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Joy smithers fury road torrent

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joy smithers fury road torrent

The action movie event of , Mad Max Fury Road, speeds its way onto Joy Smithers, Gillian Jones, Melissa Jaffer and Melita Jurisic. With 'Mad Max: Fury Road," director/writer/producer George Miller unleashes a Gillian Jones, Joy Smithers, Antoinette Kellerman and Christina Koch. Cast: John Howard, Melissa Jaffer, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Richard Norton, Joy Smithers, Jennifer Hagan, Richard Carter, Charlize Theron. IF YOU COULD SEE WHAT I HEAR TORRENT I will suggest of free antivirus on a remote is also a been set to. It works with. So the right an average of VLAN.

Boarding House Blues. Gwendolyn Sheepshire Character. Gun Smoke. Forbidden Adventure. The Cuban Love Song. Once There Was a Princess. The Mad Parade. Wide Open. Loose Ankles. Spring Is Here. Rain or Shine. Frankie "The Princess" Character. Viennese Nights. The Desert Song. On With the Show. Riley the Cop. The Red Mill. The Bat.

Hogan's Alley. The Lighthouse by the Sea. Main Street. Hearts and Flowers. Her Fame and Shame. Her Torpedoed Love. Ambrose's Nasty Temper. Ambrose's Lofty Perch. Ambrose's Fury. Willful Ambrose. A Versatile Villain. What began as a collaboration on conceptual art resulted in George Miller asking the avowed Road Warrior fan to co-write the screenplay.

For Brendan McCarthy, it was a jaw-dropping proposition. As a fan of the original movies, it was wonderful to watch a new one taking shape in front of my eyes. The whole time we were coming up with the initial foundation, we were very aware that this movie had to roar into cinemas with all cylinders firing. We knew we absolutely couldn't disappoint. After nearly a year, the creative team had wallpapered the conference room of George Miller's studio with a 3,panel storyboard"the visual first draft of 'Mad Max: Fury Road.

The storyboards allowed him to edit the film shot-by-shot, and it became the Magna Carta at every stage of realising -Fury Road. Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale was just a month into his well-earned retirement when the filmmakers invited him aboard. I love working with George Miller. He's the loveliest man. You're in the desert, the camera's rolling, the truck's rolling over or blowing up, the weather does not match, and he puts his hand on your shoulder and says, -Don't worry, Johnny, I'll take care of you"we'll fix it in post.

John Seale also volunteered to operate his own camera, capturing the imagery through the zoom lens of what George Miller nicknamed the cinematographer's 'paparazzi camera. Then there was the Edge Arm… From the earliest stages of development, the team of collaborators brainstormed with George Miller about all the things they wanted to do differently on 'Mad Max: Fury Road," and most pressing were the limitations George Miller had experienced with camera tracking vehicles.

They decided to build an off-road racing dune buggy and talk one of the camera companies into outfitting it. Before the plan was put into action, Voeten went off to work on another film, and discovered what became an elegant and revolutionary solution. Voeten recalls, 'The Edge Arm system gives you the flexibility to safely put a camera anywhere, and get the most amazing shots.

The filmmakers also set loose radio-controlled 'truggies""a mash-up of a truck and a buggy"across the desert, outfitted with remote-controlled cameras mounted on Libra heads to eliminate blur. Voeten notes. George Miller spent many a day blazing through the stunts inside the Edge Arm, directing the action on the fly via video split monitors inside the cab.

For a film that plays out essentially in real time, to be able to have an instrument like that is extraordinary. I probably shot ninety-nine percent of the action units out of the Edge. There's no mass production. Anything that exists in the Wasteland is a found object, which has been repurposed. And each piece has to have a logic that explained how it survived the apocalypse, whether a weapon, a pair of glasses, or Furiosa's mechanical arm.

So, everything in our film had to have a function, but fashioned with great care and personalisation. These found objects have survived where human bodies fail, and they can take on a nearly religious significance because of that. There's a hysteria best described by Nux's line in the middle of a toxic storm as vehicles are being swept up into the air. For him, dying in this tornado of dust and fire is the loveliest possible day there could be. For Mel Gibson, the first step was exploring what the post-apocalyptic environment looked like.

But it's not all battered vehicles held together. Humankind is suffering. There's a sense of entropy with everything, so a bleeding out of color allowed us to use it sparingly and make it count. He dove into the compilation of a bible George Miller had initiated to formalize the histories, hierarchies, belief systems and resources of each of the various tribes that populate the film.

This would inform how they look, act and speak, as well as every mask, body modification, costume, tool, weapon, or vehicle, down to the most minute detail. We decided that to be truthful, we'd need to use real salvage to put together all our props, vehicles, and other material items so that each piece did actually reflect the idea of the end of the world.

Mel Gibson reveals that at the Citadel, and in all corners of the Wasteland, you use what you have for what you need. Purpose was brutally efficient function that could be wrought from any and all things, and adapted as needed. A stick starts out as a spear, but breaks, then becomes a crossbow bolt, and then splint, and a toothpick, and then fuel for a fire.

They're not just weapons, they're personal. Costume designer Jenny Beavan relished grounding the scope of George Miller's imagination into spare reality, in part because it took her out of her comfort zone.

It's elevated and fantasy, but still grounded in a weird kind of reality, and I loved the freedom of creating vibrantly abnormal things. But the idea is that he will regain it over the course of the movie. But Tom Hardy himself would dive into as many stunts as he could physically perform, including the character's desperate initial escape and recapture from the Citadel.

Beavan also collaborated extensively with Charlize Theron to hand-select and create Furiosa's worn white top, slouch leather trousers, and the body armor that stretches across her midsection, harnessed by horizontal bands of leather belts. The outfit would reflect the character's basic needs"comfortable, utilitarian, formidable, and not restrictive in a fight.

Furiosa has lost part of her left arm, and wears a mechanical arm crafted from salvage materials by Australian artist Matt Boug. A lighter version was made for Charlize Theron and her stunt double, Dayna Chiplin, for increased mobility. There's a small motor on it from a toy airplane, which she uses to pump up the hydraulics should she need extra power. Then, he said, -Yes,' and we did it the next morning. Looking back, I can't imagine doing this film any other way. For their costumes, the actors went to Beavan's workshop to pick and choose from a variety of cotton and muslin cloth wraps, which were inspired by a ballet George Miller had seen in which the dancers had been adorned in crepe bandages.

Mel Gibson offers, 'Masks are a status symbol, scars tell your past and position, clothes identify your rank"whether you're a driver, lancer, or if you have nothing, the little that you did have was very important to you. Hugh Keays-Byrne wore it above bulletproof Plexiglas armor that also serves to conceal and control his ailing physical form, all of which holds his War Boys in continuous kamikaze thrall.

The War Boys also wear a panoply of masks, each more terrifying than the last, and largely shaped from leather and wire by Beavan and her teams in Africa and Australia. Their masks also served a dual purpose: both venerating the Immortan and allowing the stunt performers who played them to change identities in various stunt capacities, including riding atop arcing poles as the Polecats.

They also wear white body paint, powder and clay to honour the Immortan's pallor, with the makeup department ultimately using 61 different skin tones. In brainstorming the War Boys' modes of attack, George Miller remembered seeing street performers balancing on poles, which fired his imagination. Guy Norris, Colin Gibson and Oliver hunkered down for months, brainstorming about everything from bamboo poles to pole vaulting equipment to hydraulics, to no avail.

Just as Miller was coming to grips with the idea of making the Polecats happen digitally, the team hit pay dirt"they developed an upside-down metronome rig that could do the job smoothly, safely and consistently.

Reaching as high as 30 feet, the pole was counterweighted with an engine block at the base, positioned at the fulcrum point, which could be adjusted for different performers and moves. The device allowed the Polecats to glide through the air by coordinating their moves with the stunt team positioned on the vehicle, pushing and pulling the weighted block for leverage. Once we got the physics down, there was never any danger of the poles tipping over. I thought anything we tried would be way too unsafe to do it for real, but those guys were completely safe up there.

They could stay up there all day. It was wonderful. The job was unique in that they were not doubling another actor, but actually taking on their War Boy roles for the entirety of the shoot. The sessions were also attended by Australian actor, musician, actor and playwright iOTA, who plays the Doof Warrior"the Citadel armada's 'little drummer boy.

The whole thing completely set up the cultish environment of the War Boys. During production, location sound recordist Ben Osmo would broadcast this music to earpieces worn by the Doof Wagon's bank of Taiko drummers, which enabled them to maintain the thumping tempo amid the din of thundering V-8 engines and road combat. Designed by McCarthy, the People Eater embodies bulk excess and the worst qualities of civilized man.

He has a bad case of nose leprosy, so he wears a false nose to cover it," Brendan McCarthy relates. The team had some basic requirements for a location"flat, sand, scant vegetation, and canyons"as well as a base that could support an infrastructure for a shooting unit. Voeten and Colin Gibson circled the planet looking for that magic combination throughout South America, Africa and the Middle East, but ultimately decided to return to Broken Hill in the sprawling Australian Outback, what P.

Voeten calls 'the spiritual home of Mad Max. But after two years of record rainfalls, the locations no longer existed in Australia. Swakopmund, on the Skeleton Coast, was an appropriate hub for a large production, and the sprawling Namib Desert offered the filmmakers a variety of looks and a limitless staging ground for a Road War. Then, using PhotoScan software, we turned the stills into big CG wall elements, which we could cut up and bend into the shape of the Citadel.

That gave us a very photographic and realistic result. The entire three-towered rock caldera was then designed and dropped into a digital Wasteland by visual effects art director David Nelson. The interior Citadel sets represented different areas and levels of importance to the society, from workers' areas to the Immortan's own eyrie and hideaway, the BioDome, as well as the antechamber and overhang where he dispenses the occasional burst of Aqua Cola to the masses.

The Immortan's symbol"a skull encased in a burning steering wheel, merging the car and death"was developed by Peter Pound, and became a recurring symbol in the War Rig, the Nux Car and the Doof Wagon, as he developed early designs for each of these vehicles. That yawning maw, swallowing all before it, has even been carved into the Citadel balcony to make the Immortan's appearances much more imposing.

Where it's most ubiquitous is the steering wheels"the -keys' to the Immortan's armada"that formed the Altar set, created as both a shrine to the Immortan and an homage to those who've died in glorious battle. Adjacent to the Altar is the Blood Bank, a combination ad-hoc hospital, holding pen for Blood Bags, and workshop, where War Boys make tools and weapons.

Additional sets included the Mechanics Workshop, the Ponnix gardens, the Drain, the Milkers' Room, and the Winch Room"epic in scale and steel, with enormous human-powered drums that winch up to safety the trucks, armory and salvage from the surrounding Wasteland.

The warren of tunnels and catacombs where Max makes his desperate flight and recapture was also built, beginning at the Cell, a blacksmith's nightmare of torture and body art. When the action pushes outside the sphere of the Citadel, the design team had the opportunity to shape three tribes that have adapted to the harsh environs of the Wasteland, the first of which churns out from beneath its surface.

Hunters of carrion trawling the wastes for metal scraps and ordnance, the Buzzards are mummy-like specters in bandages, mouth screens and goggles. Raining death from above rather than below are the Rock Riders, who stalk the foreboding canyon through which the War Rig must pass, found at Namibia's Swakop River Valley.

Here, the masked 'hyenas on motorbikes," as Colin Gibson calls them, strike from across and atop the steep canyon walls on customized off-road motorcycles. Colin Gibson and his art department built ramps and rollercoasters to augment the tribe's maneuvers practically, and Jackson's visual effects department built out the canyon walls to make them even more imposing.

To find a team that could perform the Rock Riders' virtuoso maneuvers, Guy Norris reached outside the stunt community to enlist five-time Australian Motocross Champion and leading freestyle coach Stephen Gall to help gather a skilled team of freestylers. Says Guy Norris, 'We wanted to create action that's never been seen before, and Stephen has his fingers on the pulse of all the best Motocross racers and freestylers out there.

And what his guys did on this film was just above and beyond. It was amazing. In stark contrast to the status-projecting ensembles found at the Citadel, the Vuvalini wear clothes made for the harsh existence they experience in the wastes. Lathouris calls the Vuvalini 'the people who are most capable of bringing any kind of sanity to the world.

Practical vehicles made from salvage, the film's brawny fleet of vehicles were built to not only fit the logic of the story and the role each plays in the action, but to also survive months of hard driving on the wide open deserts of Namibia. George Miller's initial ground rules definitely applied to this menagerie of mechanized death machines. Like Max himself, we find the Interceptor as a wounded survivor on the Wasteland, haunted and reshaped by Road Wars past.

Though the weathered but still sexy death machine met its fiery end in 'The Road Warrior," we meet it again in 'Mad Max: Fury Road" as, Colin Gibson describes, 'a legend spotted in the gutter, rusted through and rattling with one too many repairs and far too few original parts. The classic chassis isn't as sleek as its predecessor but considerably more muscular and deadly. They put spikes and skeletons on it to keep people away and to project a sense of dread to anyone who would want to attack it.

It had to be very functional, but it also had to be memorable. After the human characters, the War Rig is probably the most important character in the film. Welded to the hull are VW Bug and truck cabin shells that serve as mobile forts for War Boys, who also track with the War Rig across the desert in a convoy of Citadel cars and motorcycles.

The interior reflects the strategic and intuitive mind of its driver, from racks of tools and concealed weapons to a wirework steering wheel skull that subverts the Immortan's symbol. The Warlord himself sits high at the wheel of the imposing Gigahorse, a rolling fever dream of excess, carnality and brute force. George Miller calls the Gigahorse a 'Cadillac on steroids""a fuel-injected double threat that mates a pair of Cadillac Devilles, which have been split, widened and mounted one atop the other to jut arrogantly skyward from its bladed maw to its jacked-up tail fins.

The beast is powered through a custom gearbox that harmonizes its twin V16 engine and two-meter-high double rear wheels. Nux launches himself into the Road War inside a souped-up Chevrolet 5-door coupe"with Max lashed to the hood and Slit manning Thundersticks at the rear"ready to drive them all into a glorious death. Nux venerates the Immortan on his steering wheel and the hood. Nux's super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted chariot is made from a polished steel chassis fitted with a coiled V8 engine, canted wheels and swooping, wing-like exhaust pipes.

He has decorated the interior with random toys and objects he's found over the length of his short life, from his eyeball stick shift to his doll-face steering wheel. At the opposite end of Nux's hot rod is Bigfoot, the monster truck of choice for Rictus Erectus, played by Nathan Jones. Within its beaten steel frame, a supercharged V8 tamed by a turbo auto transmission powers its cartoonishly large inch Terra tires via a planetary gear reduction hub set in heavy duty axles from an ex-military supertanker.

With four feet of suspension and almost cubic inches of displacement, Bigfoot, Colin Gibson states, 'is the only vehicle capable of climbing a fallen mountain. Yamaha motorcycles race side-by-side with a fleet of supercharged, weaponized Caltrops carrying the Immortan's personal retinue of convoy guards. For off-road action, there's a pack of Buggies of all shapes and sizes, along with the Citadel's complement of Fire Cars, Mack Trucks and a Car Carrier that can roll into action when called to arms.

In the world of the Road Warrior, there are machines built for transport, combat or speed, but only one built to rock. A rolling intimidator and rally machine, the Doof Wagon is a sonic carmageddon on wheels"pumping Immortan Joe's gang of War Boys full of kamikaze gusto as their torqued-out, supercharged V8 engines bomb into battle.

The gantry-like mobile stage is stacked high with gargantuan speakers, PA systems and repurposed air-conditioning ducts to reverberate the driving beat of Taiko drummers into the sand. When Immortan Joe marshals his gangs for war, he needs all the fuel the People Eater can refine and carry from the boiling flats of Gas Town. The vehicle of choice for the Guardian of Gas Town is a Mercedes stretch limo with lattice cut-out windows perched on a horizontal cracking tower that refines fuels from oil even as it hurtles across the desert.

Every inch of the People Eater vehicle oozes consumption and excess, from its bulging tanks of fuel to its ostentatiously embellished grill. George Miller notes, 'The People Eater is a kind of bean counter for the Immortan Joe, so we figured if he had a Mercedes stretch limousine, he might as well decorate it with just about every fancy car grill he can find.

If the Road War was waged on unbroken flatlands, it would be anyone's game. But in the mercurial Wasteland, with its omnipresent threat of toxic storms, sand pits and hungry bogs, the Bullet Farmer shines. Styled with aviation parts, a shark mouth finish of bullets, and carrying an enormous armory befitting Immortan Joe's exclusive weapons dealer, this unstoppable, highly-maneuverable, and visually striking war machine can surpass more than 60 kilometers-an-hour and give not a quarter to the treacherous terrain.

The Bullet Farmer Convoy is equally deadly as they trawl the Wasteland in menacing Claw Cars, designed to crush, and, as the name suggests, claw anything in their wake. The Claw Cars are repurposed from, among other vehicles, an International Ute, and a viciously toothed Ford F tow truck.

The tribes that appear in the film also have their signature vehicles. The Buzzard tribe bursts from the cracked earth in spiked jalopies and their hulking 'mother" vehicle, the Buzzard Excavator. These carrion-trawling machines are purpose-built to crush, puncture, tear apart and tunnel through anything in their path.

The Buzzard Excavator was built from a M. Nimble as mountain goats, the Rock Riders skate the cliffs in highly adapted Gas Gas and Yamaha motorcycles. The Vuvalini have patched-together their own swarm of motor bikes, which are as tough, versatile and resilient as they are. Modified heavy touring bikes, the Vuvalini's rides of choice hearken back to the golden age of motorcycles, with leather seats customized with feminine detail and nomadic styling that, says Colin Gibson, 'give you the last thrill of your last ride before these lovely old bikie chicks take you out with a single shot.

Many weathered the storm, not all survived, but each earned its keep. It can't be helped"it's a war. In the driver's seat of the Interceptor for the first time in more than 30 years, Guy Norris was ready. All these years later, he wanted to take that stunt into overdrive, and roll a car more times than anyone has ever done before. Norris had brainstormed the stunt with Dan Oliver and his co-special effects supervisor Andrew Williams.

They decided to reengineer a lever-triggered air ram, nicknamed the Flipper, to launch the Interceptor into a roll. To trigger the stunt required precise timing and handling, so Norris volunteered to do it himself. In an explosion of dust, he not only brought the car to a perfect stop on its mark, he rolled it eight and a half times"setting a new record for the highest number of wheel-to-wheel revolutions in a film stunt. It was all there visually; my job was to figure out how to achieve everything George Miller wanted to do.

At the height of filming, the company topped 1, crew, with an average of 1, people on set at any given time. The whole operation required five 8 X 8 former German military transport trucks just to haul gear from location to location. How would you defend an armored vehicle? When not riding along with the Edge Arm, George Miller's base of operations during shooting was a mobile 'video village" bus set up by video split operator Zeb Simpson, with images from all units and vehicle-mounted cameras beamed simultaneously to its array of monitors.

To engineer a day-for-night effect in-camera for the Night Bog sequence, set amid the desalination ponds at a salt factory on Walvis Bay, he learned a new trick from visual effects supervisor Jackson. But, printed down, it got us down a darker look, without a lot of noise in the shadow areas, and gave us a beautiful, moonlit effect. For Charlize Theron, full immersion in George Miller's signature rolling thunder was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

You realize you really are in a world. There is no green screen. This is a director giving you the opportunity to embed in a whole world. That's such a great gift. One of the most brutal sequences"the hulking Buzzard Excavator plowing Nux's car backwards through the sand"required a remote drive pod on the rear of the car rather than the front.

To make that happen, the wheels would need to be steered from the back, which required a complete redesign and re-engineering of the car's dynamics by the stunt and special effects teams. Mitchell notes that no matter what the action called for, the goal was always total reality wherever possible.

You can sense how real it is when you watch it happen in front of your eyes onscreen. John Seale reveals, 'Very early on, George Miller realised he couldn't shoot a truck roaring across the desert and be able to guide and direct his actors. So he and Dean Semler, who shot the early movies, essentially invented Sim Trav by lowering the frame-rate, shooting it handheld, and letting the camera shake.

On this film, the special effects boys got their hydraulics and built these amazing rigs, so you can just rock the heck out of all the vehicles. Jackson's team used stills from a small fixed-wing drone and PhotoScan photogrammetry software to create textured 3D models of the Namibian terrain.

Plotting the GPS paths of the vehicles and cameras into these terrain models, they were able to merge the movement data, live action, and the digital wall of chaos into one complete, seamless image. Jackson would ultimately set up a post-vis team of 3D artists, led by Graham Olsen and Aaron Auty, to render rough visual effects from the moment production wrapped, streamlining the effects process and allowing Miller to fine tune each shot before it was handed over to be rendered as finished visual effects.

Nearly half of the film takes place with the actors inside the cab of the War Rig, so the sound department installed rugged cases containing 12 receivers and transmitters from Sputnik Sound Systems, which could be multiplexed into one antenna to transmit up to two kilometers.

A remote moving van also tracked with the tanker to record ambient sound effects from inside and out. George Miller observes that the internal drama playing out amid the non-stop action outside the War Rig created its own world.

I give George Miller a lot of credit for knowing how to reveal this film's incredible emotional arc with very little dialogue. I suddenly realized how much I had relied on words as an actor. It also took me back to my days as a dancer where you have to tell a story with just your body, and once you made peace with that, it actually became very liberating. And then you have this Greek chorus in the form of the girls in the back. And, at the same time, you're trying to tell a story of a road to redemption.

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Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD]


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Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD]

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