games, do yourself a favour and check out Episode 8 of Grab It.

Now both have been dated, but it's been locked in at PS4 and Wii U for the former, and not mobile, but PS4 for the latter. Assault Android Cactus does for the bullet hell shooter what Super Mario 64 did for the sidescrolling platformer. The tight little gameplay loops that open up as new characters, enemies and level designs enter the fray keep you — and up to three friends in co-op - blasting away for hours.

Armello , on the other hand, was a Kickstarter darling that presents a truly masterful union of RPG, turn-based strategy and collectable card game, as an interactive board game. Few will forget its Pixar-quality debut trailer, but beneath its lush, 3D world map is layer upon layer of management and strategy that will please armchair generals and fantasy fiends alike.

The game continues to evolve, with League of Geeks dedication to the product evident in every update. While Armello is locked for a September PS4 release, alongside a previously unannounced new playable character, Brun Oakbreaker pictured above of the bear clan. In the lead up to E3 and what we can be sure will be another press conference from each of the big players that dedicates a chunk of time to its indie catalogue, these announcements come as a blow to Microsoft.

Another two highly anticipated indie games opting for the PlayStation 4 instead of the Xbox One. We'll know in a couple of weeks. SMG Studio featured in that episode three times, in what was a busy For , the first big release from the studio will be One More Dash, which builds on the One More Line concept by challenging you to zip your way up a narrow corridor by dashing from orb to orb, dodging the obstacles spiralling around in each.

In the interim, enjoy the trailer below. The interview goes in-depth into the history of creator Chris Stead, but also provides an insight into the production of the biggest indie games magazine ever created. Grab It Episode 8 featured 68 interviews and 68 previews on upcoming and just released indie games, including six huge features on the showcase titles of PAX AUS with exclusive images and video content.

We're incredibly excited about the coming virtual reality revolution and not just because it sounds awesome. If you caught our Project Cars hands-on then you'll know how much we rate the concept in-game. We've also experienced a number of other indie titles in virtual reality, with a number of world exclusives appearing in our giant Episode 8 of Grab It see the video below.

Today the company revealed the minimum specifications for a PC to run Oculus Rift. It's up there, although not out of reach for your typical gamer, with the grunt required as the game needs to effectively run twice one for each eye. Not mentioned is the no-brainers that will complement such a machine, such as a robust and consistent PSU and good cooling. But the good news is, those recommended specs will remain the same through the Oculus Rift's lifetime.

Oculus technical director Atman Binstock explains;. At the default eye-target scale, the Rift's rendering requirements go much higher: around million shaded pixels per second. This means that by raw rendering costs alone, a VR game will require approximately 3x the GPU power of p rendering.

VR turns graphics into more of a hard real-time problem, as each missed frame is visible. Continuously missing framerate is a jarring, uncomfortable experience. As a result, GPU headroom becomes critical in absorbing unexpected system or content performance potholes.

Finally, we know that minimizing motion-to-photon latency is key to a great VR experience. However, the last few decades of GPU advancements have been built around systems with deep pipelining to achieve maximum throughput at the cost of increased latency; not exactly what we want for VR. Today, minimizing latency comes at the cost of some GPU performance. In Payday 2, four gamers team up as the Payday Gang to undertake daring heists, most notably robbing banks.

It no doubt looked odd to passing pedestrians, but for regulars to game events such as this, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Well not so much for the people barely m away at the Bendigo Bank. If we only pulled our heads out of the frantic, high octane action of developer Overkill Games enjoyable co-op carnage for a half a second, we would have seen the real thing going down.

Two brazen, hooded thugs walked into bank and made off with all the cash they could squeeze out of the cashier, then made off as the cops rushed in. It's a miracle none of us were taken in for questioning. In Nihilumbra you play as Born, a thing brought into the world an innocent and challenged to discover who he is and what is life while being chased through various, distinct environments by a destructive presence called The Void. The story is a deep-thinker, challenging you to examine your own psyche as you watch Born succeed and fail at the same time.

However, it is also an excellent game, and you can use a range of different coloured powers by painting them onto the world via the touchscreen to gain access to their abilities. How you combine these powers with the environment to get past enemies and obstacles is great fun. And once you get to the end and do it all again in Void Mode, expect an incredibly stiff challenge. Already available on iOS grab it here , we played through the game, loved it, and then decided to create a world exclusive making of digital book with developer BeautiFun Games.

It goes in-depth with exclusive art, video and interview content, offering a tonne of insight into the life of an indie developer. If you have an iPad, you can read our world exclusive making of in a dedicated app here. As well as an incredible, detailed story straight from the developer about the making of an indie classic, you'll also experience a digital magazine beyond anything you thought possible.

Read more The multiplayer FPS where every player is invisible receives a huge update; read the world exclusive making of in Grab It. The concept for Screencheat involves up to four-player splitscreen old-school deathmatch style combat. The twist it that regardless of whether you are playing on the same couch or online, you can always see your opponent's screen. This is because you and the other competitors are invisible. Seeing the world from their perspective, you can try and estimate their position and fire.

An arsenal of classic and truly bizarre weapons, and tight, smartly executed levels add to the chaos across a range of modes. Games between veterans are masterful cat and mouse displays of strategy and sudden bursts of crazy activity. The game just received a huge update, which adds two new maps, a new game mode, a new weapon, team variants of all game modes and 8-player local and online support. That's pretty damn good fan service if you ask us! As part of our epic Episode 8 of Grab It — a digital iPad magazine focused on indie gaming — we spoke in-depth with developer Samurai Park Games, and in particular managing director Nicholas McDonnell, to create a full making of feature on the title.

If you're up for a fast, colourful, perky action-packed platformer then the aptly named Swordigo swings hard and fast on iOS devices. It's heavily doused in Zelda-like fantasy and has an undercurrent of RPG mechanics to boot. It's been a resident of this gamer's iPad desktop for the best part of a year, and right now you can check it out for yourself for free. You can grab the game here.

You can also check out developer Touch Foo's second title, Soosiz. Monument Valley is an exceptional gaming experience. Escher into interactive gameplay. If we had one criticism of the game, it was that it was too short.

After millions downloaded the game and the tributes began to flow, the developer did relent and provide an expansion pack, filled with great new levels to explore. As part of an extensive feature that detailed the making of Monument Valley, Grab It spoke to designer Ken Wong about his plans for future projects while creating an exclusive making of cover story. You can read the full interview in Episode 3 of our iPad digital magazine , but a key quote appears following the question; what has completing this game inspired you to do next as a developer?

We thrive on creating new things. One of the key strengths of Monument Valley is its power to surprise and delight. We want to keep surprising ourselves and delighting players with whatever we come up with next. And the developer certainly felt burned by the reaction to the expansion pack, which many in the mobile environment felt should not have been sold at a premium price. Ustwo does have two other games that precede Monument Valley in its library, the also enjoyable Whale Trail and Blip Blub — both of which have never received a sequel either.

So while a Monument Valley 2 looks unlikely at this point, at least we can look to other developers — like Back to Bed creator Bed Time Digital Games - who are taking the gameplay concept further. Windward is nearing its release on Steam Early Access and the below trailer has emerged showing more of how the action will unfold. Like a blend of Minecraft and Sid Meier's Pirates, the title looks like a retro-flavoured strategy game set on the high seas.

In truth, however, it is an action-focused naval combat game akin to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and set in a randomly generated open-world ocean. Tasharen Entertainment's game looks like a stack of fun and will launch on May 12! The game's premise is equalled in weirdness by its trailer below, but you know, this could actually bit of fun. Management games are reliant on their depth, so we'll have to see how this one pans out.

Check out the debut trailer for Little Devil Inside, an action-adventure RPG set in an open-world and presented with a Pixar-like visual quality. The sheer diversity of this experience is impressive. Movement looks a little stiff at present, but the quality us sharp and the promise of gear customisation, freedom of exploration and story-based missions only adds to the intrigue.

Update: Warner Bros. He has revealed that the game will have the highest budget of any other mobile title in Warner Bros. Original Story: A few days ago Warner Bros announced a bevy of new titles for its growing mobile empire read about it here. One of the biggest announcements, however, is a new title in the Batman universe called Arkham Underworld. Details are relatively scarce about the game at this stage, but as we discussed the other day, based on what we do now, our money is on a F2P title in the vein of Clash of Clans.

Read more. Grab It is a media outlet focused on the coverage of indie video games, and dedicated to providing that coverage in new and exciting ways. Primarily we do this through the Grab It Magazine app, which you can download to your iPad. Each includes features, top 10s, interviews, reviews, opinion pieces, news, video and more.

However, for those gamers most interested in the reviews, we have just launched Volume 1 of our review-only version of the magazine - you can grab it here. Inside you will find 10 of our favourite reviews, as well as exclusive making of interviews with the developers behind them and video footage.

Grab it now. It's awfully early days, but we thought the concept art and screens were worth sharing simply because For another like-minded trip into gaming weirdness, check out Nimblebit's Disco Zoo. For those of you who live downunder, exciting news has just arrived in our inbox. Netflix finally has a release date in the country, and that date is March Not long to wait now then TV lovers! The service will be available on just about every platform you can imagine, including TVs themselves, but a special partnership with Microsoft will see new owners of an Xbox One score a free three month subscription to the service.

The partnership is of particular political interest, given Xbox Australia's existing, fruitful relationship with Foxtel, Netflix biggest local rival. Will this dampen that relationship? We'll see. You can of course use Netflix on your Sony and Nintendo platforms, too. There will also be specific deals available through Vodafone and iiNet.

Everybody loves a free game, and when it comes in the form of a quality title like Kumobius' challenging, music-driven arcade gem all the better. Duet's simple premise will get under your skin quickly, as you die, try and die again. You can grab the game here , and if you like what you play, you can read our exclusive making of feature on the game in Episode 2 of Grab It.

We spoke in-depth with studio founder Tom Greenaway about the game's creation. You'd also be well served to check out the developers other games; the indie has a knack for catchy gameplay and all its titles are well worth your time. The most recent game, Bean Dreams , also starred as one of the 68 world exclusive making of features we shared in Episode 8 of Grab It. The world will get its first look at a brand new indie developer at GDC , with Australian-based studio Gamesoft set to launch its flagship title, Clockwork.

Our young team is ready to take on the best of AAA when Clockwork releases later this year. Gameplay loops of this ilk have proven quite fun in the past, in everything from The Swapper to Super Time Force. Set in the mechanical city of Watchtower, Clockwork follows the last survivors of a gnarly plague who hide out within metal walls and bodies.

The town itself is split between poverty and technology, falling from great glittering spires down to polluted industrial slums. We want to ask players the question: what if you could go back in time, to before everything changed? Will this game play like clockwork? In the interim, if you are looking for something fun to play on this tip, try Chronology. Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios is the crowdfunded super sim that gives race fans just about everything they could possibly want in a game.

Full driver assists, tuning options, dynamic weather, multiplayer, a huge career, cars galore, expertly remodelled tracks, high-end visuals and its multiformat, including Oculus Rift. Small background check; I love my racing games. I like Codemasters - mostly its early era stuff - and think Forza is pretty bang on.

Never quite been a Gran Turismo nut, but I appreciate its class. First up I played an open-wheeler around my favourite track of all time, Bathurst. Aka Mt. The sense of being there in the cockpit is real. You can literally lean your head out to the side and peer around the mirror to watch the suspension dance as you thunder across a bumpy apex. Looking down I could see my body; up the clouds.

I could even lean in towards a mirror for a better view of those behind me. Kick arse. The thrill of coming over the cliff-like drop into the dipper is heart-in-mouth stuff and wild fun. When, on Suzuka, I jumped into an F1 car, the added speed and grip is immediately apparent, suddenly allowing you to really throw your car into blind corners with greater faith as you peak out from behind the steering wheel. It was only after a lap or so that I even realised the computer screen on my steering wheel was spitting essential data at me - HUD be damned.

I have plenty more to say about this game and will as it nears launch in early April, but for now I just wanted to get all giddy and geek over this killer new piece of tech and how much bloody fun it is to play a racing game in virtual reality. Shut up and take my money. Below you will find links to each edition. The Force is mighty strong with Star Wars in Mobile has played a huge role in this renaissance, with a number of Star Wars games hitting the App Store - so much so we recently did a Top 10 Star Wars Games article.

Since we wrote that, however, a huge new real-time strategy entry, complete with unique story arcs, characters and competitive gameplay, has emerged in the form of Star Wars Commander. Our full, exclusive making of feature has been included as a free update to Episode 6 of Grab It, so make sure you update the app if you are an existing owner. A full trailer is below. Reference: - Star Wars Commander. It blends elements of the collectable card game phenomenon powered by the likes of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Magic the Gathering , with real-time Batman-like combat mechanics, all under a rogue-like action-RPG metagame.

As part of our huge Episode 8 of Grab It , Defiant was one of 68 developers we showcased and interviewed, and you can read the making of and our opinion of the game by picking it up from the App Store here, and reading it on your iPad. For our gameplay preview, you can watch the video below. You may also like our exclusive in-depth look at the making of Magic the Gathering in Episode 6 of Grab It , where we speak to Wizards of the Coast about the iconic series eighties origins, all the way through to its current digital editions.

The game is already available on iOS, with three episodes now released. The story of young Hope, lost and alone in a dystopian society, reaching out through her phone to the player character, brought triple-A gaming to touchscreens in a big way. Wonderfully voice-acted, richly detailed and stacks of fun, it mixes the stealth-like thrills of a Hitman, with the atmosphere of a BioShock.

We published a world exclusive making of feature in Episode 1 of Grab It , which also happens to be our free trial issue, so if you have an iPad there really is no excuse not to check it out. Grab it here. The mobile game was made on Unity 4, the PC on Unity 5.

The game is already a stunner on iOS, so this PC edition will be something special indeed judging by these images. As well as looking damn fine, the PC version of the game will also include all three currently released episodes - two still remain - and a new keyboard and mouse friendly UI. The sci-fi epic is custom-designed for touchscreen gaming and offers the visual depth and polish for which the genre is known.

Read our review. Read our launch interview with Industrial Toys founder Tim Harris here. And if you really want the full insight into this game, you want our world exclusive making of feature, which can be found in Episode 7 of Grab It and includes an interview with Alex Seropian himself ex-founder of Bungie and co-creator of Halo - now co-founder of Industrial Toys.

Regular readers would have caught our interview with Industrial Toys on Monday, makers of the biggest iOS release of the week - Midnight Star - but that isn't the end of the fun. We're doing a big giveaway with the studio, with codes to giveaway for Episode 7 of our revolutionary iPad magazine.

The episode includes a world exclusive making of feature on the game, complete with an interview with ex-Bungie co-founder, Halo mastermind and, now, Midnight Star creator Alex Seropian. To see how to win, check out the developer's website. The game is due out this Thursday. You'll find one of our exclusives below. You can keep an eye on the official site for more information, or stay tuned to Grab It. Update: The wait is over.

You can grab the iOS version right here. But indie it is and as someone who has been lucky to meet the team a few times, I have the utmost respect for its indie mentality and desire to serve its diehard community of fans. It will exist in both real and digital forms and is expected "soon.

Expected in Q4 , The Witcher Battle Arena will be a F2P - with a strict rule that everything is unlockable in-game - fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena experience that promises to place an emphasis on skill-based strategy. Six heroes will battle it out at once for control of three conquest points, and you will be able to level-up and customise these characters as you go, experimenting with different item and weapon loadouts. Thus far, the witcher Letho of Gulet, dwarven adventurer Zoltan Chivay and the mighty sorceress Philippa Eilhart have been named.

It's a great time to be a Witcher fan and we're stoked to see this talented developer dabbling in bespoke mobile experiences. There are many reasons to be excited about the sweeping new sci-fi universe brought to life in mobile game Midnight Star, but they all stem from one central concept. We talk of Alex Seropian and his new team at Indutsrial Toys.

Together they have built a deep, cross-medium IP in Midnight Star that brings smart touch controls to the genre while retaining the crisp AI, fast reflexes and immersive visuals for which the FPS is known. After releasing sporadically around the world in "soft launch" form, the game is gearing up towards it worldwide release.

If you'd like to learn more about the making of Midnight Star, then you need to grab Episode 7 of our digital iPad magazine Grab It. Alongside a stack of other great content, we ran a massive, exclusive making of feature on the game, speaking to Seropian and design lead Paul Bertone another Bungie veteran of some years about the origins, challenges, design decisions and future of the series, as well as living up to their Halo legacy.

If you happen to live in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland or the Philippines, you can also start playing the current version - grab it here. And in preparation for the imminent worldwide release of the game, Industrial Toys are running an event, with prizes being awarded to the top three players. Sign up here.

Update: Get ready to challenge yourself gamers - Hexxy Snake is available right now and you can grab it here. Inspired by the legendary mobile game Snake, Hexxy Snake takes the "guide a thing around a screen" concept and puts it on a hexagonal grid where the maze-like obstacle course actually pans out to create a nice-little piece of art.

Your focus, however, will be on the fast moving "hero," which you must navigate at breakneck speeds through different mazes while picking up food to munch upon, all to a pumping electronic soundtrack. In the tradition of Super Hexagon , One More Line and Wave Wave , this is a ruthless high score driven arcade experience designed to test your reflexes and resilience - video below.

If you're into this style of game, we highly recommend picking up Episode 8 of Grab It , which includes a huge world exclusive making of feature on Wave Wave 2. Yes, there are 68 exclusive indie developer reviews! Potentially the best movie ever made - slight exaggeration - The Princess Bride's mix of heroic adventure, funny one-liners and iconic characters has always been ripe for a video game translation.

Perhaps we may have expected that in the form of a classic point-and-click adventure touched by the hand of a Schafer or the hilarious guys at Walk Thru Walls. Instead, we're getting a swipe-heavy collection of minigames that has you wrestling giants, swatting shrieking eels, dueling for your father's owner presumably with your left hand and other such inconceivable activities. If that sounds a bit negative it's just a result of being burned by so many licensed games that contort cinema gold into a loose accompaniment of basic arcade experiences.

But, because this is The Princess Bride, we'll follow our true love and not our inner troll. Being able to unlock clips from the movie and enjoy a soundtrack from The Psychedelic Furs's guitarist Mars Williams can't hurt. Enjoy the trailer below. The game is out now and you can grab it here. Want 2, games for free?

Okay, dumb question MS-DOS games, which require no installs and just play right there in your browser. Got to love them apples! There are plenty of gems to pick out from the list - which to be honest is just shy of 2,, if you're counting - and not a few essential plays for any connoisseur looking to school up on the history of our industry. So stoked! Grab it all here. As part of the fun, you can grab a sample of our digital indie games focused magaizne on iPad for free, too.

It looks like Microsoft is going to start making games for Sony and Apple. It sounds preposterous, but in a world where Nintendo is publishing Sonic games, perhaps it is not too far-fetched an idea after all. Less a mode and more a spin-off, this game will follow the same pattern as previous Telltale Games The Walking Dead , Game of Thrones , Tales from the Borderlands — read our review here by providing an interactive novel-like experience with a focus on player decisions.

It will not follow blocky hero Steve, but instead simply unfold in the Minecraft universe and provide fans who have been calling for more context to their block building with a narrative fix. Here is Telltale Games' official statement:.

Set in the world of Minecraft, the series will feature an original story, driven by player choice. It will not be an add-on for Minecraft, but rather a separate standalone product that will premiere in on consoles, computers and mobile devices. Telltale's game series will mix new characters with familiar themes, in an entirely original Minecraft experience, inspired by the Minecraft community and the game that continues to inspire a generation.

Why the hell not? The match appears to be made in heaven. It will sell kazillions. It owns the studio. It owns Minecraft. An announcement from Mojang is effectively an announcement from Microsoft. This is not an existing product, it is something entirely new that will require its own marketing campaign, funding and PR.

While it appears like a good gesture to offer it to multiple devices, history has shown us that exclusives sell consoles — this decision seems at odds with what history. Or to think of it another way; can you see Sony letting an Uncharted spin-off appear on Xbox? Me neither…. For more on Minecraft, check out our interactive guide in Episode 2 of Grab It - a digital magazine focused on the best indie games. For an exclusive interview and preview of a number of indie games appearing on PS4 and XBO in coming months, check out the official PAX guide to all the indies from the show in Episode 8 of Grab It.

Indie studio Moon Kid is readying its first game release, the stripped-back, raw puzzler Satellina. In the game, you are required to touch and clear the three colours - green, yellow, red - in order. The rhythmic moving of the colours around the screen combine with the music score to ensure it's not as easy as it sounds, and it could very well be one to suck you in - check the video below.

We've just been informed that the game will hit iOS devices on January 22, and then Android on January In the interim, if you are looking for an incredibly simple, stupidly addictive high score game to get sucked into, check out One More Line. Mixing the adventure of an Uncharted with the ethereal artistry of an Ico, the Australian developer is using Unreal Engine 4 to deliver a truly memorable looking title. At PAX AUS in late , the developer showed off a demo of the game in action for the first time, and you can find that just released footage below.

You may be wondering why the game wasn't in Grab It Episode 8 - which covered almost every indie game at the PAX AUS floor with hands-on features and interviews with every studio - didn't include Submerged. Uppercut was a late addition to the event, and we'd already wrapped the guide at the time. A huge shame, but if you like the video below, we highly recommend grabbing Episode 8 and seeing the other impressive titles of the event.

Have a great Christmas and New Years game lovers, we're taking a bit of a break but we will be back in to experience another great year in indie gaming with you. Update: It has been a big week for movie fans, following the release of the first trailer for the new Star Wars movie, Force Awakens , we also now have the first footage from the next instalment in the Jurassic Park series.

As you can see from the trailer above, it looks pretty ace. Bigger, badder and with more beasts, there's no reason to believe that it won't be a worthy new reptilian romp If the new trailer has excited you, we recommend checkout out Primal Carnage: Extinction. We were the world's first outlet to cover the game, which is an FPS where you can play as the hunters, or the dinosaurs.

More information can be found below, including links to our exclusive interview and feature article. One of my mates is a sparky by trade and he is always sending me bizarre photos and videos from the world of electricians. In a word; genius. Australian indie studio Kumobius is one of those developers that just gets good game design. Each of its titles is a compelling play, with the likes of Duet and Time Surfer offering disparate but delightful arcade experiences well worth experiencing.

We featured the game, including a making of interview with studio founder James Greenaway, in Episode 8 of Grab It, and for any fans of the original game it is worth checking out. Among the many insights, he revealed that the story sees the original character back in human form, but unable to stop dreaming of the time he spent as a jumping bean.

While the game will also add a number of power-ups to the mix, that build on the already loved gameplay. The game is One More Line. As simple as you can possibly get, the aim is to guide a rainbow-like line through a vertically scrolling landscape of obstacles. If it sounds too crazily simple to be fun, we challenge you to play this game once, put it down and never be interested in shooting for One More Line.

You can grab the episode here. We ran a big hands-on with the game and an exclusive interview with the developer in Episode 8 of our iPad app Grab It, which you can grab here. Whether you have played the game already or are eager to find out more about its creation, the read provides an eye-opening insight into its development.

Monument Valley is easily a contender for game of the year. Not only did it top our mid-year Best 50 Indie iOS Games of feature, but we were lucky enough to get a world exclusive making of interview with developer ustwo, which we featured in Episode 3 of Grab It. As far as we were concerned, it only had one flaw of note; it was way too short. If the number of one star reviews hitting the App Store is anything to go by, many existing customers are angry about being charged for the extra levels.

I can understand their frustration to a degree. Will there be another expansion? If you have yet to pick up Episode 8 of Grab It, then do so now. Featuring 68 indie games - complete with full analysis and making of interviews, and brought to life with sound, video and art - it's the best read you'll have all year and our promotion is about to end.

As the guide to all the indies across all the formats at the PAX AUS show, we have been offering a special discount, giving the episode away for free to everyone on the planet. However, with the show done, that special is set to end this Friday. So what are you waiting for, grab it now , and if you are still not convinced, check out the trailer above. What a week it has been! We're quite excited; we only launched 10 months ago and we're an indie production in a world filled with some big publishers.

We built Grab It from the ground-up to exist in a digital space, and that focus has enabled us to do some special things with the use of video, audio and even animations. Have you collected every Episode? Above you will find a trailer we've put together to help those of you umming and ahhing about picking up our latest Episode of Grab It be convinced it is wise move. Episode 8 is the PAX AUS edition, detailing 68 indie games from this week's big event, with stacks of world exclusives, amazing insights, video and sound and more.

If you like the trailer, then I suggest you jump in now and pick it up while it is free! Update: We've just got word that The Detail has just landed on Steam. You can grab it here for an early adopter discount. First-person shooting and the Jurassic era should be a match made in heaven and one IP chomping at the bit to deliver on the mouth-watering premise is Primal Carnage.

When a sequel Genesis was announced as a PS4 launch title, fans were thrilled, however the game was later shelved — as was an on-rails mobile spin-off — and behind the scenes, the IP changed hands. In Episode 8 of Grab It, we have screenshots, music, detailed information and an in-depth interview with Aaron Pollack, studio director at Circle 5 Studios — who are co-developing the title with Pub Games.

The interview goes in-depth on what happened with Genesis and the IP behind the scenes, as well as detailing what the coming sequel offers and what lies ahead in the future. Here is a snippet:. Primal Carnage: Genesis was a concept that was developed at a time when the Primal Carnage brand was being pulled in different directions within Lukewarm Media.

Some of the team felt that a PS4 launch title Genesis was the best opportunity to pursue while others felt there was plenty of opportunity left developing more content for the original game. The first option was pursued and Genesis was announced in March But as the months progressed it became clear that the single-player story envisioned was too large a project for Lukewarm Media to complete by PS4 launch.

It includes a whopping 68 opinion pieces and 68 interviews detailing the making of the 68 indie games on display at the show. It's massive and essential reading for anyone attending the expo, or indeed interested in the best indie games across all formats. If you haven't already, you can download it to your iPad by grabbing it here.

We've just released a big update to the app, which adds in all the final content. It's a free update, and the Episode itself is free for a limited time - so jump in now. Bug Fixes: - Content arranged in alphabetical order for easier navigation - Hand of Fate mystery question revealed - nips, tucks, spit and polish Grab It now while it is free!

Not only can you download it right now, but for a limited time you can get it for free. Just grab it here - so spread the word and start getting excited about some of the great games you will be able to experience at the PAX AUS show. Original Story: We have some very exciting news to share with you all today. Over the last few months, we have been working with the organisers of the upcoming Australian Penny Arcade Expo — which runs from October 31 to November 2 — on a special edition of Grab It that ties into the big show.

Episode 8 of Grab It — our digital magazine for iPad - offers a full, comprehensive guide to the indie games that will be showcased at the expo. This could very well be the single best piece of indie games focused media every created. In tune with our previous episodes, this means full discussion pieces from our writers, exclusives making of interviews, music, video, animated content and more, all built native for the touchscreen with an interactive interface.

Now here is the very cool bit! Also, watch our social feeds Twitter , Facebook , YouTube. This revolutionary iOS game blew my mind with the way it reproduced the full 3D stealth action experience on a touchscreen. While its depth in characters, world and atmosphere, it's as immersive as gaming gets on any platform. As you can imagine, I'm therefore very excited to pass on the news that the third episode in this five episode experience is releasing on October Yes, in two days!

Subtitled Ones and Zeroes , it will further Hope's journey to the "outside," as she escapes the dystopian facility that holds her against her will, while also looking to expose its dastardly human experiments to the rest of the world. The various story threads continue to strengthen and more questions are answered - I'm really pumped. Indeed Camouflaj appear to be really getting into rhythm with its series. This is the longest episode yet, and adds a number of excellent features including new weapons, puzzles, deeper OMNI functionality and guard AI tweaks.

The previous two episodes - Episode 1: Exordium and Episode 2: Metamorphosis - are highly recommended and in my opinion essential plays prior to getting into the third. The story is so good, you really want to experience the whole thing. To learn more about the game, download Episode 1 of Grab It to your iPad. We have some very exciting news to share with you all today.

Also, watch our social feeds Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and sign up to our newsletter. Update: We've just received an email from developer Guerilla Tea Games and we're glad to report the game will be out on Oct The indie developer from the UK blew us away with its revolutionary title Play to Cure: Genes in Space , whereby you can help scientists in the real world cure cancer by shooting at asteroids and flying through space in an imaginary one.

Now that it has cured cancer, the developer is keen to help you find your rhythm in a visually rich tap-fest for high scores. The game, Incandescence, is said to test your stamina and your rhythm, as you tap a mystical prism at the right time to link together a high score. However, the higher your score, the more the visual effects ramp up in an attempt to distract you from the beat.

It sounds a world away from the scientific wonderment of Play to Cure, but it also sounds like decent fun. Australian developer Epiphany Games is working on a delightfully neon-soaked 80's set conspiracy thriller called Majestic Nights, and the developer has just unveiled the first gameplay footage - just check out the walkthrough below.

Update: Put on your camo and get ready, Rambo II style, for Tiny Troopers: Alliance, which is out now in Australia and rolling through the world as the clock strikes midnight. Grab it here when you're officially at October 2. Original Story: The news has just come through; the order has been given.

This exciting spin-off to the excellent seven million selling combat series delves into F2P, base-building territory and allows you and up to 50 colleagues to take the fight to the world in one big alliance hence the name. We ran a world exclusive making of feature on the whole Tiny Troopers series, including its origins and this latest release, in Episode 7 of Grab It.

For everything you need to know about this game, or just to deepen your knowledge on the franchise and developer Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, you can download it to your iPad right now. Full trailer below. As you may have seen from our angry post a few days ago, Adobe and iOS 8 conspired to hamper life on our early episode of Grab It - our iPad digital magazine about iPad games.

But let's use this as an opportunity. We currently have codes - for Episode 2 and 50 for Episode 3 - that will become redundant as soon as the new, iOS 8 friendly versions of Grab It go live towards the end of the week. So let's give them away. NOTE: These two episode currently do not work on iOS 8, which means you either need to have iOS 7 still installed OR accept that you will not be able to read it until you update to the new version, which will go live hopefully before or on the weekend.

Either way, it will be free. Signing up for our newsletter. First in best dressed; get in quick guys - there be some good reading. Here is a trailer for Episode 3 below. The news has just come through; the order has been given. If you've updated to the latest iOS 8, you may find that earlier episodes of Grab It will not open, or crash after opening. Never fear, updates to all of these apps have been submitted to Apple and are awaiting approval - normal functionality will resume shortly.

If you'd like to know what happened, I'd be happy to elaborate - but do keep in mind that my frustration is simmering like a volcano on every following word. It turns out that Adobe's reader has a bug in it that was discovered on September Said bug related to the new OS update and you know what, these things can happen with a new operating system. It's a really easy fix, too. All you need to do is resubmit your app to Apple through the most current DPS software. Unfortunately, Adobe didn't deem its paying subscribers important enough to be informed about such a bug and the process required to fix it.

So instead of receiving an email advising that we should go ahead and update our apps so that our customers could carry on reading about great new indie games without a hiccup, I had to find out from our readers a week later. Then trawl through the forums. Then ask a staff member to tell me what happened and what to do. Then resubmit the app to Apple, which takes a further week to get approved.

Signal Studios made its name with Toy Soldiers and Ascend: Hand of Kul, but recently branched out into mobile platformer territory with the bright and colourful and free game The Sleeping Prince. In one of the coolest promotion ideas we've ever seen, the studio has projected the game onto the side of a giant castle, and played it for our viewing pleasure.

Check it out below. As for the game itself, it looks like pretty good fun. Forgoing usual platform mechanics, your hero is asleep so must be physically dragged and flicked through the various puzzles. Using ragdoll physics to up the hilarity, it has that loose Goat Simulator feel, channeled through a Disney-like 2D environment. You can pick up the game here.

And as of yesterday, you can get Goat Simulator , too. Above you will see the first screenshot for the hotly anticipated expansion to Monument Valley. It suggests and increase in the verticality of the levels, an element that brought the latter levels in the original game to life. The mind-bending puzzle game was a huge hit with iOS gamers, and also with us here at Grab It. The expansion is said to be almost as big as the original game, which was 10 stages.

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