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myles monroe daughter pics torrent

I had seen them in still pictures, movies, and television documentaries, but here they were in real life, in real time, with real power, about to prove their. Please keep his family and the ministry in prayers." Dr Munroe was a popular "lecturer, teacher, life coach, government consultant, and. Download 40 Free Ebooks & Mp3 Downloads By Dr. Myles Munroe On Faith, Family, Po - Religion - Nairaland · 1. THE GLORY OF LIVING, by Dr. · 2. DAYS DEVOTIONAL. RIDE AROUND THE CITY GUCCI MANE DOWNLOAD TORRENT Condition: When you configure a member you are mostly cognitive, or problem-solving, abilities of Komodo we have covered smaller relatives. WAV recordsdata are latest version might free and right. The problem appears client will keep the case where.

Please try again later. It starts out a bit simple in terms Verified Purchase. This book is fantastic. It starts out a bit simple in terms of the concepts but it gets really good as you get through it. The theme just gets built and I have taken things from this book that I will read and study daily.

If you are in a season of searching for purpose, this is a great book to read and I would highly recommend it. Munroe was amazing! I am still reading this book and I can say it has brought major insight into my life and that is because of the spiritual and physical impact of having a relationship with The LORD Christ Jesus and wanting to know what I AM here to do in the Body of Christ.

Monroe is truly bless! Amazing book by an amazing man of God! I have lived life feeling lost and aimless, wondering if this was what life was supposed to be all about However after reading this book, I have since learned that God created each and every one of us to have a purpose, and I have since embarked on a journey of discovering what my purpose here on earth is and to work on fulfilling it.

My outlook to life has since changed greatly. This book left me stunned! This book just made it clear to me that this feeling of hunger for God is just not coming from anywhere; it was already embedded in me by the creator. I enjoyed how Dr. Myles used real-life scenarios to comprehend our minds into what it looks like when you are walking in purpose and found your purpose. I will never take not even an ordinary chair for granted again.

This book is a wake-up call for me and a reinforcement of God's grace in my life. Thank you! First, it came in brand new, no issues out of the shipping. Myles Monroe was in an entirely different realm of living. The essence of the book, every sentence, and every word is pure kingdom.

This was an interesting read for me. Monroe used biblical scripture to aid in the thought process of an individual purpose in life. I started reading this book and some other material in unison related to my purpose. Yes, I have finally found my purpose! I love the analogy and the principles. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I have been watching Myles Munroe'videos for a while now and I learnt so much about the words of God and why God has created me.

This book is pure value for everyone who lives on this planet,Christian or not Christian. This book gave me a total different view on my life and why I am here. I recommend this book to everyone, wherever you are at the stage of your life. As Dr Myles Munroe said: "Don't rob us from your gift".

One person found this helpful. Wow this book has changed my life and view on success. I am truly grateful for dr myles, this book is the foundation to life and purpose. Report abuse. Can't wait. Book was brand new. Cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into it. My book club chose this book after we had read the Alchemist.

I Love it. Too much repetitif Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The Myles Munroe's Kingdom Series. Report an issue. Does this item contain inappropriate content? Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Does this item contain quality or formatting issues? Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Youths in father-absent households still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father families.

Youths are more at risk of first substance use without a highly involved father. Being raised by a single mother raises the risk of teen pregnancy. Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school. Compared to living with both parents, living in a single-parent home doubles the risk that a child will suffer physical, emotional, or educational neglect. According to a report by the U. Thus economic theory would predict that, all else equal, the next generation of workers will enter the labor market with less human capital than the last.

The emotional, psychological, spiritual, and moral needs met by the loving, caring, balanced environment of a strong marriage and family unit cannot be substituted. It is understandable that there are no perfect human specimens in the human race; however, social sciences have concluded that when an individual is incubated within an atmosphere of love, unity, and caring between two parental elements, there is a definite transfer of those qualities and characteristics to the next generation.

In essence, the human family produces after its own kind. The natural, logical process of reproduction, which involves the intimate consummation of two individuals, gives evidence that the Creator designed the human family to procreate within the context of a strong, stable union structured to provide the social, psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual environment for successful development.

There is further evidence that there are critical emotional and psychological needs that only a male can provide, just as there are specific needs only the female is designed to meet. Therefore, the absence of either has an effect on development, despite the seemingly normal functioning of the human family. The negative statistics of fatherlessness can be reversed by the power of fathers restored to their place in the family and their true calling as men.

We can reverse these downward trends and strengthen lives, families, communities, and nations by discovering and living out the priority, position, and role of the male in the family. Myles Munroe 1 Joseph P. Shapiro, Joannie M. Introduction The greatest enemy of man is ignorance of self.

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing who you are or what to do with what you have. It is debilitating to have something but not know what it is for or how to use it. Even more frustrating is to have an assignment but not know how to fulfill it. Ever had that problem? As a student, did you ever take home an assignment and not know how to complete it but still try your best to do it all by yourself? Remember that feeling of sitting up all night, trying hard, failing, and finally getting angry with everyone, including yourself?

How terrible it is to be given something to do but not possess the understanding of how to do it. This is a cause of greatest distress. Possession without comprehension; assignment without instruction; resources without knowledge; having everything but not knowing why.

Essentially, the dilemma is that we lack understanding. Without understanding, life is an experiment, and frustration is the reward. Have you ever taken algebra? Remember all those formulas? For me, it was the most difficult subject in school. Learning algebra was a horrible experience for me. Understanding those many formulas was my problem. I remember getting homework assignments consisting of six problems to solve per page. I would go home and just sit there staring at those things.

No matter what I did, since I did not understand the formulas, I could not solve the problems. I would become frustrated to the point of tears. What did I do? I faked it! I wrote down whatever figures came to my mind. Having some numbers written on the page may have looked good, so I thought, but all the answers were incorrect. This is more than just an interesting story.

You see, when it comes to the issues of life, we often do the same thing I did with my algebra assignments. When test time came, my lack of understanding brought me the final result of faking it—failure. One day I decided I had better learn and understand those formulas, so I took a tutoring course after school with my teacher. I put forth the time and effort, and even though it took me hours, one by one, I began to understand the formulas!

Every time I understood them, a lightbulb went off in my mind. Algebra finally made sense to me and eventually became easy. The fear I had was now replaced with confidence. After I began understanding algebra, I took home my assignments with a smile. Before understanding algebra, I went home with fear.

By overcoming my lack of understanding, I was able to approach those problems with confidence. The figures can change any number of ways, but the formula remains the same. Understanding how to use the formula and how to plug the numbers in correctly gives you the right answer.

Principles are very much like formulas. They are set laws that govern life and are constant in the face of change. The key, then, is learning and understanding the principles so you can handle any configuration, any problem, or any situation in life. The great challenge of life is understanding life. When life throws us a curve ball, we often just play games and fake it.

Many times, we have to guess and then wonder endlessly if our guesses will work. What we lack is understanding. David, the great king of Israel, addressed this very issue. Three Things That Cause Problems in Life Psalm identifies three progressive components that are the source of our suffering in life. In most cases, its use implies the absence of knowledge. If you attempt to live and solve the challenges of life from a position of ignorance, then you are walking in darkness and will experience exasperation, frustration, and failure.

When you lack understanding, you will continually use the wrong formula. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, then, are vital keys to teaching the right answer. What Is Understanding? First, what was in the mind of the one who made it? Second, how did the creator of a product intend it to function? Understanding is comprehension of the truth. Why is this important? Because nothing is truly yours until you understand it.

You will never truly own or possess a thing that you do not understand. He was separating people who simply listen to information from those who actually understand it. When you understand a thing, it becomes yours. Most of our lives are exercises in misunderstanding. We live from the blind side, and for most of us, that encompasses all sides. Understanding who made you and who you are is crucial so that others do not take possession of your life.

When you have understanding, you know what to do with your life. When I finally learned those algebraic formulas, I knew what to do with any figure given to me. This principle is so important. You will know, understand, and learn how to recognize the qualities, character, and function of a true father.

Facts will always submit to principles when principles show up. But if you have facts without principles, facts are going to control and frustrate your life. Life is complicated only to a man ignorant of principles, for principles are designed to simplify life.

Principles are permanent. Principles protect products. Principles preserve. Principles contain inherent judgment. Principles cannot be broken; rather, you break yourself on them. Principles do not show favoritism. Principles are independent of culture, race, or creed. Principles are the principal thing, and obedience to principles guarantees success.

I have spent thirty years studying the concepts of purpose and potential, as well as counseling and guiding thousands of individuals to live lives of personal fulfillment and social and spiritual well-being. The knowledge and experience I have gained has led me to the conclusion that the central principle of life is purpose. Exploring the concept of purpose leads us to an understanding of all aspects of our lives.

We see an illustration of this in the way purpose guides the development of products in the business world. The priority of purpose has its origins in our Creator, and it has signifcant practical applications for us as human beings.

When our Creator made humanity, He designed men and women to fulfill their specific functions and gave them qualities and characteristics to enable them to perform His intended purpose. From an analysis of Scripture, we can see that God created the male with a particular purpose in mind. He intended men to be fathers; therefore, He designed them to be so. Fatherhood is not a choice for a male but is inherent in his very nature.

The essence of the male is fatherhood. Every adult male is meant to be a father, and his personal fulfillment is linked to living out that purpose. Without purpose, life ceases to be an existence becomes a mere experiment. If men do not know, understand, or fulfill their God-given purpose, then problems will arise both in their identity and their relationships.

Through my exploration of this most important issue, I have identified seven principles of purpose to assist you in better understanding the nature of life: God is a God of purpose. Everything in life has a purpose. Not every purpose is known by human beings. Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. If you want to know the purpose of a thing, never ask the thing itself. Purpose is the key to fulfillment.

Many of the problems males face come from a lack of understanding their own purpose in life. Principles one and two assure you that you do have a purpose on this earth. The great news is that discovering and living out that purpose is the key to your fulfillment as a male, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a member of your church, a citizen in your community and nation, and a human being in the world.

We have seen that everything was created to fulfill a purpose and was designed according to the demand of that purpose. The unique difference in design that distinguishes each created thing from another is mandated and is critical to the function it is expected to perform. In essence, the difference between the physical, mental, psychological, and dispositional nature of the male and female is providential, essential, valuable, and necessary for the fulfillment of their particular purposes in life.

Understanding the purpose for the male is a critical and necessary step in understanding fatherhood, because the male was designated design-ated a father by the Creator. As a matter of fact, buried in every boy is the potential of being a father. This means that God intends every boy to grow up into fatherhood. He is not satisfied until the father comes out of the boy. Fatherhood is the design and destiny of the male. What Is Father? We should begin with the meaning of father because one of the greatest dangers to society is the misconception of what fatherhood is.

Definitions determine interpretations; thus, we must start here. In the New Testament, the Greek word for father is pater. What do ab and pater mean? As the source, the ab sustains and maintains. There are some other English words related to ab and pater that describe fatherhood and are absolutely essential to the purpose of a father.

Generations come from the ab and pater— the father—not the mother. God created man to be father—the progenitor, source, and supporter of generations. The ab generates everything. Ab also refers to ancestor. He begins the heritage for all his seed. This is very important. When you use both names, you are attempting to claim and produce two generations and two identities instead of one. This causes much confusion in the offspring. In Scripture, there is no such thing as the son of two fathers.

God always speaks of lineage to one man—the father. Why is that important? Because the minute you start bringing in another ancestry or lineage, you split the fatherhood. There can be only one source. When a woman marries, her husband fulfills the roles of sustainer and supporter and so on, which her father once fulfilled.

Hard to understand? She takes on whatever the husband is called. All men are fathers. The husband becomes responsible for his wife one hundred percent. He provides, sustains, nourishes, upholds, and supports. I know that Jesus was single, but He understood the principle of marriage as explained in Matthew See verse When you marry a woman, you are not taking on some sex object.

We have too many husbands who are not the ab or pater that God calls men to be to their wives. He generated it. He caused the genesis of it. God built the male to found future generations and to be the foundation on which they develop. It is essential to note that the quality of a foundation determines the value of what is built upon it.

Author Father also implies authorship, as well as the legitimate authority of something. Jesus initiated, generated, produced, upholds, and sustains the salvation of all mankind. He is the sole Source of our redemption. If you want to come to God, therefore, Jesus is the ultimate Source. Jesus is the Generator of salvation; it germinated with Him and it is completed in Him.

He is both the Author and Finisher of our faith. Jesus is a good Daddy. He will cause you to grow up to the full measure of His purpose for you so that you look just like Him. He is the Source of seed for salvation. See Isaiah How did the Son become Father? He produced a new generation of human beings.

Teacher Father is also the one who teaches and nourishes. This means he provides nutrients and resources that develop, enrich, expand, grow, and deploy that which comes from him. Males, by nature, love to give instruction. The father-instinct of teaching is inherent within them. Incidentally, this is why men often resist the attempts women make to instruct them. Proverbs Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them.

Proverbs Some men are so ignorant that when they come into the presence of a well-educated woman, they feel threatened. You must get knowledge and understanding from the Word of God so you can lead your family with wisdom, knowledge, integrity, and confidence. The same concept applies to the creation and invention of things; we refer to people who create things as the father of them. We can say that God is our Father in two main ways: through creation and through redemption.

Did not one God create us? Why do we profane the covenant of our fathers by breaking faith with one another? It has to do with function. He is the Source and Sustainer. Everything came from Him, but He Himself did not come from any other source. The word God means self-sustaining, self-sufficient One. God is life and gives everything life.

He is the Source of all spirits because He created them all. Whatever God creates comes out of Him. Whether it is material or spirit, God is still the Father of it. He is Father by virtue of His creative will. He is the Father of all that is. Instead of him or her, one is used. It comes with having the seed. If you produce the seed, you are the father.

All of us came out of God, the Father. In chapter four, we will explore the relationship of Jesus to the Father in more detail. Through His sinless life and sacrifice on the cross, He restored fallen mankind—who had rebelled against their Creator and been cut off from fellowship with Him—to their heavenly Father.

We can call the Creator our Father again because of the redemption provided through Christ. It is because Jesus and the Father are one. See John The Father and the Son are one! You were conceived out of wedlock. We know who our father is; our father is Abraham. The Son is the essence, the very being, of the Father. The early Christians understood this. At the Council of Nicea A. God sustains everything that has come out of Him.

In these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

Hebrews —3, emphasis added In the Image of the Father With this understanding of father as source and sustainer, let us begin to see how God created the male to be father on earth. Adam came from God. In essence, the source is also the abba, the father. Note that in the creation record in Genesis, God created only one human being from the soil.

He never went back to the soil to create Eve or any other human being. He placed all of mankind in that first man, Adam. This is a mystery. Everything God wanted for the human race was in that one man. In that one man, Adam, was the potential for every other male and female in history. Because God wanted Adam to be the source of all people, and He designed the male to be the father.

The male is father, not by vote or cultural positioning, but by virtue of his disposition in the process of creation. This is because he—the human ab and pater—was to represent God. God the Father is the perfect Model, Example, and Mentor for all men who desire to be true fathers.

Just as God is the Father of all living things, He made man to be the father of the human family. Every man is created with the responsibility of fatherhood. This is why every man, whether married or not, has the inherent identity and purpose of fatherhood. Fatherhood is not necessarily related to having a baby. If you are a male, then you are responsible for anything that comes out of you. Because Eve was created from Adam, you are responsible for the female and any offspring that comes out of the female.

In the Lord, however, woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. The Principles of Fatherhood A principle is a fundamental law that governs function and behavior. We must understand the basic laws of fatherhood in order to be effective fathers.

The father is the source that sustains, protects, nourishes, and provides identity for that which he produces. Men are therefore distinguished in their role of father by the following principles: The male is the source of seed. The male is the host of the sperm. He is the source of human life, whereas the woman is the incubator of life. The male is the nourisher of fruit. The seed of a tree gets planted, and then it becomes another tree that bears fruit. Whatever comes out of the seed is fruit; therefore you, as a father, are responsible for nourishing the fruit.

The seed supplies the tree that sustains the fruit that, in turn, produces more seed. Father means nourisher. The male is the source of the female. See verse 7. In other words, the man is responsible for what came out of him. Since woman came from man, men are responsible for women and how they treat them. If you are a young man who is dating a young woman, you are to treat her with respect, as you would want someone to treat your own daughter. You are not to pressure her into sexual intercourse before marriage.

The male is designed to protect his fruit. God gave men physical strength and physique. They are not real men; they are imposters and fools ignorant of their God-given purpose. Such ignorant men are dangerous because where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.

The safest place for a woman should be in the arms of her husband. Remember, whatever comes out of you is a part of you. If a man hates his wife, then he also hates himself. See Ephesians — If a man loves his wife, he loves his own flesh. Fatherhood is an awesome responsibility because you are the progenitor of all that comes out of you and must protect all that comes out of you.

Father means protector. The male determines the type of the offspring and influences its quality. You also have the power to influence the eventual quality of that tree by your character. So I say this to all women: Be careful about the type of seed you receive in your soil. There are some bad seeds.

When a woman thinks about marriage, she should make sure she understands the nature and quality of her prospective mate. Whatever you receive, you will produce. Whatever you sow, you will reap. See Galatians Men, you also must be careful about what kind of soil you use to plant your seed.

The seed may be good, but if the soil has poor nutrients in it, then you will have a sick tree. Good seed should never be strewn about just anywhere. You want quality soil for your seed in order to guarantee good trees. The quality of the woman affects the quality of the fruit.

Fatherhood means quality management. The male maintains his offspring. The fatherhood principle is to maintain. The male is responsible for the security, sustenance, and development of his seed. Fatherhood means maintenance. The male teaches his seed.

The source must train and instruct the resource. That is fatherhood. Most women are doing the teaching and the training, but God says that fathers are to do the primary spiritual teaching and training in the home. That means you, as the male, are responsible not only for having babies, but also for training those babies and teaching them to walk in the ways of the Lord.

You cannot lead your family to a place where you are not going. These, then, are the primary principles of fatherhood. Are you ready to become the father God created you to be? Do you know what a father is to do? Do you know how a father should talk and act? In the next two chapters, we will look at some pictures of what it means to be a father to those for whom you are responsible in life.

Then we will take a look at ten specific functions of fatherhood. Chapter Principles 1. Purpose is inherent in everything that has been created. The difference between the physical, mental, psychological, and dispositional nature of the male and female is providential, essential, valuable, and necessary for the fulfillment of their particular purposes in life. God intended men to be fathers; therefore, He designed them to be so.

Father is not so much a name but a title resulting from a function. God is our Father through our creation and our redemption in Jesus Christ. Jesus, God the Son, is the essence, the very being, of the Father. Just as God is the Father of all living things, He made Adam to be the father of the human family. Men are distinguished in their role of father in the following ways: the male is the source of seed; the male is the nourisher of fruit; the male is the source of the female; the male is designed to protect his fruit; the male determines the type of the offspring and influences its quality; the male maintains his offspring; the male teaches his seed.

They are the underpining not only for their homes, but also for their churches, communities, and nations. It means you are responsible for everything. The Male as Foundation The kingdom of God teaches that the male is the foundation of the house—he carries everything. As a husband, you are the foundation of your marriage.

As a father, you are the foundation of your home. As a pastor, you are the foundation of your ministry. His plan is to fulfill His vision of the earth as an extension of His heavenly kingdom. This happens as the male functions as the foundation of the home, allowing all those he is responsible for the protection and freedom to grow and prosper as God intended, for His glory and the expansion of His ways on the earth.

They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. A lack of knowledge and understanding promotes ignorance, which jeopardizes the very foundations of society. When people lack knowledge and understanding of the basic, fundamental laws of God, all life goes off track and ends in failure. True fatherhood is the way to re-secure the foundations of our societies. Let us look at the human family—and society, by extension —as a building.

Remember that the quality of a foundation determines the stability and value of what is built upon it. Having the qualities of a strong foundation is therefore essential for every man. There are 6. God built a human family structure, and at the bottom, he laid only one foundation—the male. The human race did not begin with a couple. We frequently hear people say that God built the human race on the family. We have seen that all of humanity came from Adam.

Yet the male is the foundation in another way, as well. Note that it was to Adam alone that God gave instructions for work on earth and for what could and could not be done. It was only after this that Eve was created.

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. I will make a helper suitable for him. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. All the information was given to the man to teach to those who came after him.

Please keep in mind that I am referring to function according to creation. For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God. A building can have a number of problems and not be condemned according to the code of a city. God laid men as the foundation of the family, and we need to be careful not to allow any cracks in our character.

If you see a crack developing, fix it immediately! Do not let it get any bigger, or the whole structure may collapse. You may think that character lapses affect only you, but they also affect those entrusted to your protection, teaching, and care. Evaluate the current state of your character and take steps to correct what you see. In doing so, you will strengthen your entire family. At the bottom. Likewise, as the foundation, men are to do what they have to do for those around them without drawing attention to themselves.

Real men do not advertise their responsibility. You just see the family functioning well and working together. The English word husband is derived from an Old Norse word meaning householder. Real men are quiet about it. They just carry the responsibility. The Male as Anchor Men are not only the foundation, but also the anchor of the human family. That is a description of the world we live in. The male is also supposed to stop things from happening that are harmful to others.

I sometimes think it is amazing what we allow to happen. As anchors, we can stop our families from being swept away by the currents of immorality, stabilize uncertain youth, and bring safety and order back to communities. The anchor also brings rest—when people have a true anchor present in their lives, they experience an inner peace.

You should think of your family as a ship, and you as the anchor of that ship. A ship has no foundation of its own. Your boat may look beautiful on the outside; yet, by itself, it contains no foundation. The only thing that secures a boat is an anchor.

When the anchor is in place, the entire hull comes to rest. Even if the ship is beaten, twisted, and torn by waves, a strong anchor keeps it from breaking apart and allows it to weather the storms. We would go out and water ski every day after school. I loved waterskiing and the feeling of flying over the ocean. One day, we went to the back of Rose Island and were skiing when we decided we wanted to do a little diving off a reef.

We found a rock, and we put the anchor on it, but the current was so strong that it pulled the anchor and actually broke it. Now we were in danger; we had a boat without an anchor in a current. Fortunately, the current carried the boat to where we were able to get home safely.

But the experience emphasized for me that having an anchor is not enough. Your anchor must be able to handle the rough currents and storms of life. There are hazardous social and cultural forces and unexpected setbacks that will control the course of your life if you have not discovered how to be a strong anchor. What currents and storms am I really able to handle? Having a strong anchor takes away the fear of the current. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.

But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. Maybe your plans for your life or your family fell apart. He would not have allowed them if you were not able to overcome them through His strength.

God will verify your quality as an anchor by how you respond to the tests He allows to come to you. Otherwise, God would not allow that test. I am personally responsible for securing a million dollars a month for operating expenses in my company. I generate what happens in the company. I am able to handle this responsibility because the Creator has given me this test every month, and I have learned how to live with that kind of pressure by relying on His grace and provision.

I have been tested by the storms. God reveals the quality of your anchorage by the level of testing He allows you to go through. Let no one tell you that following Christ is a test-free ride. No vision is validated until it is tested. A key principle of testing is that your tests are designed by your declarations. And he will wonder what happened. He just invited the test by his declaration.

Remember what Peter once told Jesus? You should have just thought that rather than declared it. An anchor is tested by storms; it is only as good as what it survives. Some of you are reading this because God is going to bring you through something big, and He wants you to remember these instructions. He wants to make you aware that you are about to take on a great project He has planned for you. It may frighten you at first, but He wants you to learn to survive the little storms so you can weather the larger ones in fulfillment of the vision.

God will test before He entrusts. If God is going to trust you with something and use you to accomplish it, He has to test you first. He tests and refines us. A test is more like the act of tempering metal. The Greeks and Romans used tempering in the process of making swords for use in battle.

They would take a piece of steel and put it in fire until it became so hot you could see into it and determine if there were any black spots in it. The black spots that the heat revealed were areas in which the molecules were not close enough together; they were weak areas. They would strike the spots and, as they hit them, the molecules would come together.

Then they would put the sword in cold water and the steel would harden. After that, they would put the sword back in the fire until it became hot and malleable again, and they would look for additional spots. If they found any, they would go through the process again. You never trust a sword that has not been tempered. This process is similar to how God tests us. Tempering means testing for weakness to insure strength. He knows everything about you. The tempering is for your sake. He allows you to go through trials and tests so you can recognize what is hindering your life.

Going through a temptation can have the same result if we hold on to our faith. See John — Every time you survive a storm, a few more spots are beaten out of your life. The more storms you go through, the more spots that are removed. When the spots are purged, then God can call you His sword. Sometimes, as soon as we make it out of the water and think the test is over, He will put us back in the fire because we need to be refined further.

Think about the life of Abraham. So I have to test you. He exercised this faith and passed the test. God did not want him to kill Isaac; He needed to know that Abraham would put Him before all else and trust Him to fulfill the promise in His own way and time. I want to see if you love it more than you love Me. When a ship is heading toward a rocky shore, its anchor must hold. Similarly, when your family runs into problems, you must hold. You have to hold that family together.

He was being the sustainer of His mother. When the anchor of a family fails, disaster is inevitable. If you walk out on your marriage, you will not only destroy a family, but you will also damage the community. Remember that storms are only for a season.

You are being tested to insure your strength as a father. You will come back from the storms better than ever, in a way others have never seen you before. Your best years are still ahead of you. It may be a seedtime right now. Let God refine you, and a new man will emerge. Protect your ship throughout the journey so that it can arrive at its destination safely.

The kingdom of God teaches that the male is the foundation of the house—he carries everything. God gave all the information to the man to teach to those who came after him. God laid men as the foundation of the family, and they need to be careful not to allow any cracks in their character, which could lead to disaster for their families.

A foundation functions without being seen. As the foundation, men are to do what they have to do for those around them without drawing attention to themselves. Men are not only the foundation, but also the anchor of the human family. The strength of an anchor can only be tested during intense pressure. Our weaknesses are exposed through tests. Chapter 3 The Cornerstone of Fatherhood If you are thinking that being a foundation or an anchor is too much weight and responsibility for you, you are right.

Both a foundation and an anchor need to rest on solid rock if they are going to be able to hold things up and hold things together. In the same way, it is not enough to know your function as a father; you have to know who to lean on in order to weather the storms we talked about in the previous chapter.

Build Down in order to Build Up When I was in London for a speaking engagement a few years ago, I noticed a foundation being dug for a new hotel not far from the Millennium Dome. From my own hotel room, I could look down at the construction site. I took a photo of it for my seminars because I thought it was such a striking reminder of what it takes to build a tall building.

When you construct a building, what do you do first? You build down. As I watched the men at that construction site, they kept digging and digging, and I thought, My goodness, that hole is equivalent to about five floors below ground level. They had to go that deep. What were they looking for?

Solid rock. A physical building rests on its foundation, but the foundation is resting on rock. The Chief Cornerstone Now, the male is the foundation, but he is not the Rock. Who is that Rock? It is Jesus Christ. On one of my trips to Israel, however, I saw a clear example of what it means for Christ to be the Chief Cornerstone of our lives. The group I was traveling with was in Caesarea and the area of Capernaum, and we went to visit an ancient synagogue, one that Jesus was said to have taught in.

Being the inquisitive person I am, I wanted to learn what was underneath. Every rock was carved in such a way that it fit into the rock next to it and they locked in place. When the foundation was nearly completed, and they were at the end of the interlocking stones, one stone had to lock into the last two stones in one corner in order to seal the whole thing together.

That was the cornerstone. Without a cornerstone, the foundation would fall apart. If you want to destroy a building constructed in this way, all you have to do is move the cornerstone. Men all over the world are creating businesses and industries, amassing wealth, contructing houses, making ships and aircraft, and so on.

Yet you need Him! He is essential to your life. Stop treating Him as if He is optional. When we dedicate a school, a church, or another building, we often put a little plaque on the bottom corner of the building. Whose name goes on a cornerstone? If you go to Greece and Rome today, you can still see who built many of the ancient buildings because the name of the contractor is carved in the cornerstone. Whose name is on your cornerstone? It will ultimately fall. You need to dig down deep and find the solid Rock.

As Jesus said, I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation.

The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete. Luke —49 Anchored on the Rock There is a concept equivalent to the cornerstone in the analogy of the anchor. For about twelve years in a row, every Saturday at a. We caught our own fish every weekend, and our wives loved it because we never had to go out and buy seafood. One time four of us, as well as the wife of one of the men, went out fishing.

We were diving at a reef right next to the tongue. But then we inadvertently put the anchor down in some sand, and the current from the tongue of the ocean started dragging the boat. When the boat drifted over the tongue, the anchor really had nothing to hold on to; it was thousands of feet above the bottom of the ocean. The boat was drifting over the depths of the ocean. Let me tell you, among the four of us there were a policeman, a businessman, and two university graduates with doctoral degrees.

Without a solid rock for our anchor, we were left to the mercy of the current. Furthermore, the other wives and families at home were absolutely panicked. They had no idea where we were, and they were up all night worrying about us. What if we were never found?

After being out all night in the darkness, we were finally rescued. God has called you to be the anchor of your family. You need rock, not sand, or you will drift out of control and be overwhelmed. However, when you are holding on to what is solid, they can trust in that and not fear.

As heavy as an anchor is, it needs something heavier to enable it to hold steady. No matter how successful you are, you had better find the Rock because your family relies upon you for survival. Lock into Jesus, and secure your foundation.

In that one Stone, the whole building is held together. He will teach and strengthen you; He will guide your conscience and establish your convictions so you can reach shore safely. Just as our families called on a higher authority—the Coast Guard—to help us in our crisis, the Holy Spirit will direct and protect you in both the calm and stormy seas of your life.

Even if there is darkness all around you, He will guide you in the right direction. Think again of the construction workers digging the foundation for the hotel. I believe the contractor spent more time on the foundation than the building itself.

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Shrieking and bleeding they jump out again this time wondering why the mother and father who love them so much are torturing them. Next, mother eagle pushes them off the cliff into the air. As they shriek in fear, father eagle flies out and catches them up on his back before they fall and brings them back to the cliff.

This goes on for sometime until they start flapping their wings. They get excited at this newfound knowledge that they can fly. The preparation of the nest teaches us to prepare for changes; The preparation for the family teaches us that active participation of both partners leads to success; The being pricked by the thorns tells us that sometimes being too comfortable where we are may result into our not experiencing life, not progressing and not learning at all.

The thorns of life come to teach us that we need to grow, get out of the nest and live on. We may not know it but the seemingly comfortable and safe haven may have thorns. The people who love us do not let us languish in sloth but push us hard to grow and prosper. Even in their seemingly bad actions they have good intentions for us. When an Eagle grows old, his feathers become weak and cannot take him as fast as he should. When he feels weak and about to die, he retires to a place far away in the rocks.

While there, he plucks out every feather on his body until he is completely bare. He stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, then he can come out. This entry was posted on August 22, at pm and is filed under self-improvement. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Iam blessed wit this profound story of the eagle. It really helps me know my faith and walk with Jesus. Myles is a man with tremendous ability to pick the principles out of the bluring concepts that society reshafled. This could be one of the reasons God told the Isrealites that eagles were unclean in Lev.

It is true however, that they soar and use the air current. It is possible that during a storm they could use the wind to lift them. But, someone has fabricated this story without real, factual, scientific proof. Eagles molt in patches, taking almost half a year to replace feathers, starting with the head and working downward. Not all feathers are replaced in a given molt.

An eagle without feathers, talons, and a beak would die of starvation and exposure. Eagles do not go into seclusion, pluck out their feathers, beak and talons, and then after five months emerge renewed. My purpose for this is not to argue.

I am a Christian and I am researching why the Bible mentions the eagle as much as it does. But in my research, I have found out that many of these things that not only you, but others, believe is true, is not. I suggest you research further and maybe look at the websites I sited. It is full of interesting information. But, do make sure that any sites you look at are real and factual and not just something someone wrote without a Bibliography or references.

Thanks for this, curious and concerned. Perhaps the eagle in the myths refer to some kind of extinct bird species! Hi Curious and Concerned, can you please share the results of your research on why the bible mentions the eagle as much as it does? It would be interesting to know, from your perspective. Thank you! Toyin u spik lyk an Adventist researchr.

Wsh I kud len mo abt Eagles. Evn tho, atlist av lent a few thngs frm my felo Advntst. MR curious i believe in the principles of this great bird. How certain is the fact that all specie of eagle has been found. The Bible did mention the renewal of strength as the eagle. Biblical quotes are often spiritual therefore requires no scientific or biological evidence.

Virgin Birth is widely accepted as a mistranslation to and from Greek. The original legend told of a young woman who would give birth to the messiah, and since translating to Greek has transformed to a woman who had never had sex giving birth.

Language is a funny thing. There have been quite a few councils called to decide on a set belief around this one, and they chose the most fantastical of the approaches. The God creating the Earth thing is something that even the Bible can not decide on how it went. There are two versions, and the order is quite varied in them.

In the Jewish Christian and Muslim creation myth the Babylonian gods were created in the first and second day, however the abrahamic god was always there. From there the stories split to tell of the creation of other things, and the more recognized telling of Adam and Lilith and Eve. Thanks Curious. Always thought that eagles eat live till i did some research too.

Many folks in church have also been taught so. No disrespect either but rhymes with what Myles talks about staying away from old outdated information. A large part of this message is. Curious and Concerned on the other hand has their faith in which to steer him. Hello my friend, and God bless you. I do be-leave it matters whether what is said is correct or not. Your title said you where an English student, and from the beginning in English we are thought about how to present an essay.

This essay in particular is represented to us as acts of fact depicting the behavior of eagles compared to how we live our spiritual lives. I saw no evidence that it was all meteorically placed together in order to just make a helpful point, but was in fact placed as a descriptive factual representation of how we should live our daily lives.

Thank you for your post, It was fun to read, you can read mind below in the comments. It simply that eagle has ability to fly higher than other bird and other bird in other we need to desire to be great as moses encouraged isrealite. I want to know this. As a superior being who has passed many tossles in life, today I discovered a new method of advance system to a new vission, I confess that this is a revelation to my spirit that sugests the source of my errors and how to eliminate them.

I got it. Now, I belive I can fly higher than the eagles. I love the post. I believe that if all professing Christians would learn these principles, then this world will be full of victorious sons and daughters of the Lord. I love and admire how you use nature to show us and remind us of Gods purposes and will over our lives. Miles you are truly blessed. We should all treat the storms in our life as the Eagle do.

This principles of the eagle outlined by Dr Monroe is ones of the most power principles of the eagle I have ever read. It has revived me a lot. It will not hesitate to say that, the eagle is now my role model. I model the principles proposed by Dr Monroe. God bless Dr for such a wonderful revelation. How good and how pleasent to be an eagle. My prayer is to have those principles and attributes of an eagle.

Thanks for the email. Thanks Dr. I WILL start to soar again…. Please come to KENYA we need to be lectured by you on how we can maximize our potentials and revive all the areas of our lives. I love the eagle principles. They are inspiring and true especially for those people at the top of their careers.

This is something all leaders must cherish. The reason a Christian should care about Eagles is that the Word says we can renew our youth like the Eagles. If it is a one time process or a continual process, does make a difference. The best scientific information coming out of a study at the University of Az. I believe that would make it a process not a one time deal.

Ps says to not forget any of His benefits, and that God does renew our youth like an Eagles. Once you read about the eagle you cannot stop wishing that all peace loving and prosperity conscious people could read and adopt these principles as a way of life for a better tomorrow where all people can live in harmony and respect other peoples right to freely demonstrate and express their feelings in a respectful and honourable manner.

Eagles are creatures of great strength and endurance. In the whole world,Zambia is the only nation with an Eagle on its national flag. Zambia has learned to overcome it obstacles and put its trust in God. I found it very inspiring and if eagles could go to this legth, then as a child of God I must live beyond this. When my CEO revealed this illustration to us during a learning session…I was truely truely inspired, in fact my thinking my artitude to work changed completely, am more focused than before……Thank you so much for affecting my life positively…..

God Bless u Sir. This is fantastic, as future leaders we need more of such an inspirational article. This has given more time to reflect on my life and turn degrees for a better tomorrow. To be strong enough for the obstacles in life. This has a better connect to what our Lord Jesus went through to save us.

Thank you. I want to spend all i have to get your books and dvds. Munroe,your biblical philosophy of the eagle is quite intresting and inspiring but would like to hear you respond on commentator 4. I am a Nigerian and also hold you as a mentor. Glory be to God for your life Dr. Let us not be conformed into the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. We are to detest them in the content of food.

We are not to eat them. But the bible uses the eagle as an example of strength just as it uses the ant as a form of wisdom. May God open your understanding to scripture. In real sence eagle is very unique since it has also exra-ordinary character traits. This is wonderful and inspiring. What a great opportunity to come across this………. Ole Tana Lazarus. This is wonderful and Very very inspiring.

Thats Great Pastor, You will never know the impact of your ministry, just know some one is blessed whenever you open your mouth. God Bless. I have chills to understand the major concerns. God bless you. It was really inspiring and motivating. I wish I would more of such an inspiring article.

Would to you please send some more to me through my e mail address mention above? DR, This is an amazing revelation from the life of the eagle. Those are painful to remove, but can be avoided. Very encouraging! Also, I know from experience that birds are very much a part of their babies learning to fly. The mama helped it back into the nest. It was so sweet to watch. Then, when my husband tried to move a seemingly forsaken baby bird from behind his truck, we found out that the parents were watching very close by, because they swooped at my husband, warning him to back off.

When we yield to Him, we will soar far above the enemies attempts to steal, to kill, and to destroy in our lives. Thank you, Dr. Myles for the 7 principles. I would like to share something I read with Curious and Concerned. The Belittling Tongue……. The Weekend of the 24th to the 26th of September I must say these principles have made me regain my long lost confidence, and i will make sure to keep them vissible for my friends to read, and together we may grow beyond in life!

Amazingly inspirational. Myles has destroyed every traditionally held beliefs of Christianity.. I am truly inspired. God has always wanted his Children to live to their full potential. My mindset has been completely transformed since I started reading his materials. It has added to what I was already finding out from the scriptures. I have made my own personal discovery before I cam across his materials.

The sad fact about Christianity is that we have inherited teachings passed down from generation to generation without discovering anything ourselves and test these commonly held beliefs against our life. If we do I am sure we will realize that we need to step out from the box and face God individually. When God deals with us individually, we must be prepared to break ranks to live life to its full potential.

It is independent because it has to seek its own place in the sun… God Bless. I am a biologist, and work in eagle country up in Canada. Many faith communities honour the eagle. It flies higher than most other birds, and can disappear over the horizon quickly. To ancient people, who moved on foot, or on horseback, the eagle saw more and moved faster than they ever could. The eagle becomes incredibly symbolic and important to many faiths — the Judeo-Christians scriptures mention eagles often, as do North American Aboriginal faith stories, the ancient Egyptian religion, ancient Greek religion, etc.

God created everything as part of a wonderful web of life. The eagle resonates with our curious nature as humans. God created everything wonderful and good — we just seem to be able to remember that better when we see something like an eagle, than, say, a crow. Dr Munroe really knows how to refine his gift.

Thanks so much dr. Keep up daktari and may God bless you. Myles, I want to passionately thank you for taking the pains to reform and remould us through the web. People, events, tides are covertly frustrating that from materializing! That;s the spirit your ministry has pushed in me! God bless you for your great inspiration. Am sure of the next level in life as i apply the eagle principles. If possiple let the principles be in my mail.

I need to receive the message of the Man of God always on my eimall if it is possible. So inspiring! Thanks for this wonderful article. Your teaching brings out the best in me. If i can ask? How do u do ur research?

Jesus is Lord,man of God you have really nourished my spirit,God keep you for the next generation,Amen. With many parables Jesus spoke to the people, but only to his inner circle did he reveal the true meaning. I find this very inspiring. Indeed, God designed us to be like the eagles. Yes Indeed!!! This character of an eagle is mentioned in the Scripture for us to mold our character.

God bless dr Myles Monroe…. I do not like the stay away from Ravens and sparrows bit. Its always interesting in the teachings of Dr MYles Munroe. Thank you Dr. Myles for allowing the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to use you to bless us with your wonderful teachings. You were the first preacher that I heard teach on purpose about 30 years ago in Pittsburgh, Pa.

My life has never been the same. Hope you come back to Pittsburgh very soon. May the Lord continue to bless you and Mrs Munroe and your children. This wolrd is a place were all can learn all and all from may things that is be created by God almight. The eagle is one type bird christians must learn of its ways,is no wonder the bible say we will mount up with wings like an eagle,but not vulture.

I thank God for using your ministry to touch lives even through this bible, i pray that the grace of God will always be with you. Thanks for this wonderful information. Am indeed touched and inspired. I will appreciate if i will get learning lessons.

I am pleased to come across such materials, I am expressing an interest on behalf of a interdenominational fellowship that is sharing the Kingdom Goodnews through arts and music. I am blessed to read and learn from Dr. Myles Munroe. He is a spiritual father. I need more. God bless! Tony hosea dot tony at g mail dot cOM. I always want to learn from Dr. I have read his books and study a few of of them and I can tell you now , He is the best May Go d richly bless his ministry. Vous pouvez combiner plusieurs mots pour affiner vos recherches sur Sukoga.

For years I have been curious about the life of the eagle after hearing bits and pieces about the attributes of the eagle. I began collecting eagle figurines without totally knowing everything I needed to know about the eagle. Finally I was enlightened after reading the 7 principles as presented very eloquently by Dr Myles Monroe. Now I am even more curious and ready to read the book and continue on with my research of the eagle to allow me to strengthen my eagle mentality.

I just came from a prophetic conference where one of the speakers spoke about eagles and the molting process. He went on to say that as the end time church of Jesus Christ all of us believers should be eagles for the kingdom of heaven obeying the great commandment to love and the great commission to go.

I thank Dr. Monroe for this post and teaching me about the kingdom when I had more questions than the dead church I attended could answer. Awesome insight on the power of scriptural application thru research; I have come to love the methods of Dr. The Dr. Is so inspirational. In his selection he touches on real life situation. Am moved by the principles. Application of these in our daily lives will indeed help us grow in spirit and in body. Its all about salvation.

It is not exaggeration to say that Dr. Myles Munroe is a mighty teacher a blessing from the most High for the generation and the body of Christ as well. I thank you DR. Thank you, Dr Myles! This is inspiring indeed! I would rather open my spiritual eyes and ears to see the bigger picture of myself as a kingdom citizen living here on earth, and to hear what the Spirit of God is saying so that I may walk in that which He predestined for me.

Unfortunately for those who are always looking for facts or scientific proof in spiritual matters, may never get to enjoy fellowship with God in His simplicity! Good message about the eagle pse could send me the DVD about the 7 principles of the eagle, thank you n God bless. The principle of an eagle play an important role in real life situation as it act as it mentors not only the individuals but also the cotemporary society that strive to excel in bumpy and hilly environtment marked by various interlocking spurs.

May God bless Dr. Myles for his creativity study of this bird of nature. Prodigy indeed…. I personnaly think that we can learn more from animals n birds as human beings. Oh Miles! Wish if you read this! Plz recomend us where to look. Sleazy Flow Remix [feat. Lil Baby]. SleazyWorld Go. About Damn Time.

Super Gremlin. Kodak Black. What Happened To Virgil feat. Lil Durk. La Corriente. Late Night Talking. Let's Go. Sticky Drake. Falling Back Drake. Texts Go Green Drake. Massive Drake. A Keeper Drake. Calling My Name Drake. Currents Drake. Intro Drake. Flight's Booked Drake. Overdrive Drake. Liability Drake. Down Hill Drake. Tie That Binds Drake. Efecto Bad Bunny. Glimpse of Us Joji. As It Was Harry Styles. Moscow Mule Bad Bunny. First Class Jack Harlow.

You Proof Morgan Wallen.

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