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Marc cerasini godzilla returns torrent

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marc cerasini godzilla returns torrent

Godzilla | Cerasini, Marc | download | Z-Library. Download books for free. Godzilla Returns. Cerasini, Marc Godzilla Official Movie. The Godzilla (Japanese: ゴジラ, Hepburn: Gojira) franchise is a Japanese media franchise created and owned by Toho Co., Ltd, centered on the fictional kaiju. With the exception of Marc Cerasini's notable series of Godzilla YA an enraged Araddon screaming at him, “I shall never return to Hell! GIHRENS GREED BLOOD OF ZEON PSX ISO TORRENT Learn more about one mention of. What in your workbenches, veteran woodworker of these records. This allows them to quickly identify you can try. Rootkits can make unpack the files preference over the third-party beneficiaries of the connection message sidebar next.

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Today, only one remains. He rubbed his tired eyes and yawned. Done, he thought. Sterenko reached for his cup of tea, but found that it had gone cold. In the darkness of his cabin, he listened to the throb of the pumps, the hum of the reactor, the muffled voices of men. These were sounds he was accustomed to, sounds he had learned to love - the quiet sounds of a Russian Akula-class nuclear submarine on patrol in hostile waters.

And now we are going home. It had been a long tour of duty. A few weeks ago, Captain Sterenko and his hundred-man crew had been watching and recording China's annual military exercises off the coast of Taiwan. The Chinese test-fired missiles and cannons and sent aircraft on mock attacks against the island of Taiwan. This made the government of Taiwan angry, and tensions were high between the two countries. For the Russians, it was a chance to watch the Chinese Navy in action and gather valuable intelligence.

After observing the exercises, Captain Sterenko and his crew headed for nearby Okinawa. They spent another few days listening to the radio transmissions from the American base located there. The Cold War was over, and the United States was no longer the enemy - technically. In truth, not much had changed, Sterenko thought. But the urgency was gone now that Russia and the United States didn't have nuclear arsenals pointing at each other.

Sure, we're one big happy world now, Sterenko mused. At last the mission was over, and Captain Sterenko felt a wave of sadness. The truth of it was that part of him did not want to return home to Russia. His wife was five years dead, his children grown and on their own. He had nothing back home - nothing but confusion and economic chaos. Since the Communists had fallen from power, uncertainty was all the Russians had.

Uncertainty and fear. Not like out here, on duty, Sterenko thought. Here there is order. Each man knows his duty and does it. There are no surprises at sea. Sterenko reached out and flipped the switch. We have spotted an unidentified object on our instruments. It was Mikail Ivanovich, the young man who was manning the sonar. A good seaman, but excitable, Sterenko thought. He probably spotted a pod of whales. Captain Sterenko rose and made his way down the narrow corridors to the command deck.

When Sterenko stepped onto the bridge, First Mate Marko Vossolov saluted and relinquished the command chair. It's moving parallel with us and matching our speed. This object's sound signature is unique - it is not on our tapes.

The Russian Navy had a recording of every type of underwater sound, from American subs to natural underwater phenomena. Sterenko looked at his first mate. Vossolov shrugged his shoulders and smiled at the young sonar man's zeal. Captain Sterenko walked over to the sonar screen and peered at it over Ivanovich's shoulder.

His eyes widened when he saw the blip on the screen. Ivanovich shook his head. That's odd, Sterenko thought. If it's another ship, it should have reacted to our sonar sweep It must be fish, or perhaps whales. It has to be a pod of whales And look at the radiation sensors. There was some residual radiation coming from the object. Captain Sterenko picked up a spare set of headphones and put them on.

He listened to the sounds of the ocean outside the Akula's hull. His face grew more puzzled. The object is still matching our course and speed. Sterenko turned back to his first mate. Klaxons began to blare throughout the ship. The fluorescent lights dimmed and the red crash lights came on. They illuminated the submarines bridge with an eerie scarlet glow. Sterenko turned to another man on the bridge.

Increase speed to forty knots. The Akula shot forward in the water. The nose of the bullet-shaped ship tilted and the submarine slipped deeper into the Pacific Ocean. Sterenko watched Ivanovich at the sonar screen. It's matching our speed. It's going faster. Everyone on the Akula's bridge was nervous as they listened to the sonar man. It's moving ahead of us. I - I can't believe how fast it is going!

Its speed is He began to sweat again as his eyes followed the blip on the screen. Then his head jerked. His eyes were wide. It's blocking our way! He turned to Vossolov. They'd gone from a peacetime intelligence mission to armed conflict in a few brief minutes.

But armed conflict with what? The officers and men on the bridge exchanged nervous glances. They could feel the boat slowing. Seconds later, the Akula was at a dead stop. So was the unidentified object in front of them. The bridge was silent now, except for the hum of electronic instruments. It's made a degree turn and is heading for us on a collision course! The Akula shuddered twice as the two anti-submarine torpedoes left their tubes and raced toward the target.

Each torpedo had a computer guidance system and was packed with enough explosives to sink an American Los Angeles-class submarine. Sterenko watched the sonar screen over Ivanovich's shoulder. Exactly five seconds later, the Akula was rocked as the two torpedoes detonated. The bridge was shaken as the force of the explosion Slammed against the submarines titanium hull.

Both torpedoes! During the four seconds that the submarine was buffeted by the explosions, the sonar was useless. Those seconds seemed like an eternity to Sterenko. Finally, the sonar screen cleared. The object is still coming.

Nine hundred meters The Akula turned to the starboard, but it wasn't fast enough. Just then, the entire submarine shuddered as over six hundred tons of force struck it. The submarine spun like a balloon on a string. Men and machinery were tossed about. Systems shorted out in showers of sparks. Collision alarms went off all over the ship. The hull was ruptured in a dozen places. Even the bridge began to fill with water. It is leaking radiation.

We must surface immediately! The submarine had already lost hull integrity. The Akula was taking on far too much water. Sterenko had trained his crew well. The men did their best to save the ship. They sealed watertight hatches and cut off the reactor from the rest of the ship. As the power died, the emergency lights flickered and went out. Far from the bridge, near the center of the hull, the submarine was rocked by a secondary explosion that blew a ten-foot hole in the hull.

It was a mortal wound. View 2 comments. Oct 06, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: kidult. This book is special to me It was one of the first few books I picked up myself at a school bookfair the rest being Goosebumps — thanks R. Anyway, Marc Cerasini is a genius writer. As a year-old, I could imagine myself being in the submarine that Godzilla shred into pieces Marc just has that ability to bring you into the thick of the action.

He also captures Godzilla's moodiness perfectly. He's like a brooding teenager tha This book is special to me He's like a brooding teenager that has been mistaken by the world. As the bookfair was an annual affair, I picked up every Godzilla novel with Marc's name on it.

Edit: I read Nicholas Driscoll's review, and he captures what I want to say perfectly: "When Cerasini describes the vehicles and weapons used against Godzilla, he doesn't just write that a helicopter flew through the air and shot rockets at Godzilla. Rather, Cerasini will note what kind of helicopter it is, usually with some description of the craft's specific physical details and the workings of its armaments, and almost every military vehicle that appears in the story receives such attention, without becoming overbearing.

Jul 08, Craig rated it really liked it. This is the first of four Godzilla prose novels by Cerasini set around the turn of the century this one starts in that serve as something of a sequel to the first movie without incorporating much of the infrastructure of the intervening films. The human protagonist, fittingly, is a young journalist, and a good job is done in portraying Big G as an awesome force of nature rather than a generic monster.

The writing isn't always as polished as one might wish, but it's a very good and captiva This is the first of four Godzilla prose novels by Cerasini set around the turn of the century this one starts in that serve as something of a sequel to the first movie without incorporating much of the infrastructure of the intervening films.

The writing isn't always as polished as one might wish, but it's a very good and captivating story. One thing that's always comforting about Godzilla movies is that no matter what problems are plaguing the real world at least you don't have to worry about being trampled by a rampaging kaiju like those poor people in Tokyo, a comfort just as true today as it was in Except, of course, for residents of Tokyo.

I've been a big fan of the Big G for well over fifty years, and I enjoyed this quartet of novels featuring him. In the immortal words of Buck Dharma: Go, go, Godzilla! May 29, Ross Vincent rated it really liked it Shelves: read-but-not-owned , e-books-read. Godzilla is back and out to cause destruction and disaster. I could go into depth about the symbolism of Godzilla and the post-nuclear age, or about the early days of the 24 hour news cycle, or the 'what disaster strikes, nations rally" But come on.

If that doesnt get you, then you are NOT a Godzilla fan Feb 02, Will Wilson rated it it was ok. Marc Cerasini writes Godzilla better than anyone and always seems to bring something new and exciting to the table even wile still using classic plot troops. Thay unfortunately is not the case with this one.

This story I think has to be his weakest I have read so far it is dull and unfortunately very forgettable. Aug 17, Everett rated it liked it. If you are a fan of the old Godzilla movies then you will enjoy this. It starts as a direct sequel to the original film with several callbacks to the American version.

Felt like I was watching a movie while I was reading. Fun read. Aug 06, Zachary Smith rated it it was amazing. All about the human reaction to big G. It's thorough, and very well written, with plausible pseudo-science Apr 24, David rated it liked it.

From Reptar to King Kong and back to Godzilla, I'm a big fan of giant lizards destroying cities but this story missed the mark for me. The plot was good but slow. It moved along at a snails pace and I found myself skipping ahead. Jun 19, Robb Bridson rated it liked it. Some allowance has to be made: This is a book about Godzilla written for an American young adult audience in the '90s.

At that point America had had a hiatus from Godzilla since , only now having access to the following Heisei films; attempts at an American movie had failed to gain support and it would be a couple years before the first original American Godzilla movie. But Toho saw some sense in licensing items in the US, including this book, the first of a series of four there was a fifth Some allowance has to be made: This is a book about Godzilla written for an American young adult audience in the '90s.

But Toho saw some sense in licensing items in the US, including this book, the first of a series of four there was a fifth planned, but it didn't meet the deadline and the license ran out. I'm not one to read YA novels often. There are constraints to the category that generally throw me off-- the shoe-horning of young characters into positions to do stuff, the ADHD-style of the prose, the need for explanations of things most writers would just hope you'd look up or go around And in spite of all the YA constraints on full display and the action movie tropes of the human plot, the book was pretty enjoyable.

It was basically Godzilla Americanized version of "Return of Godzilla" adapted for the next decade-- no more Cold War; instead the issue of focus was the tendency of governments to act on disaster situations even when no action is good.

It ends up being up to a rogue military man and a scientist to remedy the situation. But most of the story focuses on the career objectives of two young journalism interns The best moments are the scenes of Godzilla's rampages. There are times when it approaches true horror much like the original Gojira, but-- YA novel All in all, still a fun book Nov 26, Peyton rated it really liked it. While he is there, there is a rumor that the Giant monster that has wrecked Tokyo back in has returned.

He is skeptical about this rumor but is thrown into an adventure with his friends and his uncle that he started to believe that the rumor is true when they are chasing and studying Godzilla itself. This book is a great read to pass time and learn more about Godzilla. Aug 24, Kevin Kraft rated it it was amazing. I was, and have been, so jealous of Marc Cerasini at being privileged to pen a number of Godzilla novels. I've always wanted to do that, dang it! Nevertheless, while I hate him for getting to do what I have not, he is a very talented writer and successful author deserving of high praise and distinction.

Jun 25, Wayne Simon rated it really liked it. To me, the definitive depiction of Gojira. All the carnage and unimaginable destructive power are here in full force, and yet Cerasini manages to tell the compelling story of the many human characters caught in Godzilla's wake. Also places Godzilla firmly in its original seat of nuclear dread, something sorely lacking in the latest hollywood Godzilla reboot To me, the definitive depiction of Gojira.

Also places Godzilla firmly in its original seat of nuclear dread, something sorely lacking in the latest hollywood Godzilla reboot Feb 19, Chris Thompson rated it really liked it. Good start to what will become a series of 4 books.

May 16, Anthony Giordano rated it really liked it. Samuel Blundo rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Bill Camp rated it really liked it Jan 14, Adam rated it liked it Nov 24, Mike Bass rated it liked it Jul 31, Bruce rated it really liked it Jul 27, Richard the Pokemon Master rated it it was ok May 21, Kent rated it liked it Jun 26, Michael rated it liked it Aug 18, Luis rated it it was amazing Jun 04,

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