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Mahoraba heartful days 16 vostfr torrent

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mahoraba heartful days 16 vostfr torrent

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Terimakasih Archive. I test out new No color test but I think it also works fine. Enjoy Topics: subtitle, test, editor, video. Downloaded these from a torrent that seems dead now, so figured I'd upload them here. It's a nearly-complete collection of fan-subtitled Sailor Moon episodes from the 90s. A wholesome anime film about a boy and his Kappa Topics: anime, kappa, summer, days, coo, natsuyasumi, subtitle, english.

DC Talk singing Jesus Freak. Spanish subtitles included on the video. Source: 4shared Topics: dec, dc talk, jesus freak, 4shared, spanish, subtitle. Jesus peace be upon him is a loved Prophet for Muslims Topic: jesus isa bible quran ahmed deedat islam muslim arabic subtitle prophet. I found one of the most infamous, anime english mistranslations ever. Topics: anime, dub, english, inaccurate, TMS Entertainment, japanese, subbed, cartoon, classic, subtitle, I describe my scope of work, the value added of working with me, how the caption file is made and how the guests would be able to navigate from one Caption File to Topics: Transcription, translation and subtitle in 3 languages: English, Arabic, French for youtube videos Continuing his legendary collaboration with actor Toshiro Mifune, Kurosawa combines elements of Hamlet and American film noir to chilling effect in exposing the corrupt boardrooms of postwar corporate Japan.

Since I had the missing episodes, I decided to capture and upload my collection. Most of these tapes appear to be SVHS tapes as my player has an indicator that lit up for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th tapes in this set. Will meets his Landlord Pearl. Hitler is particular about his modes of transportation Topics: Funny or Die Video Archive, angry, bike, bmw, complain, hitler, honda, modes of transportation, Will Ferrell meets his Landlord Pearl.

Topics: vhs, darkside blues, 90s, s, , , anime, animation, Japan, Japanese, animated, cartoon, C'est du grand n'importe quoi! Oh My God! Oh my God! They made a live action space battleship yamato which I knew as Starblazers as a kid, in Early episodes feature riveting tales such as "Goro has to look for a job to feed these new girls at his house. Some of the girls decide to 'help' him in his search.

And when AT does decide to develop a serious plot towards the end, you might well wish that it hadn't. There's probably a reason why I'll have to resort to fansubs for the second season, since I don't see Bandai taking a chance on releasing more of this series. Make sure to check out the "Venomous Tales" clips on the DVDs though -- they're highly irreverant "reversionings" that replace some cute sections with more bizarre and twisted elements.

Title character Kuromi, after finding herself in a real-life version of Whose Line "Worlds Worst Promotions" sketch, gives Sana Kurata a run for her money as she dashes, spins, and prances her way around the scenery. My personal favorite is the slow-moving, dreamy, playful "Beyond. To be fair, A0 is not completely without merit -- the animation is OVA-quality for the most part, with lots of detail on the power suits and lots of, uh, "creativity" for the mutated monsters.

Unfortunately, much of the animation goes into portraying all kinds of horrific acts, most of which I don't even want to recount here. But trust me, there's nothing erotic or arousing about anything in A0. Beyond all that, A0 features an array of the dumbest, most one-dimensional characters I've ever seen. You'd think that students in a post-apocalyptic world would be street smart enough to run like hell when confronting a foot mutated crime against nature, but no, they stand around and try to reason with these creatures, even when our hero Kakugo saves their asses and gives them a chance to get away.

Add to that a plot built on poorly developed or non-existent character motivations that ultimately goes nowhere after two literally gut-wrenching episodes, and it all comes together as one of the biggest wastes of time I've sat down and watched. I'd rather sit through Garzey's Wing again, because at least that OVA was merely pointless and non-sensical, rather than deliberately offensive.

If you long for the days when "anime" meant something bizarre, outlandish, and over-the-top with violence and sexual elements, A0 may be a good choice for you; it just wasn't a good choice for me. If you're brave enough to seek A0 out, be sure to check out Bang Zoom! The fact that it's basically a fusion between "card games are serious business" shows like Yu-gi-oh!

Actually, it's more like a ripoff of X, right down to some individual lines that seemed stolen wholesale, like, "He can be born as A and save the world, or B to destroy it. Add to all that Yuki Kajiura's typical insomnia-medication music and fights that got abstracted to colored lines flitting about the skies, and the simple act of staying awake became my greatest battle.

AquAge looks pretty enough, but its short length means things are too rushed for the emotional parts to have any coherent impact. Although there is a decent love story going on that gets a reasonable conclusion, I'll have to chalk this show up to "merchandising for fans of the card game.

In fact, it barely qualifies as much of anything, other than undeveloped characters hastily meeting each other, and then having a showdown with some vague world-threatening evil force. So yeah, not much more than a vehicle to push a children's? But I don't know of anyone who's ever had a reaction to the TV series better than "Well, that wasn't too bad.

The theme here is "We must defeat the monster with the power of song," kind of like RahXephon but without the Aztec names. Unfortunately, this OVA is pretty much a game promo for a game that will never see the light outside Japan, so it's fairly pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Though Arc is the title character, the story focuses on Elk, who is in serious need of a LiveJournal or MySpace to vent his complaints about life. However, there are some very interesting surprises near the middle that help to redeem the show. AGF tries to tap into nostalgia for the grande olde agee of arcade gaming, but its efforts to create EPIC tournaments just fail. There's only so many ways you can over-dramatize coin insertion, joystick manipulation, and button-mashing before it all turns into a mess of WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome.

The attempts at fanservice and titillation also fall flat. These girls just aren't sexy, not from a normal male viewpoint or from a lolicon viewpoint. Standard disclaimer: I'm not a lolicon, but that doesn't mean I can't tell what they like. And the plot, such as it is, has all of its supposedly major revelations telegraphed to any remotely intelligent viewer.

The comedy But most of the time, you'll be laughing in a subconscious effort to trick your brain into thinking things are funny, when they actually aren't. Justin Sevakis, I salute your arduous subtitling efforts on AGF, as they added as much lulz as possible while still sticking to the translations.

Are You Lost? I first saw it because the game "U. A88 is a great fighter jet action anime, with a dark story about war and in humanity behind it. The level of detail in the flight scenes is quite high, a hallmark of the old hand-drawn days. As for the story, it'll soon become clear that in some situations, there are no easy answers.

Now that I have the ADV re-release, I can go back and watch this with an English dub or subtitles that actually make sense. Which is really a shame, as Argento Soma is a well-made, thoughtful, slow-paced psychological mecha anime that does enough things right to distinguish itself from its compatriots. Chief among those compatriots would of course be Neon Genesis: Evangelion.

Sunrise had previously thrown their hat into the "Eva clone" ring with 's Gasaraki , a show that combined mostly realistic mecha and politics with incomprehensible mysticism. One thinks they decided to have another go at it in with A S. The comparisons to NGE are well-founded; you have a team of mecha pilots piloting vehicles that are not quite mere machines, fighting against unknown monstrous invaders against which conventional weaponry is useless, and the continuing mental decay and breakdown of the characters.

However, A S does do some things differently, like having the pilots as twentysomething adults in a formal military unit, rather than "teens in super-secret maverick organization. Also, the North American setting provides more varied landscapes and a larger scale of space and distance, in contrast to the cramped Japanese setting of most "Tokyo is under attack by X" stories. While the slow pacing can make episodes hard to get through, the plot twists involving the aliens' nature and the conclusive, coherent ending make it all worthwhile.

The main drawback I see is that too many fights get resolved with the help of "tagalong child character's mysterious giant robot friend," diminishing the contributions of the other characters a bit. Still A S is a solid entry in the mecha field and still offers plenty for those who aren't specifically mecha fans.

Aria - The Natural TV Excellent There's not a whole lot more that can be said about Aria the Natural , other than that it continues in the style and spirit established in the first season. Only now, it's got twice as many episodes and better animation.

If you didn't like the first season, then there won't be any "improvement" in the second season, as AtN continues right along at its lethargic pace with little or no conflict or plot development. That's not to say things don't happen; most episodes feature a character vignette or some kind of supernatural event. Some of the supernatural episodes drag quite a bit, but some of the best moments in the series occur when the two overlap in a rare 2-episode continuous story arc about the retirement of Akari's gondola.

I never thought the decommissioning of a boat could be so sad. In general, if you can tap into Akari Mizunashi's "Everything is wonderful" attitude while watching, you're bound to have a rewarding experience. Besides, turning off one's internal "cynicism switch" is necessary to enjoy many anime, not just this one.

Aria the Animation TV Very good Aria tends to be a series that inspires extremely divisive reactions among viewers. It's the kind of series where you either fall in love with it immediately and voraciously watch it all, or you drop it after one or two episodes. I had the first reaction, possibly because I was at a convention and randomly saw episode 4, which is a bittersweet and tragic episode with those "sad supernatural" elements that I love so much.

So why would people drop it so soon? Well, even I have to admit that Aria is "boring. So, we're left with stories of eternally optimistic Akari and her dreams of becoming an "undine" tourist gondola rower as she meets people, carries out tasks, and practices the trade with her friends that happen to work for rival companies. The setting of Aria is a character in itself, as it takes place on a watery Mars called "Aqua" in the beautiful city of Neo-Venezia.

It's a shame that Aria and its sequel won't get licensed, but that's inevitable for series like this that simply aren't for everyone. Still, for niche fans of series like Kamichu! Widescreen format, more detail on buildings, more pleasantly integrated CG water effects, more fluid character facial expressions whether normal or super-deformed -- just more of everything.

One of the main criticisms leveled against ARIA is its random, episodic format that precludes an over-arching storyline. To those critics I say, "Preclude This": Aria the Origination puts a spectacular conclusion on the story that you'll realize has been there all along. It's the story of Akari, Aika, and Alice's journey to becoming the next generation of Prima Undines, and what that means for the precious friendships they've developed along the way.

As per the "Origination" part of the title, we also see the pasts of Alicia, Akira, Atena, and even Grandma, as well as the "origins" of Aria Company. There isn't as much "supernatural tearjerker" factor as the previous two series, but AtO is chock-full of wonderfully bitersweet "happy-sad" moments.

If you've come to like and care about these characters over the 40 episodes prior to this series, you will feel their triumphs and losses as if they were your own. And if the events of the last episodes weren't enough, I have never been this sad to see a franchise end since finishing Sailor Moon Stars , and that was after episodes of the first anime I ever got into. But if you have been following the Aria franchise up to this point, you don't need me to tell you that continuing to AtO is a no-question decision.

And if you haven't Still not a lot of story, but there are some informative flashbacks about Alicia's past from before Akari joined Aria Company. It's only 1 episode, so if you like the Aria franchise in general, don't hesitate to grab it. Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, has sent five magic rings Oh wait, wrong series. Well, apparently everything we do in our modern world is wrong, and we're all screwed when the oil starts running low, but in the meantime, there are plenty of anime to watch.

Arjuna is very much a visual and aural feast, with striking combinations of animation and live-action for the eyes, and a score good enough to get its own audio track. The content, however, is another story. There's an adequate love story, and plenty of evolution for Juna, but much of the material is thinly-veiled eco-propaganda that preaches to the choir. But don't kill anything, including the rampaging monsters that are causing all this destruction. In fact, Arjuna's message can wind up backfiring--if modern civilization is doomed and corrupt, why not enjoy it while we can?

Still, I have to respect a series that sticks to its philosophical guns, even if it does run out of ammunition at the end. Looking back, I'm not sure why I rated Arjuna as highly as I did, but the music and visuals are impressive enough to deserve attention in their own right. While Noir at least had a good story and somewhat interesting characters to go with it, Avenger introduces flat, mostly unsympathetic characters and a story that starts in a "that might be cool" position, but ends up with too many loose ends and unanswered questions to be satisfying by the time episode 13 comes to a close.

It's hard to tell which character is most at fault: Layla, the bland, butch, hard-boiled gladiator woman, with her "Go ahead, try and kill me" catchphrase? Speedy, the doll breeder who, like the audience, is merely "along for the ride" and doesn't do much of anything anything? Nei, the inhuman doll who also doesn't do much of anything?

Maybe a episode run could've helped things, but there were so many instances when Avenger appeared to be killing time that I don't know if the audience could've taken more episodes. To its credit, Avenger has some good fighting scenes, even if the motivation behind the fighting is a G-Gundam -esque "resource distribution" scenario. But Avenger 's primary saving grace is its music; the chaotic, confusing, non-sensical OP and ED by Ali Project are just so addictive that you'll want to play to them again and again which I can't say for the anime itself , and the background music is always hard at work with vocal and instrumental tracks that intensify the mood and save the series from slipping from mediocre to awful.

I can't say I regret watching Avenger , but I confess I gleaned more enjoyment from cheesier series like Yumeria and Magikano that didn't promise much, but accomplished what they set out to do. Avenger , on the other hand, introduced an exotic world with lots of potential backstory and possibilities, and then proceeded to plod around for 13 episodes while only vaguely accomplishing some of its goals. If you're looking for a serious plot, or really, for any plot beyond a look at three years of high school, you won't find it in Azumanga Daioh.

Lots of cats. I've read that AzuDai is something of an unoffical favorite in the black hole known as 4chan, so that should indicate the type of appeal it has; quotable quotes, characters with ytmnd-able attributes. For anyone who's graduated from high school, no matter their country, the last episode is guaranteed to bring up some bittersweet nostalgia. Contains an alternate version of Osaka's dream about Chiyo's pigtails. Not a bad extra, but nothing too special--the series is more coherent and funnier for those scenes.

For that reason, Baby Love has a bit more historical significance than it does entertainment value. It's not bad by any means; it's a simple, charming story of a girl seeking the love of an older boy who's all too interested in the allure of more mature girls. Seasoned viewers will likely be able to see every plot twist coming a kilometer away, but if you like standard shoujo shenanigans and love polygons, Baby Love isn't half bad.

At the same time though, it's no more than half-good, because it probably condenses too many manga volumes into 30 minutes, leaving character and story developments rushed or incomplete. It might have been better as a episode TV series, but that anime format was still in its infancy back in when Baby Love was released.

In CotS, the main draw for me was the relationship and interactions between Jinto and Lafiel. Luckily, the early episodes are more dialogue-intensive, and manage to tie back to some of CotS' events while introducing new characters like the battle-hardened Samson, the cutely dangerous romantically-speaking, that is Ekuryua and the spectacularly insane commanders Nereis and Nefee.

Plus, the always-entertaining yet eternally-bored Admiral Spoor gets more screentime. Unfortunately the animators had an apparent lack of faith in the dialogues, which they displayed by cutting to camera pans over other scenes, usually of female characters in the bath or nightclothes, during dialogues of completely unrelated characters. There's also a few too many CotS flashback sequences, to the point where you practically get the whole CotS series retold as if it's the "glory days" and BotS is a pale shadow in its wake.

But that's not the case; if you liked CotS, there's no reason not to continue on with this sequel and see more of one of anime's greatest couples. On a technical level, each series has improved over the last in terms of animation quality and appeal of its character designs, but BotS 2 drifts just a bit further from what first drew me to CotS.

The other series succeeded with the formula of "story of relationship between human and Abh in the midst of galactic war," but BotS 2 has a lot of emphasis on what it admits to be a meaningless, out-of-the-way planet. And with the political mire of Territorial Prime Ministers, Territorial Ambassadors, and emigration regulations, I've never felt like the franchise was closer to collapsing under its own wordy weight than during BotS 2.

But since surface military conflicts had never been a big part of the franchise before, it felt harder to care about them in this series. And, the unprecedented land action meant less Lafiel and less Abh exposition.

At only 10 episodes, there isn't a chance for filler, and again, those who've liked the franchise so far should definitely continue on to this series. I just didn't find it as good as what came before. While it's got some amusing spaceflight thanks to Ekuryua and more of the space action that viewers have come to expect, the real value of BotS 3 is its sense of "full-circle" and finality as Jinto at last makes a return to his home planet.

The character designs have matured a bit and become a bit more rounded and softer, but otherwise everything is on par with the previous BotS series. I'm not sure if the novels go on, but BotS 3 felt like a fitting end to this multi-series franchise. Worth watching, and would be worth buying if Bandai did a quick 1-DVD release for it.

Key's review of disc 1 was quite favorable, but ninjas and ultraviolence usually aren't preferred elements of mine. Maybe it was the fact that the artbox is a freakin' fortress that you can stand on with no ill effects. Any show with a box that strong can't be all bad, and yes I include the Negima! It sometimes strays from the original translation, but most changes are for the better. After all, there's 20 ninja between the Kouga and Iga clans, and it's pretty clear from early on what their ultimate fate will be.

That's not exactly a spoiler -- the true spoilers are the answers to the questions "Who kills whom, how, and in what order? And they would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids of the shogun and the proxy war of succession that embroils their clans. Of course, there's no shortage of action, violence, sadism, blood used as a weapon, sex used as a weapon, masters of disguise, and nearly invincible badasses.

Heck, Gennousuke's powers were so effective, they had to nerf him for a decently long arc. Many of the ninja have powers based on being weird animal hybrids, like being visibly part slug or spider. The bizzare variety means that battles are rarely boring.

Still, there are some issues with pacing, as some lulls between fights drag on too long, and there are many structural choices that don't make sense. Several episode midpoints feel like they should be endpoints, and vice versa. Flashbacks to characters' pasts can be effective ways of building audience sympathy for them, but not when the flashbacks show up after the characters are already dead.

But speaking of sympathy, Basilisk manages to avoid favoring one side or the other. I liked the Kouga, but I've encountered various people with completely different reactions to the clans and the characters. If you can take some violence and other "mature content" I almost started a drinking game based on "Oboro almost gets raped" , Basilisk is a solid choice if you're looking for a tragic love story. At least that's my theory, because there's nothing particularly compelling or interesting about BS hurr hurr that would get people to say "Man, I gotta check this out!

Add to that some Magical Girl transformations, sentai team antics, and piloted mecha, and you've got Battle Skipper summarized in words or less. Beat Shot!! I know that it's incomplete and that the manga is pushing 30 volumes, but the events at the end gave the impression that everything that had come before was almost pointless, and by extension, the time I spent watching the first 21 episodes was also pointless.

Berserk shines on and off the battlefield, in its depictions of battles and their planning, and in the scheming and double-dealing surrounding Grifith's rise and maintenance of power. The outtakes on the discs are priceless--"Hey, did you see Caska in that dress? I think she wants you to baste her like a turkey. So heartwarming. And yet so ludicrous. Sooo slooooow. And soooo saccharine that you'll find it hard to shovel down more than one episode at once, without brushing your teeth with some violent, fanservicey, or otherwise different anime in between.

It is nice to see anime orphans who aren't that way for the sake of convenience, with none of the usual hardships. I'm looking at you, Happy Lesson. Their stories of triumphs, setbacks, and unchanging love and support for each other are generally honest and endearing, but even the most uncynical of fans won't get through all 10 episodes without rolling their eyes a few times.

For my part, I couldn't get over how Kyou and Asu had an excellent chance to escape their living conditions and live rent-free, yet turned it down, most likely because they were hit by a meteor made of crystallized sentimentality. It's a good thing shows like this don't require a lot of action, or motion for that matter.

Get ready for a lot of scenery stills, which contribute heavily to the pre-climate-change glacial pacing. But I have to say, the final episode was a genuine and deserved tearjerker. Still, I can't help but think that the irregular episode count of 10 was a blessing, because I'm not sure if I could've taken more episodes.

Nothing spectacular, but manga fans may appreciate it. Actually, this is a decent Bleach OVA that lives up to the quality of the series, packed with action and comedy, and fans of the Soul Society officers will love the ending credits scenes. Good animation, though with a villain with a name like Blade, I couldn't help but call him "Daywalker" in my mind. Unfortunately, the scenes with monsters and violence are separated by many scenes of the main characters frustratingly wandering around the countryside.

I remember thinking, "Gee, can't these guys catch a break and find a normal village to stay in, as opposed to villages filled with zombies and vengeful ghosts? Blood: The Last Vampire movie Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan TV Good "I'll cut you, punch you, toy with you, stab you leave you out in the cold, drip stuff on you, but that's just how I express my love!

Although many say that it's a "one-trick-pony" type of comedy, I never got tired of seing Dokuro-chan abuse and kill Sakura. I also enjoyed the fast-and-furious dialogue that occasionally tests the reading skills. Overall, it's a fun little OVA series for lovers of ultraviolence and supersonic comedy. And now I hear they're making more of it Still, it's only one OVA, and has all the scandalous material one could want.

The art is quite good, but the music makes you think, "Okay, when's Snidely Whiplash going to tie Iku to the train tracks now? Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Second OAV So-so The first Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan was wildly successful at combining Magical Girl stereotypes, gross-out humor, obscure cultural references, over-the-top bloodshed, and lolicon-shaded fanservice. Even so, it had started to wear out its welcome by the end of its 4 episodes.

The shift to a new studio doesn't help at all, as it loses the clean, crisp look of the first series. And with only 2 episodes, there's no time for anything to develop beyond utter randomness. Not that randomness is inherently bad, but the first OVA had dropped enough hints of an over-arching storyline that it couldn't get away with being totally random.

But hey, if you've got the DVD, you may as well get your money's worth and knock those 2 eps out. On one hand, it's cute, fluffy, and educational about Japanese culture, festivals, and holidays, but on the other hand, its late-night airtime means a target audience of hardcore otaku. Plus, the cultural information doesn't add a whole lot if you've seen a lot of anime and know about certain traditions.

The fairies have lively and distinct personalities, and Tama-chan adds misinformation and entertainment, but I can't shake off a disturbed feeling from the overall experience of Bottle Fairy. This is especially evident in some of the summer episodes featuring swimsuits and similar outfits. Still, the imaginative, playful aspect reminds me of old cartoons like Muppet Babies, where characters would suddenly be in different costumes and different situations at the drop of a hat.

In general, approach Bottle Fairy with caution. Boys Be While most non-shoujo romance series go down the fanboy-pleasing "all the women love wimpy main character" route, Boys Be provides some comedy while remaining serious. It's somewhat episodic, as the plot doesn't directly connect one episode to the next, but for a manga series that has gone on forever, the 13 episodes of Boys Be do a good job of concluding their story properly.

Yoake na starts out with a lot of promise, with cute girls, a "semi sci-fi" setting, and male and female leads that seemed stronger than the usual for this genre. But unfortunately, things deteriorated quickly. Between declining animation quality, increasing cliched situations, overplaying of the standard anime "my mom's dead" sympathy card, and the breakneck rushing of the story en route to a deus ex machina ending, that promise was squandered.

That's not to say Yoake na was a total waste -- there was some good comedy in early episodes, Princess Feena remains a fairly strong chracter throughout, and some of the sci-fi action was welcome in a genre that normally sticks to ordinary settings. I don't regret watching Yoake na, but it's a show that doesn't transcend the limits of the bishoujo game adaptation genre, and doesn't even rank too well within the genre.

If I were asked the question, "Would you recommend this to someone who doesn't normally watch this genre of anime? Excess originally entered the list in Will Not Finish when I saw the first episode at anime club awhile back. I thought it looked dated, and had pointless jiggle and fanservice.

But as a testament to my declining standards changing tastes in anime, I picked up the DVDs for a song and finished the remainder of the series. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, the character designs are dated compared to current anime, but fit just fine among other late 90s AIC shows. Excess is very much a "Plot? What plot? But thanks to those declining tastes, that wasn't a problem for me. Despite all the random fun in Burn Up Excess , a plot eventually materializes by the end, and it manages to make earlier, seemingly random events fit in with the main storyline.

Certain users on ANN lament that sexual fanservice in anime has been ineffectively fused with tearjerking melodrama in post anime. While I don't share those laments, I can point to Excess as an example of old-timey, "they don't make 'em like this anymore" fun anime with few pretensions of being moving or dramatic. It's almost 2 different OVAs, with episodes 3 and 4 taking on a more serious and story-driven tone than you see in episodes 1 and 2.

Plenty of nudity, jiggle, and other assorted fanservice throughout. But chances are, you're not watching this for the plot, you're watching it to see blonde hottie Rio doing naked bungee jumping and yelling "Now I can't get married anymore!!! Burn Up! Although Bu! And for the most part, these "police babes" aren't the kinds of ditzy or cutesy flakes found in later Burn Up!

These women are dedicated to their missions and their teammates, even if they have to become "loose cannons" and go against police regulations to do what is right. A shame there wasn't more made with these characters, but the story wraps up pretty well for a one-shot OVA.

True to its name, the creative staff, characters, and voice casts in both languages have been almost completely "Scrambled" in relation to the previous Burn Up incarnations. For some reason, the attempts at 90s madcap mayhem just seemed incongruous with the "clean" digital look of Scramble. Some bad CGI flames and other animation blunders didn't help things one bit. Some of the stunts required not just suspension of disbelief, but "suspension of non-belief" as well, such as Rio crawling around on the outside of a damaged moving jet airliner.

While Rio's character survived the digital transition intact, the others didn't fare so well. See anything in common? I'm all for sap and sentimentality, but when I sit down to watch something with "Burn Up" in the title, I want action, hot chicks, guns, explosions, police conspiracies Yeah, Scramble did have some of those things that made its predecessors good, but it just felt like they were trying to squeeze some last sliver of vitality from a franchise whose time had come and gone.

I just hope the summer Slayers anime doesn't fall victim to the same disease. This is one scramble that should've left those eggs as they were. Of course, there's some sort of love story going on too, but the most memorable part is the reality-defying chase scenes near the end, which come close to what you see in Golden Boy, Episode 5. It won't waste too much of your time, but if you value your time, don't watch it.

Candy Boy ONA So-so Not really about candy or boys, this 8-minute short features a lesbian love triangle in a college setting. Good quick-watch for shoujo-ai fans, with an eye-pleasing "realistic" art style that avoids the typical anime look.

Looks pretty nice too, especially if you get the DVD versions. The art theme is fun, and C2 is often cute and funny to balance out the drama, but the ending Not a "bad" ending per se, just a bit unexpected. Do you like Magical Girls? Do you like abject cuteness? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you need to watch CCS. Sure, it's often a "card of the week" plot, but you have all sorts and I do mean ALL sorts of love triangles going on, plus no excessive transformation sequences; Sakura wears a different costume every episode, and whether she's in battle costume or school uniform, she oozes cuteness in every scene.

While CCS is popular in loli circles, the series itself is innocent, unless you count normal costuming like school athleticwear as fanservice. The animation holds up well enough that it's hard to believe it comes out of the late s, and stays consistent over the episode run. Like other Magical Girl series, the plot has a number of minor climaxes that interrupt the "monster-of-the-week" paradigm and provide moments of heigtened tension.

You hate to see them go, but before the credits roll, you get to see Sakura, Shaoran, and all the rest even minor characters get cameos in one last adventure. Cuteness, magic, tears, romance, and hooeee-ing abound. I should also comment on the dub--it really is one of the great shames of anime that the whole series couldn't have been dubbed with this cast and style. Sure, they'll never beat the Japanese VAs in pure cuteness, but the CCS M2 dub is not just an improvement over the atrocious CardCaptors dub; it is a truly good-quality effort that even preserves Sakura's trademark "hooeee!

Watch this after episode 70 of the series; you'll have the instinct to delay it, just so that CCS doesn't "end," but it is inevitable. It is your destiny. A decent movie that plays like an extended episode, with a wistful look into Clow Reed's past. Vintage Miyazaki story and visuals, good acting in both languages, and a great fantasy experience, even if some of the "messages" ring a bit hollow. The ships, robots, flight scenes, and design of the castle itself will make you forget that you're watching a pre anime.

Enjoyable for all ages and multiple viewings. However, I got the impression that I needed to be on various drugs to fully enjoy this movie, and since I didn't have access to those drugs, I can't rate it very well. Only 24 episodes, so some of the manga is left out, but it's still a very layered, beautiful, and tragic story. I'd like to think that it's an instance of "girls falling in love for no rational reason," or maybe the manga has some scenes which flesh things out a bit.

Someone once commented, "I miss the days of shows like Ceres and Escaflowne where you had to stay tuned or miss important plot details," and Ceres lives up to those remarks. The songs aren't bad , but CPS just doesn't have the same overall appeal of similarly-themed series like Full Moon wo Sagashite. You may laugh, you may cry, and it's "feelgood" in the end, but there's not that much of substance beyond the sweet taste. As such, there's no character introductions -- we're dropped into the middle of a story and assumed to know about the "young girl with two older live-in servant boys" living situation.

There's no major conclusion to anything, just an incident where a pair of prized panties goes missing, possibly purloined by the more perverted of the boys. Arguments, misunderstandings, and a "find the runaway" plot ensue. That's all there is, but it's only 10 minutes, and there aren't that many shoujo OVAs in the oldschool era or any era, for that matter.

And I'll always be grateful for that. Chitose Get You!! Is it a philosophical sci-fi tale about man and machine, or a fanboy-oriented fantasy about cute, obedient computer girls that will never act like those violent and confusing real-life girls? Honestly, it's a bit of both, with some etchi comedy in the first half and a more serious story in the second half. Unfortunately, the episodes that deviate from the manga are uniformly bad, so the Chobits anime story suffers a bit.

Especially since the ending is a serious deviation from the manga. This puts Chobits above standard fanservice-fests, but be sure to read the manga, too, as the ending is different enough to raise more than a few eyebrows. A decent peek into the future lives of the characters, but you're really not missing much if you skip this. First off, the series itself has pretty good animation, mood-appropriate music OP and ED are good as well and for awhile, a generally fun "nuns with guns" atmosphere.

That, along with the s America setting, are things you don't see every day. Lots of action and a more serious tone after the filler "Christmas" episode 17 or so to bring us to the end, which in my book is appropriate and tragic for the series.

I've mentioned the "sunset scene" of episode 24 in the past, and that scene's visuals, music, and dialogue create a very moving experience--because of that, Chrno Crusade's ending will be unpopular to some, but if you enjoy crying over anime as I do, it's golden. After actually reading the manga, I'm concluding that they're both equally valid stories. They both reach the same place in the end; only the routes they use to get there are different. The first time I saw CC, it was in the fall of via a hopelessly mixed group of fansubs given to me by a friend on CD-R.

It was certainly an interesting experience, being new to the fansub world and not knowing what groups or relative quality levels I was in for from episode to episode. Re-watching it on DVD with 5. Due to the American setting and the added s slang, ADV's English dub is just as good if not better than the original. It's even got Hilary Haag playing herself and Greg Ayres playing himself, what more could you want? The re-watch also came after I gained my inexplicable appreciation for GONZO; this is definitely one of their better works as far as character designs and animation are concerned.

By now, these guys know their trade, they know their audience, and they know what works. So things like "mysterious girl is really spiritual projection of girl in coma, subsequently disappears" weren't so shocking, because I'd seen them before and could see them coming. But that doesn't mean that you will too, if you're not as familiar with the genre as I happen to be. And that doesn't mean Clannad is overly stale, either.

Clannad shows the results of a refinement process, correcting for shortcomings of earlier adaptations and adding new pieces to the puzzle. While this is a "based on romance game" anime, I can recommend it with few reservations to those who aren't hardcore fans of the genre, as long as they don't outright hate it.

The moe component of Clannad is not quite as "in-your-face" as it was with Air and Kanon ; it's faint, but it's still there. And unlike those past adaptations, only one girl has a major supernatural backstory component. For those who thought the other adaptations suffered from discrete-arc syndrome, where girls disappeared from the story after their arcs concluded, Clannad works to keep all the characters involved on a regular basis, even while focusing on individual girls' arcs for a few episodes at a time.

The downside of this is that things take on too much of a harem vibe, at least more than I'd like to see for a show whose source material is not harem in nature. In fact, the main theme of this "sad girls in sakura" series is billed as "family," and while not a remarkably complex theme, it works well enough from a feel-good perspective.

Of course, it goes without saying that the overall package looks and sounds great, thanks to KyoAni's usual quality especially the "fight" scenes and KEY's character and sound design. While I couldn't see it as a superb piece of work, Clannad met my high expectations with flying colors. Dousoukai is like the anime version of "St. Elmo's Fire" or "Big Chill," in that it's about a post-high-school group of friends and the relationship intrigue between them.

For what it's worth, the story is passable, with a range of cute and hot girls as eye candy. Actually, the removal of the hardcore scenes in the downloaded version makes this OVA seem more romantic and character-driven, though the real version probably feels more like a string of sexual encounters with something contrived to connect them. Not that bad, but beware Engrish subtitles, because that's probably what you'll get if you seek this one out.

Just as I liked Full Metal Panic! That's not to say it's too serious, though. Code-G has been accused of being nationalistic, and while I can sort of see where they're coming from on that one, it came off to me as an entertainment product first and foremost. Sure, there are some parallels that can be drawn to real-world situations like the Iraq war, the Palestine situation, and American policy in general, but Code-G's real appeal comes down to the mecha fights, the remarkably-Death-Note-esque supernatural abilities, and of course the girls.

The mecha fights get a little crazier and less believable as the series goes on, but they at least start out with plausible premise. There's plenty of great "blood-pumping" music to accompany those fights, too -- any number of tracks will let you know instantly that something awesome or at least cool-looking is about to transpire.

As ridiculous as the Power Of Geass seems, it's at least internally consistent enough to make sense in context, and the show is adept at giving us cliffhangers involving Lelouch's use of the power to get out of tough military and romantic situations. Some of his schemes are farfetched, but others are brilliant enough to make one stand up and cheer. After an intense final showdown, the end of the season brings out the biggest cliffhanger yet, and it was good enough that the wait for the second season could not have been short enough.

Apparently, the theory on CG2 is that the runaway success of the first series in a latenight timeslot prompted a move to an evening timeslot for the second season, a timeslot traditionally associated with more mainstream shounen anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and s-CRY-ed. As a result, the creators had to retool their original plot designed with latenight broadcast standards in mind to After untangling the web woven by Season 1's cliffhanger and getting the story back on track, CGR2 continues along fine for awhile.

There's some great romantic hijinx, which of course were what drew me to the Code Geass franchise in the first place. But somewhere in the range of eps , Things Go Wrong. No, not merely for Lelouch's situation, although he does have quite a bit to deal with, but for CGR2 as a production and as a symbol of quality storytelling in the eyes of the audience.

Which is ironic, since other rumors say that some plot elements got written in because of suggestions from the 2ch image boards, i. So to say the least, the middle section of CGR2 is brimming with leaps of logic, plot holes, bizarre deviations of character, random allegiance toggles, Gundam-Wing -esque nonsensical politics, and many of the standard action death avoidance tropes, such as No One Could Surive That , I Got Better , and Never Found The Body.

It even inspired the creation of the "Code Geass R2 Inverse Laws of Lethality and Mortality," which boil down to "If you get shot with a single bullet, you're going to die. But if you get riddled with machine-gun fire or caught in a huge blast from a weapon of mass destruction, you've got a good chance of living.

So is R2 a bad or unenjoyable show to watch? You might think so from my description of the middle section, but nothing could be further from the truth of my experience with R2. Throughout the series, I looked forward to every episode, just to see what crazy shyte they would come up with next. Many call R2 a "trainwreck. Trainwrecks are awesome , especially if you see them firsthand. So CGR2 has all the awesomeness of a trainwreck, with none of the real-world consequences like loss of life or property damage.

I may have to revise that 2-drink per-ep minimum when watching 4 or 5 eps on DVD, though. If you've ever been uncomfortable or dismayed with the amount of titillation fanservice in an average anime romantic comedy, then believe me, Colorful isn't for you. You have to enjoy ecchi for ecchi's sake to enjoy or tolerate this episode anthology of short vignettes.

The style of Colorful varies widely, with normal anime-type drawings one moment to semi-crude animation that seems more at home in South Park or Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The overall experience is akin to a frenetic session of channel surfing, as the vignettes skip between characters, storylines, and situations with no evident connection other than the "appreciation" of the female form and the undergarments adorning said form. At its core, Colorful is "lust externalized"; it discards the social restraints on the mental leering, drooling, and undressing that takes place in the male minds, and manifests those reactions in reality.

The results are a cavalcade of raw, raunchy, and just plain wrong antics coming from the henpecked and horny male characters. ADV's presentation of Colorful takes that moral line in the sand out back and shoots it like a rabid dog, thanks to Steven Foster's more-irreverant-than-usual English dub. That's the only audio track I've listened to at this point, but I'm assuming that the Japanese track can't exactly be tame, based on the subtitles.

The comedy abates a bit around episode 9, but it's still very worth it. In retrospect, the series does have some flaws that I sort of ignored on first viewing. The pervasive dotcrawl doesn't help things any.

These are evident in the abundance of girls that show some kind of attraction to Kazuki, and the episode length doesn't allow for enough development of each and every one of them. So if you hate dating-game anime, be warned, but if you like that genre and appreciate its female characters, then full speed ahead.

Watch for the background Magical Girl show, "Card Master Peach" that becomes a running gag in the show. One strength of Comic Party Revolution is that compared to the 1st series, it doesn't seem quite as much like an advertisement for the production company's product, "To Heart. Animation is changed and upgraded over the quality of the 1st TV series, and the plot, such as it is, continues Brother Two's attempt to conquer the doujinshi world.

Other than that, we get parodies of the sports, action, and horror genres of anime, as well as more of the cute girls like Mizuki, Chisa, and the rest. Leaves things open for more, so we can hold out hope But this age where yen apparently grew on bonsai trees also produced some of the worst OVAs of all time because nobody had to say "We don't have the budget to fund that lame idea.

Cosmos Pink Shock isn't an all-time classic, but it's far from terrible. From what I've read, it's an adaptation of several parts of a story that was serialized in a magazine. The result is a disjointed, incomplete amalgamation of random events, centering around a rampaging rocket ship and its ditzy pilot and loosely tied together with narration that seems to mirror the audience's response of "Uhh, I'm not sure what's going on, but isn't it cool?

Historical value aside, there is a decent half-hour of entertainment to be found here. As long as you don't expect an epic storyline, the random events are amusing enough on their own, and they do build into something approaching a coherent, if utterly open-ended story. CPS wisely doesn't try to make the viewer care about too many characters, other than the protagonist and a few others.

There are a few segments that introduce groups or even whole races of characters, but you get the feeling that CPS is saying "I'm not going to obsess over these guys too much, and neither should you. Still very worth checking out for the fight scenes, the butterfly animations, and the pure fanservice chase scene as Spike returns to the city. Some elements are a bit too reminiscient of some TV episodes, like Spike's brush with death in Jupiter Jazz, and Vincent Volaju's general similarity to Vicious as a villain.

The fact that "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" isn't plot-essential is a positive point; I first watched it with minimal knowledge of the series, and still found the same charm in the characters that they bring to the TV series. But if you get past all that to focus on the dialogue, CotS is a well-written series that makes one want to go out and check out the source novels. While the space battles fall below Star Trek on the excitement scale, the story is rewarding tor those who get into it.

I particularly liked the construction of the Abh race through the narrations and through Lafiel's unexpected reactions to various events. The romance between Jinto and Laffiel, while it doesn't advance much, is amusing to watch and doesn't follow anime romantic conventions. Speaking of Laffiel, her character design is pretty enough to be called a "beauty of the galaxy," especially in later episodes when she gets out of military garb and gets into civillian clothes ; At any rate, despite subpar animation and several shifts in tone and setting, CotS' story is satisfying enough in 13 episodes, and effectively leads into the subsequent Banner of the Stars series.

And speaking of Star Trek , it's in your best interest to stay a few light-years away from the English dub -- the actors all graduated from the It's perhaps the only English dub that is somehow more awkward and unwieldy than a straight reading of the subtitle script would've been.

I watched CHS almost entirely in English, and I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything--the dub voices are great, the humor is still there, and the DVDs have great explanations of cultural oddities and very obscure references. Like its accompanying manga, the artstyle is fairly distinct from most other anime out there, so if you're looking for something that "doesn't look like everything else," CHS may fit the bill. There's absolutely no romance or cute female characters, just a bunch of delinquents and their antics.

And no, the last episode doesn't count, though it does manage to provide a good closing to a type of show that doesn't lend itself to solid endings. I'm sure it's no worse than the series, but seeing all these anime-isms transited to live-action recalled memories of Power Rangers, and not in a good way.

The ending was a tad emotional in a "sympathy for the villain" way, I'll admit that much. Seeing this movie get licensed was definitely a surprise. Recommended for Cutey Honey fans, lovers of camp, and I'm not sure who else. Geist , but Cybernetics Guardian is a disjointed mess. It feels like you're watching a movie on TV while occasionally skipping to other channels and missing a few parts. Only there is no channel-skipping, and those missing parts that might've made the movie coherent simply don't exist.

But at least there's mecha with skulls on them, and probably some people getting ripped apart, IIRC. TV Good D. Not to mention a episode 2nd season, but I haven't seen that one yet. Within the genre, it's a high-quality entry, but it's so unquestionably for the fanboys that it's not going to make any new fans of romance-game-based anime or increase the respectability of the genre.

It's almost as if the adaptors didn't know what to do with the increased episode count, as the first episodes are exceptionally short, and the middle third of the series has "side stories" at the end of every episode showing vignettes of the girls searching for and meeting some "Lord Cat" type of character.

One side story is genuinely scary, I can't deny that. And make no mistake, DC is all about the girls and their connections to one lucky guy, Junichi Asakura in this case. The girls are different from each other, but still mostly fall under dating-game archetypes. So DC spends the first 14 episodes with Junichi hanging around with this assortment of girls doing all the usual things and establishing the show's main love triangle.

And there are some amusing moments, particularly the symbolism of a wind-up key. Also of note is the episode he spends "playing boyfriend" with one of the secondary girls to ward off her female admirer. But after episode 15 recaps the series, things suddenly turn darker and consequently, better.

And this is where the apparently "random" structure pays off; the time Junichi spends with the various girls allows DC the anime to show one of the game's endings or at least some kind of resolution with the girls, leading to several touching moments and episodes. Of course, this is all helped along by the supernatural elements, like Junichi's ability to see others' dreams and the magical, never-withering cherry trees.

Although it falters a bit in the early going, DC stays strong to the end. And a mini-editorial on these kinds of anime: Too often game-based anime like Kanon, Da Capo, and Shuffle get downgraded as "harems" like Tenchi, Love Hina, Ai yori Aoshi , and Girls Bravo , just because it's "one guy with a bunch of girls. In these games, you choose to woo one girl, generally forsaking all others; most aren't "score with a bunch of girls" harems.

So while DC and similar anime may seem to suffer from female character overload, keep in mind that it's all about being faithful to the source. Angel TV Good Cute, funny, and romantic--for some reason, I found myself rooting for Dark to deceive the law and steal stuff, because it was such fun watching him do it.

After awhile, the romance and comedy pick up especially with Mio's odd brand of Japanese , heading into the somewhat misplaced final two arcs. There's definitely a feeling of "we had more manga and we needed to fit in what we could," but DN Angel's ending still provides enough closure for the anime's events. And yet these sci-fi convention openers truly embody the essence of "anime.

It's simply a dazzling, dizzying succession of random images and sequences, while ELO's "Twilight" --I think, I don't have access to the videos as I write this-- plays over it all. I wasn't around for the VHS-era of fandom, but I imagine this would bring a smile to the face and a tear to the eye of any oldschool fan.

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Feral hosting restart r torrent ultraseedbox However, its execution is wildly uneven. But there are some decent fights, hot babes, and an appropriately cartoony final battle to cap things off. But then again, it was those things that gave DGC its identity. Bangladesh mutiny. Having classmates shiver in your presence is link a good way to start the school year.
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Mahoraba heartful days 16 vostfr torrent At any rate, this anime compelled me to go out and buy the manga after 6 or 7 episodes, so it's done its job. Makoto and his teacher Fujisawa lands in a jungle and saves a princess from some large bugs. The understudies are now thrusted into a new competition directly against the successors. Instead of whispering sweet sentiments to a significant other near a cozy northeastern fireplace, Kermit Cintron will be spending his Valentine advertisement. According to the U. Amaenaide yo!!
Windows 7 64 bit download utorrent for ipad Much to Shizuku's surprise, he proclaims that she will be his friend and immediately confesses his feelings towards her upon meeting her. Ryo takes on the might of a TV station in a bid to save Sayaka, but finds that all is not what it seems So DC spends the first 14 episodes with Junichi hanging around with this assortment of girls doing all the usual things and establishing the show's main love triangle. It chronicles the adventures of Judy Abbott, an orphan in New York. But that unity ended when demons started attacking humans and plotted a mission to unleash Gyumao—an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Mostly because of poor management, to be honest. Find the most recent orcar video and clips from thousands of online video sites see more Mefeedia.
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Primo amore matteo garrone torrent I don't know if Right of Left would have fit in during the airing of the main series -- the drastic historical flashback could have wrecked the pacing. A bus trip to the Rhode Island Flower Show. Martian Successor Nadesico Original Soundtrack 2. These characters benefit from an all-star voice cast. I might have retained a modicum of respect for the ending if AkaSaka had actually stuck to its guns. Ayeka finds out what she's doing and starts using the manga to win Tenchi as well.
Dead space 3 limited edition skidrow torrents In fact, the main theme of this "sad girls in sakura" series is billed as "family," and while not a remarkably complex theme, it works well enough from a feel-good perspective. Magic Land Dizzy Commodore 6. I still hope Toriko will come back as anime and gonna check here for any news about it. The ending's a bit open, but there's still plenty to like along the way, including episode The trumpet is a popular brass instrument that is played in both bands and orchestras. Di Gi Charat is cute, weird, and "lowest common denominator" at the same time, nyo. Three high school freshmen who have become best friends during their junior high years while playing soccer together.
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