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Pigeon detectives discography torrent

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pigeon detectives discography torrent

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Even before we get there we can see that a hearty round of applause is in order. Speaking of thanks and of planning, we at Cash Box must also extend our sincere thanks to all those folks at the various labels and talent agencies, not to mention, once again, the CMA, for their invaluable aid in putting this special issue together. How about that Stoneman clan? The total of stations now carrying the show are 27, making an average of a new station a week since the show first hit the airwaves back at the end of Apr.

Gene Goforth, the executive producer of Jet-Star TV Productions, has revealed that all taping segments of the series are now in color. The car — or should we say bus — is a passenger limousine. That oughta handle the whole herd. One further note about the Stone- mans.

As of Oct. As country music grows and grows in the U. Recognizing this fact, the Voice of America has announced that its inter- view schedule for the forthcoming winter and spring format will feature an impressive array of country names. Maintaining an international flavor, the show presents a vast variety of musi"al and cultural offerings, and is considered to be the most-listened-to show in international radio. Ken Galloway, manager of the Del- ta Talent stable, has announced that his firm will handle all future book- ing arrangements for Columbia waxer Kirk Hansard.

The pubbery has had over 30 tunes recorded, with several noise- making singles now on the market. Jack Stapp and Buddy Kil- len better watch out. Bob Neal, for the loan of the guitar, which will be on exhibit along with several other famous guitars for the entire exhibition run! Naturally, he hastens to assure his fans and followers that he will be appearing in person during — he just happens to have another guitar handy to perform his flying guitar pyrotechnics on!

Production staff is headed by Wendell Niles Jr. Latest on the schedule for Nat is a just-taped spot on the Bill Anderson show in addition to a Nov. Telephone number is Area The FBI and Police are also : being alerted of the impostor. Deejay can write to Brite Star promotions. Newbury, 0. Pala Records. Bobby Crystal now managing Gail Martin who cut her first date for Reprise last week. That far-away, nasal- noise that swept the states has once more made its way into the market via that hotbed of rising sounds, England.

The sensation created by the British version by the first named group and available on Fontana here set the stage for a rash of competing versions, any one of which should provide a chuckle, smile and if listened to properly a nod of appreciation from pop music fans. Word has it that local disco- theques are seeking a horde of go-go girls with extensive Peabody and two- step experience.

Billy Daniels will perform for crowds at the Copa for three weeks starting Dec. The chanter will do six shows during the course of the event. Ronny Weisner at Metro Distrib. Meadowlark Lemon, of the Harlem Globetrotters, has been signed by R. Prestige opens at the Village Gate 18 for one week. Future dates in- clude Washington, D. Gogi Grant has been selected by the State Department to rep the U. New group, new label. The boys who play Cheetah best watch their steps, for the nitery is being invaded by The Girls.

The four sisters, out of Colorado are in the spot for a week. In the same way, we would guess. Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass evacuated our shores a few weeks back. He said it was for a series of concerts and TV appearances in Eur- ope. It has, like Lafayette, arrived. Until now. Not since Mrs.

How does one describe these renditions? The Brass on a bad night, on a first take? Working from a score prepared by an inebriated copyist? Possibly with the arrangements back- wards or at least upside down. Not quite. The group comprises Jane Sager on trumpet, Naomi Preble on trombone. Rose Parent! Blame Bob Halley for the ar- rangements. But do yourself a massa- chistic favor and sample just a cut. Enough al- ready.

Her name — Pat Foster. Andy Di Martino, indie producer and former v. Name of the new label is Big Deal. The Frank Sinatra Jr. The star and his Las Vegas troupe opened in the Scotch Mist on Rush and have been packing the house nightly! Among the hot albums out of Allstate Dist. Bill McLaughlin, who sold the famous Club Laurel last sum- mer after 17 years of ownership, em- barked on a new business venture — he opened his own booking agency and is currently lining up talent for some of the largest rooms in town!

In the fore at Garmisa Dist. Sammy Davis Jr. Our Nashville office headed by Roy Drusky has made a global name for itself in just three years. To all our publishers and writers, congratulations as we look forward to the future with eager anticipation. To the Country Music Association, your effort and dedication has been an inspiration to the entire music industry.

Yes, it is indeed a time with cause for celebration. Official groundbreaking ceremonies for the building will be held Wednesday morn- ing, Oct. Following the ceremonies, a luncheon will be held for the guests at The Biltmore. The main entrance, screened with gold anodized aluminum, picks up the design of the tracery. The inside lobby, featuring a unique sculptured wall in free-form design of travatine marble, will include an un- usual circular stairway to the second floor.

Exterior landscaping will include lawn areas with shrubs and trees and an off-street drive-through, in addi- tion to a parking area for up to 50 cars. The studio facilities were designed by Glen Snoddy, prominent audio and acoustical engineer, well-known for his substantial contribution to the development of the Nashville sound.

The Nashville building project represents the latest and most spec- Artist's drawing of new Acuff-Rose building floor space of 6, square feet nearly fourfold. Contractor on the building project, which will start immediately, is W. Target date for completion is May of next year. Space Plans The new Acuff-Rose headquarters will contain 40 individual offices, two large conference rooms, an executive office area, and the ultimate in modern studio and mastering facilities, as well as darkroom, complete printing shop, and storage areas.

Executive offices and conference rooms will be com- pletely soundproofed. These offices will also contain ultra modern decor. The facade of the building, incor- porating a new concept of construc- tion in the Nashville area, will consist of three large areas of backlighted tacular aspect of the continuing growth story of Acuff-Rose. The firm has also maintained its own office in London for more than a decade, and in recent years has steadily expanded its overseas affiliations in publishing as well as recording activities.

The London office also incorporates a talent agency representing the over- seas interests of Acuff-Rose Artists Corp. Particularly during the past year, the firm has made significant staff additions aimed at strengthening its operating effectiveness on all levels of its basic areas of music publishing, recording, and talent representation. Participating in the groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies will be a number of prominent speakers, with music to be supplied by Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys.

The album is unusual in many re- spects. On the first of the two records in the album. Snow narrates, in his own words, his inspiring climb to stardom. The narration is accompa- nied by significant background music evoking memories from his past. On the second side of the first record. Hank Snow tells the story of his life in words and music. The photos trace his career from the age of five in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia to a recent recording session in Nashville with Chet Atkins, who currently produces his recordings for RCA Victor.

The liner notes in themselves are a tribute to Snow, for there are few performers who have recorded for one company and had only three pro- ducers, and it is these three pro- ducers who have contributed their personal reminiscences on the back cover of the album.

The anniversary album was pro- duced in Nashville by Atkins and Bob Ferguson. Kilpatrick, merchandising and promotion director for the label. In the West, the label has added Del Roy, who will act as regional promo- tion representative for the eleven Western states.

In Addition, former Gallatin, Tenn. On the artist front. Acuff and his group, along with Sue Thompson, were in Miami Oct. Tex Ritter, Bill Denny, Bill Williams and Ralph Emery acted as anchormen for the broadcast in Nashville, with regular reports via special phone lines from all participating stations.

The broadcast, which began at p. The phone lines at each station stayed jammed with calls, and phones on the stage of the Opry were manned at fall. All four have received a strong early reaction. In the country field. Billy Walker, Bobby Lewis,. Armed with the talents of steel guitarist Lloyd Green and the song stylings of Paycheck, the firm launched its attack on the music world. A large budget has been set for ad- vertising for distributors to offer to qualified dealers.

New point-of-sale merchandising aids for dealers, in- cluding four color motion displays for store windows and single framed LP lithos mounted on a color display, were shown to distributors by Sachs. Discount program will continue through Dec. We are constantly on the lookout for bright talent and searching for inventive sounds. By that we mean that everyone works together for a common cause. On the road, all our artists work to promote each other, in addi- tion to promoting their own images.

This applies particularly to album product, where, under the new copy- right law, most labels have found it necessary to reduce the number of tracks to ten. LD, on the other hand, has been offering and will continue to offer 14 tracks per album. Just- buddy, Johnny Dallas and Houston Roberts. Since hitting the. But no record company can continue with a. Or can it? Con- test winners will get a free round trip to any city in the world.

The contest runs the entire length of the Atlantic- Atco fall program until Dec. Abnak also records product under the Jetstar, Startime and Britania labels. In Dallas, the company will move, in about three months time, to a building it has just purchased, con- taining 30, square feet of office space.

Abnak has also retained legal rep- resentation in New York. He is Philip S. Kelsoe, Jr. The record cover is actually a jig-saw puzzle, and it contains a color-in picture. This item has been test marketed with excellent results. This toy has already been sold to such leading retail stores as G. Murphy, J. Newberry Co. From July 1-Oct. The Sims-Shurfine distribution deal, an oral agreement, was terminated when Shurfine owner Wendell Parker signed an exclusive contract with Jay-Gee Records, calling for the release of all his productions through that label.

He was 56 at the time. Millinder began his career with a small combo in Chicago and later shifted to the N. The group, as it gained ground, was booked into large theatres around the country during the swing band era. He was also a regular at the Savoy Ballroom and the Apollo Theatre, where his trademark was in his fancy style of leading the band, quite often using the tails of his frock coat as a baton.

He gave up his band in , when he started concentrating his efforts on arranging and leading studio bands for recordings. His recent work in- cluded writing arrangements for vo- calists and small combos, in addition to running a small mail-order busi- ness.

He is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter. Thompson in Monterey Park, Calif. Here are three of Jim's albums — three more examples that explain his fabulous success as an outstanding artist. Handsome book-type package is a two-record autobiography that offers one disc of Hank's narration, and another that includes ten of his biggest songs. The inside spread features many pictures and captions illustrating Hank's career. Also heard in the recordings are the voices of Hank Williams, Red Foley and many others who have known Hank through the years.

Great collector's item— should sell very strongly! He is presently negotia- ting with a few firms on the coast and expects to make announcement of a new affiliation within the next few weeks. Pied Piper Productions Appts. Audrey Jefferson has been named talent co-ordinator with duties to in- clude all contractorial procedures as well as the scouting and development of new talent for the firm. George Scott has joined the Pied Piper staff as talent scout and promotional liaison man for northern Ohio while Howard Lovdal is co-ordinating talent develop- ment in southern Ohio.

The TV film was especially made by the Disney studios to capture the combination of two big name show business personalities — Louis Prima and Winnie the Pooh. Animated color footage from the Disney film was synchronized with a portion of the sound track from the single. The film clip given gratis to TV stations is being televised on young peoples participation programs and being given multiple showings on various age level shows.

It is antici- pated that more than showings of the film will result from the plant- ing. Obtained from Mark-Ltd. Productions of Dallas, the record has been scheduled by UA for immediate release. Kenny and Kasuals, consisting of five young Dallas area college stu- dents between the ages of 18 and 20, have been together as a performing act for nearly two years and are presently engaged in night club ap- pearances in Dallas. Scott, a vice president of Capitol Records, and prominent industry attorney Schlesinger will talk on the economic and contractual aspects of the record- ing business.

Kaye, vice president of MGM Records, describes the field of motion picture soundtrack albums. This Monday session is fourth in a series of twelve special woz-kshop classes developed by the record aca- demy for the foui'th successive year to provide an in-depth look into the recording industry, with an emphasis on recent trends and developments.

The Gleason campaign, running through the months, of Oct. A special floor-window combination merchandiser in the shape of a television set is currently being distributed to dealers. Capitol sales- men also be wearing red carnations, identical to the one worn by Gleason on his new album cover, throughout the campaign. Lewis M. Horwitz, producer of the movie, is planning a Thanksgiving release.

The score is being written by Steve Allen, and will be arranged and con- ducted by Ronald Stein. Diamond has set up offices for his publishing activities at Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Trux, marketing , manager for the division. The oft-recorded three- some took command of the audience with a well rehearsed act that ran the gamut from lullabies to protest songs, from easy going ballads to semi-rock- type wailers.

The act has a great deal of the personal approach to its merit in the form of both Peter and Paul holding down one-man stints of about min. As a folk-trio, P. It is a fun- filled two-hours encompassing blues, ragtime, lullaby, spiritual, protest song, and ballad. To say that she was profi- cient at each note and gesture would serve only to diminish her capabilities.

In one of those rare evenings in a room where everything grooves, where an audience catches the spai-k ignited by the performer and the musicians behind are inspired to per- form beyond their usual competent efficiency. Miss Reese delivered at least a dozen well chosen titles. Only flaw of the evening was the marquee over the bandstand announc- ing the Bobby Byrant instead of Bobby Bryant Quintet as her back- up group.

With a repertoire that ranges from pop, jazz, folk and light rock to a sampling of enough special material to enchant an evening. Both Jackie and Gayle are out of the folk bag, both having been charter members of the old New Christy Min- strels, that ethnic orchestra which no longer boasts a single remaining mem- ber of its original clan. For old times sake, perhaps, Jackie reaches for her guitar while Gayle hammers her tam- bourine and plays a chord or two on the autoharp.

Colvin and Wilder round out the show with several hilarious sketches. Adding up to the most rewarding night this room has heard and seen in several months. As part of the program to bring in well known performers, Rifkind re- vealed that he has already signed Billy Daniels and Charo.

Cub Records. In conjunction with this promotion, the label is releasing ten diversified Yuletide albums. This recording contains tradi- tional Latin American Christmas songs and carols sung in Spanish by the lark and the Trio. The Supplement will reach 96 million read- ers in 33 key markets throughout the.

Other eye-catching ads are slated to run in music trade and con- sumer publications. The label reports that six gold records t have been awarded to Columbia Rec- ords artists for their Christmas al- bums. The award is given for record sales in excess of one million dollars,'" as certified by the Record Industry. Association of America. Each month the campaign will feature five single records 10 sides on an artist who has been selected for this special treatment. Records will be packaged in a special box showing a photo of the artist and will also include a bio- graphical sketch.

Used strictly as a promo tool, the sets of records will be sent to disk jockeys, rack jobbers, college radio stations, one-stops, deal- ers, record review editors and distrib salesmen. Symphonies 1 through 7 were released in and The Pittsburgh Orchestra, as directed by William Steinberg is featured on the package. Lo- muto. In , Peer-Southern, long leaders in the field of Latin music, went to the expense of sending Sunny Skylar to live in Brazil for a year and a half in order to meet the Brazilian writers, artists, recording execs, etc.

After some time in Brazil, Skylar was introduced to the individual who was to provide the key to all he was trying to do in that country. That person was Mario Albanese — disk jockey, lyricist, composer and attor- ney.

Through the efforts of Pereira, Skylar was able to acquire material and begin producing albums with this material included. Before leaving for Brazil in , Skylar had contacted a number of American record companies in order to get commitments for the release of the Brazilian albums he was planning to cut. Len Levy, of Epic Records, gave him the go-ahead signal to make the product and bring it to him. The firm feels that Brazil is destined to be the next important international source of music.

The music of Brazil is unlike that of Mexico and Cuba. It has, the company notes, a refresh- ingly new sound and the melodies written by the natives are generally hauntingly beautiful. There is so much talent in Brazil, Peer-Southern con- cludes, that it is impossible to esti- mate the great numbers of artists and writers with undiscovered talents.

It is interesting to note that great numbers of Brazilian instrumentalists do not read music, but play instinc- tively because of their great inner love for the music. Skylar will be returning to Brazil in November to develop and record as much of this talent as possible.

In order to increase the chances of winning and the num- ber of winners. Epic divided the coun- try into four geographic regions, thus bringing the competition down to the local level. Melody Sales Co. Bang Bell Brunswick Pomus, who will now concentrate j solely on lyrics rather than words and music as he did formerly, revealed that he is already mulling several ; offers but has not yet committed him- j self to any new project beyond writ- ing for specific artists who have ap- proached him for material.

Lucky Eleven Mercury. New Voice. Crescendo, has an- nounced the signing of three new jj artists to the west coast based label. Army and will resume T his disk career with 20th Century Fox i Records. His disks will be produced by Jimmy Krondes.

They are, however. Starstream Jet for an all-expense-paid - weekend for two. Highlighting this thrilling weekend will be a dinner date with Bobby Vinton at the world- famous Copacabana and a complete weekend wardrobe of fashions. The Rich orchestra just completed a S. In Nov. High level meetings were held at Liberty relative to the signing of Rich. From left to right Phil SkafF, executive V. Steinberg To Rec. In his new position, Stein- berg will work closely with record manufacturers and distributors in improving the distribution process for the club.

While with Columbia Records, he was in charge of the record club sec- tion of the order service department and was responsible for the procure- ment and manufacture of all records used by Columbia Record Club. The affair will be held in San Juan. Hosting the party will be Tito Rodriguez, who is also ex- clusively on the Music label. Rod- riguez, who has previously made his headquarters in New York, has now returned to his Island homeland where he expects to be involved in a con- tinuing round of television and per- sonal appearance dates.

He will con- tinue to record for Musicor. The label will also have present such personalities as Aidita Viles and the well-known group, Los Hispanos. Following the party, Musicor will launch a sustained promotion and merchandising campaign on all its Latin music entries, in Puerto Rico as well as in leading U.

Perry Botkin Jr. Merco To Issue 5th Div. The fourth dividend was paid on Aug. Merco recently moved to new and larger quarters at Broad Hollow! Road, Route , in Melville, Long Island. Since the first of the year, the company has added nine leased de- partments, bringing its total to The Detroit firm, which already markets the Revilot and Groovesville lines, announced that Solid Hit has signed several artists.

The appointment was an- nounced Oct. Howard will immediately initiate an expanded East Coast sales program on behalf of the southern Calif, based Muntz firm in order to increase its 4 track and 8 track stereo cartridge market penetration. According to Howard, Muntz in- tends to reinforce East Coast ex- posure of its product line through a national advertising campaign.

Gall, director of marketing for the stereo division of Lear Jet Industries, has announced the appointment of F. Clark Stephens as product manager for cartridges for the stereo division. The appoint- ment of Leonard Feldman to the post of purchasing agent was announced by William F. Feldman will have responsibility for all pur- chasing and procurement activities of the Stereo Division.

Pacific Challenger Rec- ord Service. The flick is set for a release sometime during the fall. Picture shows bottom to top Dave vocalist. Beaky rhythm , Dozy bass , Tich lead , and Mick drums. Africa, was recently presented with a gold record to mark this historic achievement. In , the country had the representation of practically all the companies plus its own large exporting record-industries like Philips, Bovema, Artone and Rood; there were over a thousand dealers with prosperous affairs, strongly supported by the Dutch rec- ord manufacturers.

Both dealers and manufacturers were contributing to the Fund by paying a small per- centage a half percent from every sold record. The entire Show was broadcast on first program TV, from 8 p. Gala: Great Show After a cheerful opening- by the Dutch Police Band, playing medleys of poptunes, the brilliant comedian Paul van Vliet came on stage via a long ladder as the first of the solo- performers. The Dutch beat-group Les Baroques did a good job as pleaders for beat-music in a many-sided show like this.

The first musical high-lights came with French singer Leo Ferre and the Dutch chanteuse Liesbeth List who both met with a storm of applause; the excellent Georgie Fame with his Blue Flames from England and of course the Japanese Twin-sisters The Pea- nuts could easily find a warm response. A very heart-warming in- termezzo happened when Piet Beishuizen called Robert Stolz on the stage, the year-old composer from Vienna who has contributed so much to outstanding light music.

Beishuizen handed Prof. Stolz a beautiful silver plate with inscription, upon which Stolz handed his baton to orchestra- leader Dolf van der Linden who con- ducted a medley of Stolz-melodies. The Show continued with a lively performance by the young French star Richard Anthony, who has many fans in Holland. A drastic switch in atmosphere was brought about then by two lovely ladies from America: Astrud Gilberto and Dionne Warwick, now living in Paris.

With the performances of her bluesy ballads, Miss Warwick made an enormous im- pression. There were one Dutch and one American vocal star left, both men doing a magnificent piece of showbusiness each in their own par- ticular field: Ramses Shaffy and Tony Bennett. Ramses, actor, musician and cabaret-leader, started to sing as a soloist some months ago. His cap- tivating personality, his modern devil-may-care style and his humor give a special accent to his roman- tic love-songs that holds the listener spellbound.

Tony Bennett, in a radiat- T. Minchin was for many years deputy managing director of Pathe Marconi before joining the EMI affiliate in Italy in He will be succeeded in Spain by R. Success is made even sweeter by the realization that this is the first time any song in the Spanish language has won this international contest.

New issues will be made monthly. Fur- ther releases are planned including an album of Japanese music and a selec- tion of numbers taken from the com- plete series. This very successful Grand Gala du Disque Show was visited, as usual, by many important persons from the recording-industry in Holland and abroad, artists, producers, managers and record-dealers. After the Show there was a lively social gathering and a ball in various of the halls beat, Viennese waltz, swing.

It was not until five in the morning, before the last guests left the RAI-building. According to the latest information received, this was wrong. Furthermore, it seems as there is no publisher of the tune here, not at the moment, anyhow. It is sometimes very difficult to find out the name of a publisher here in Scandinavia since the names of the publishers are not printed on the record.

In the U. Only a handful of Swedish record manufacturers are doing the same, the majority of manufacturers are not. This is another thing often making it difficult to obtain correct information. Particularly as the producer of the record might not always be available if and when information about a certain record is needed. There are certain rules to follow when chasing a publisher here. The tune was published here by Hehrmans in Stockholm and not Belinda. In Sweden only there are some 20 active music publishers some of them j running two or three or sometimes more publishing houses.

The difficulty in contacting all of them when chasing a song is obvious. Recent releases from Gothenburg-based Megafon includes two jazz LPs. It is recorded by Jan Johansson and Bengt-. Shown top, left : Piet Beishuizen, director of CCGC who was responsible for a hear-warming intermezzo during the event. The Festival will take place from the 21 through the 21th of January, of next year.

Cosquin is located in a beautiful valley in the province of Cordoba, about miles from Buenos Aires. Gilbert Becaud has been in Buenos Aires for four days, performing at the Opera Theater and benefit presentations at the Embassy Casino; he also taped several programs for Channel 9, to be aired during this month. Odeon honored him with a cocktail party, inviting the press and deejays to the gathering. Los Iracundos are an instrumental and vocal group coming from Uruguay, but recording in Argentina.

Their waxings have been successful in several Latin American countries and will probably find interest in Europe. The diskery has also started a promo campaign on behalf of the tenth anniversary of the launching of Ray Conniff in this market. The artist has sold about 3 million records during this period. On the folk music side there is a new album by Los Trovadores, with a good selection. Pretty soon the big action is going to start by all companies on their seasonal catalogues.

George Leagues Club in Sydney, commencing Nov. He will also appear on television here. Jimmie Rodgers has made several previous visits to Australia. Fred Marks and Noel Brown, executive director and national sales man- ager, respectively, of Festival Records, are now on overseas visits. Limited Company.

From there, Mr. Marks will join Mr. They will spend four weeks in the States. Both titles were performed in the television spec- tacular featuring The Easybeats, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola. There is a broadcast restriction on both titles here at the moment. The record comes housed in a terrific cover highlighted by a full-colour head shot of Merv.

Unfortunately, Merv has been plagued recently by a serious throat ailment which has him on the sidelines at the moment. Total record production in Australia for the twelve months period ended June 30th, was 10,, An interesting point is that almost half of the latest figure is in album production. Total production for the month of July this year was very strong at 1,,, the highest since December last. It is shaping like a winner and is beginning to show out strongly on dealer reports to Cash Box.

The record is on the Philips label here. The record is on the HMV label, and the sheet copy has been published by Castle Music who owns the copyright for this territory. Congrats, Lana! Especially, the first one is said to be the best of this month by critics.

Some tunes of this movie, the music of which is by Henry Mancini, are considered to be attractive enough to make a hit as a single. Brothers Four, P. The former was released on Sept. The group four for 6 days covering Hamburg, Essen, Munster, Vienna and Munich with a city still to be set to replace Berlin which now refused all pop-beat packages.

This tour should draw great interest as the only fours of the recent past to draw capacity crowds were the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Other pop tours with big names have failed to draw capacity audi- ences here. Folk music shows with artists such as Abi and Esther Ofarim have drawn full houses with a single artist but the pop oriented crowds have failed to show up for star studded packages for the past year or so. The price of top pop groups such as the Stones and Beatles which were sponsored by teen magazines figured on a loss even with a full house.

The Beach Boys show is a regular tour and hopes to make a profit. The tour calls for two concerts a day in each of the cities and 2 full houses are needed to really bring in the bacon. It will be of great importance to the future of Germany as a tour market to see if this tour with a group of the popularity of the Beach Boys the trick. The boys have had several smash hits in a row here and their LP s are racking up top sales as well. Herb Alpert with his Tijuana Brass is still the talk of Germany although he only appeared in a TV show here and one concert in Frankfurt for the armed forces.

The group drew a packed house and the staging and effect of the show are still being talked about. The classical awards were given on the 1st of October at the Berlin Academy for Art. Paul to packed houses and the opening performance finished with a 30 minute standing ovation for the show. The record entered the top 40 charts tViis week Peter Lach from Capriccio Music reports that Philips is starting a new artist. Lado, the top selling singer from Yugoslavia has made his first platter in German and is getting top push from the record firm and the publisher.

Polydor tells us that the Spotniks from Sweden will tour Germany starting in a day or two and will spend 15 days in Germany. The show will be done in November in Berlin. The Philips star is already the top TV personality in Holland. The tour will cover 10 cities in the same number of days.

This month Postmaster-General Edward Short will rise in Parliament to initi- ate the Second Reading of the Marine Offences Bill, designed to drive the pirates off the air and out of business. This proposed legislation is a tardy attempt to resolve a situation which has existed for two years and which has grown formidable as more offshore radio stations entered the commercial broadcasting stakes.

There have been scathing verbal condemnations from the authorities, but no positive action until the invasion of Radio City by rivals last June, and the death by shooting- in Essex of Radio City boss Reg Calvert brought the issue to a head which! There are now eight entities in the commercial radio field, excluding the long-established and recognized Radio Luxembourg. A Scottish syndicate - controls Radio Scotland.

Allbeury has declared his intention of issuing a writ against Postmaster-General Short, seeking damages for inducing breach of j contract, damages for intimidation, and a declaration that Radio opera- tions are lawful. Bates will contest the allegations of the summons, and is defiant to the extent of announcing the forthcoming advent of a second radio station under the aegis of Radio Essex to be operated from Tongue Tower off Margate, Kent. The proximity of the forts to the shore puts them within jurisdiction of British law, according to some legal opinion, although Mrs.

The ship-based stations are equally obdurate in their lobbying against the j Marine Offences Bill, and are in a somewhat stronger position as they are anchored beyond the territorial limit. The Bill, if passed, would cut off their supplies and service from the shore, but the ships have declared they will shift their positions, increase their transmitting power and obtain supplies , from other countries.

They will also seek advertising revenue from abroad if ' it becomes unlawful for British companies to buy their airtime. But the bill is likely to have a slow and difficult passage before it becomes law. The alternative to the pirates is land-based commercial radio, either operated by the State or under licence from the State.

The BBC, although ' heavily in the red, is traditionally averse to operating any kind of commer- cial enterprise, but there are already groups awaiting an authorised chance to provide land-based commercial radio, and the present pirates would!

Politicians of all parties are in a quandry about the situation, and haunted i by the knowledge that 25 million Britons — nearly half the population — listen ; to and like the pirate transmissions. Reports from the Labour Party Con- ference at Brighton indicate there is a considerable measure of sympathy for the pirates, despite the fact that traditionally Labour favours State organisa- tions rather than private enterprise.

The anti-pirate arg-ument, that they infringe the International Telecom- munications pact, has been undermined by the rejoinder that out of ! European stations, are broadcasting on frequencies without international j authorisation. These offenders include the British Forces Broadcasting Serv-.

British record companies are officially opposed to the pirate stations. The i latter seldom respect pre-release date playing embargoes, and constant ; repetition of disks over their airwaves are said to have depressed the sales 1 of singles in Britain and European countries which can pick up the trans- missions.

It is virtually a foregone conclusion that commercial radio will become an! Just what form it will take, how it will be licensed, controlled and administered, and what will be the fate i of the present pirates are all highly interesting questions. The foursome, who hail from the area of the French-Belgium border is man- aged by the Jean Loo-Ricky Stein organization. During each presentation, twelve numbers were interpreted by the star cast of that TV station, and from each twelve, four were chosen; for a total of twelve, which will compete in the final presentation, to be held soon.

Besides the important names mentioned of the artistic scene, others of the most representative singers could be heard during these three , days, such as Eliana Pittman, Jamelao, Hugo Santana, Dorothy, Claudia, Wilson Miranda. Larry Spelman, of the William Morris Agency, is writing and cabling to Brazilian chantress Elina Pittman, who recently returned from a US tour, proposing a new tour and special presentations at the Playboy Club chain.

Elina is not accepting now, because she intends to go to Europe first and is too busy at the moment with her Channel 7 presentations and is also cutting an album for local RCA Victor. Music is by J. They told us that a quantity of plans will be put into action and that first waxings from the new plant near Rio, are already being sold.

Also busy in the cutting of Carnaval Mardi-Gas disks. Continental has assured the collaboration of old-timers Jamelao and Jackson Do Pandeiro. II, bringing the German based melody by Kruger and Vogerlsanger, in fes- tivity rhythms, of traditional sound. Five of the top re- cording Brazilian artists of the moment, praise the combo in the hottest terms in the inner notes. Roberto Vejar left this job and Agustin Hernandez took his place.

It is supposed that the man will come from Europe. Ella came in company of the Jimmy Jones Quartet. She informed us that she has recorded around records and that she considered Duke Elling- ton the best jazzman in the world, the same as Dizzie Gillespie.

She also says that she has reduced weight and that now she feels much better and gets less tired than before. The Mexican Society of Authors and Composers offered a cocktail to all the CBS Records organization, in recognition of the wonderful job made to pro- mote Mexican music. Bustillos, vice president. Maldonado, Hnas. And speaking about new arrivals of the future, there is the name of singer and composer Johnny Tillotson, who will perform in a night club.

After a long absence in the artistic field, appeared again young Mexican idol in a TV show, accompanied by Silvia Pinal. Enrique is again okay from his past illness and already is recording new songs at CBS. And speaking about jazz in Mexico, we have to inform you that in the past week one of the all time best jazz pianists died in Mexico. His name was Pablito Jaimes and in the past years he played the piano with the Pablo Beltran Ruiz orchestra.

Pablito participated in the most famous jazz festivals all over the world and was very well known everywhere. Rest in peace. Italian singer Lorenza Lori, who has been in Mexico for a long time, wrote us a post card from Argentina where she is performing successfully. Gaiety will continue to produce the Palmer sessions under terms of the new agreement, and Epic will distribute the product under their banner. The deal, reportedly, covers three to five years, and includes an extensive promotion campaign on behalf of the pop singer by the complete facilities of the label.

Sparton of Canada, Ltd. He formerly has been associated with the Company in a sales capacity in Toronto and western Ontario. He has been in the record and music business for a total of eleven years, and prior to that was a recording artist in his own right.

Laurel Record Dis- tributors in Winnipeg, are riding herd on a flock of big hits currently. Barry Paine at Compo in Montreal reports that practically every Canadian play list has charted the U. Through that same label we have this week a new and interesting Dalida EP. Publisher is Palace. Sylvie Vartan just recorded a new EP. This record will prepare her come- back after the birth of her son, David. While many French artists go and record in foreign countries, several record stars do not want to be strike-breakers.

In that Music Hall, Brel is actually the lead of a three-week program. His premiere has been the most impressive success we have ever seen at the Olympia. Brel announced recently he will leave Music Hall at the end of the current season. The Canadian artist is a great success. Anton Valery, who specializes in old French songs, just left Philips and signed with Barclay.

His first record was pre- sented as a mystery. Important news about film music this week. After this session Mireille left France for a tour in the States and Canada. Chick is just back in his Winnipeg office from a western swing through his territory. Guy Bertrand, head man on the French-language record scene for London in Quebec, has been responsible for the production of a pair of very commercial album sets by Eric Rogers and Ronnie Aldrich.

They are aimed at the very lucrative Quebec record market and are already selling ex- tremely well. The Go Luck Four. To the man on the outside, the noise and laughter may convince him that everyone is having a good time and the clean-up men will have a lot of corks and confetti to dispose of; to the man on the inside it looks like what he wants to see. There are working conventions and play conventions, sometimes mixtures of both. Doubtless at the approach- ing MOA convention there will be someone who will get together with three or four other someones and recall tall tales of times past, like the night they threw McGuire off the train.

Without such delegates, conventions would not be true to their form, and the man on the outside would not feel sorry that he isn't getting in on the fun. The needs and problems of the industry will dictate the movement and direction of the three day conference. There will be a lot to do and a lot to see. Casm Box Editorial First, there will be four manufacturers looking for dis- tributors.

Three of them are audio-visual companies and will probably come to be known as the year of the audio-visual. Not only will they display but the competi- tion will be immediate, and that will make for action and interest.

Another company will be making its first ap- pearance at the show with a new product for the indus- try, and they too will want distributors. All of them have signed to exhibit on the understanding that the operator wants to know them better and work with them. They have product to sell, the little LP being the most prominent, and their appearance is in itself a prize for MOA, since it was an association committee that worked all last year to re- establish communication between operators and record manufacturers.

But their appearance is based on faith, or a promise of good faith. Third, the perennial copyright legislation problem will be the main topic of the MOA seminar. By the time the convention is in session new developments may have taken place, and the operator who is interested in pro- tecting his business will want to know what has been go- ing on and why. Fourth there will be four new coin-operated phono- graphs on display, one of them to be premiered at the show itself.

The phonographs produced so far this year all feature major innovations and the operator will have machines that are more technically ambitious than any ever produced. The major games manufacturers will also be featuring new ideas and new challenges for the op- erator.

Fifth, exhibit space at the show is sold out. That in itself is an indication of how important the MOA Convention is to the operator, of how much is going into it, and why he will probably be in on the making of a legend with his attendance. Nicastro, corporation president.

Gilbert has served the interests of our organization for over 25 years, both from headquarters here and abroad. He is eminently qualified to continue the expansion of our international marketing of coin phonographs, vending machines and background music systems. In his new position, he will also be able to render invaluable guidance and counsel to other Seeburg Corporation divisions whose expansion can also logically take them to the market places of the world.

Once this highly punitive section is brought out in the open for debate and rebuttal, I feel that we can take the teeth out of it. Granger said, been in touch with members of the House Rules Committee almost immediately after H. Granger also said that he, John Wallace, president of MOA, Lou Casola, chairman of the board, and vice president Clint Pierce had called upon executives of The Seeburg Cor- poration a week ago Thursday, and that on Tuesday of last week had, ac- pointed out.

Born in Lon- don, Gilbert was educated in a number of countries and received a degree from the University of London. His business career included executive positions leading to a vice presidency with the American Steel Export Com- pany where he first began distribution of Seeburg products.

It is gratifying to have shared in making this growth possible through the continuing introduction of new Seeburg products throughout the world. One, we stopped the original bill from going through. Two, al- though the MOA royalty rate proposal was not accepted — and we feel it is still the best solution — we did succeed in having a statutory limitation writ- ten into the bill, which put a price ceiling on the rate. This is very im- portant.

Now that the bill has been effectively silenced for this ses- sion of Congress, we can go to work on our defense for next year. They have provided new products and new concepts of sales and service to their peoples. It is to them that See- burg is indebted, for without their help, we would not have become the recognized leader in so many products in so many countries. The depth illusion in the target area covers 8 feet, and when the game pro- gresses the depth decreases in illu- sion to about four feet revealing other, closer targets for the player to shoot at.

We proudly offer this new sensation to our operator friends in all of the world markets. A person is actually shocked when glancing at the depth at the exterior of the cabinet backbox after peer- ing into the interior target area of the backbox and noticing the surpris- ing difference in depth actually 16 inches, and then the illusion of 8 feet.

Furthermore, the front of the beautifully appointed cabinet is illu- minated with inset lighting pre- senting an excellent eye-catching ap- peal in locations. It is available to operators in free play and extended play models. Collection reports throughout continued at a very high level. Steiger, president of Scopitone, Inc. Giving the campaign a dramatic flourish, Steiger said that Scopitone, Inc. That period is over, and I think that those distributors who are not with us will reconsider when they see the success Scopitone has achieved, and the number of prominent and influen- tial coin machine distributors who are now handling Scopitone.

It serves as a means of testing his product and making it a better product. We had the first audio-visual machine on loca- tion and we have the finest. It is a direct descendant of a special high-altitude camera developed for the French government.

It was produced by one of the finest elec- tronic firms in the world, C. Can any other audio-visual product match that record? The reductions should not come as a shock, but as a pleasant surprise. And it is solely on the basis and the success that coin-operated music dis- tributors have enjoyed with it that we are making these offers of reduced prices and financing programs. Hank Ross, at left. The struggle for space finally ended in September of this year when the new plant and offices in nearby Schil- ler Park were made available after several months of planning and con- struction.

There was an evident carni- val atmosphere in the air as all of the Midway personnel some em- ployees made the giant move from the old to the new building. The new plant is adjacent to a vast Illinois State Forest Preserve Park, and picture windows in the offices effectively accentuate and dramatize this verdant scene.

Overall footage in the huge, one-story level factory is more than 30, square feet, embrac- ing over 80, square feet of property for expansion purposes. Beautiful landscaping around the face of the building adds considerably to the ver- dant effect. A healthy turnout of well over operators and distributor personnel, plus representatives of coin operated equipment and record manufacturers added the necessary camaraderie to make for a memorable weekend.

Golfing, swim- ming, dance lessons, a softball tour- Continued on page The two sides of Midway: handsome exterior and busy interior. A rruck gets ready to pull out and make deliveries of games to waiting disvvibutors and operators.

Clalfey; and Frank Luppino, advertising and sales promotion manager. They feel that operators should at least condition themselves to this necessary coming trend due to the overall higher cost to do business. Claffey explained that there have been skyrocketing costs in such neces- sities as copyright costs, taxes in all areas, interest rates, bookkeeping costs, and vastly higher salaries for personnel in all departments. If an operator figures up the current cost of his vehicles, his cost of operation and maintenance and his cost of insurance, the astro- nomical rise over the costs of just a year or two ago are nothing short of amazing.

AND 8 FT. Just you and mUKlM. Two gala cocktail receptions, hosted by the Irving Kaye Co. Ben Chicofsky made arrangements for the operators and distribs, their wives and other guests, to be registered in the same building and eat in a specially reserved dining room for the music men only.

Gil still busier than ever on the route and with MONY activities. Sam the bridegroom Morrison and his lovely Miriam came up Sat. Likewise, Epic, Columbia and London passed out record product. Millie Herself McCarthy came over from her nearby Hurleyville stamping grounds to sample the fun. All-in-all, over music guys and their wives registered which is great considering the number who were off in Puerto Rico for the Wurlitzer show and those out «n the Rock-Ola trip. To see the new unit is to know what they mean.

Most of the facts are rather hush-hush at this point but A. After the New York gig, the Wurlitzer boys packed up the phono and display gear and were off to Atlanta. Give us a buzz for particulars. The big weekend included football Nick was a spectator, natch and a concert by the one and only Henry Mancini. The building covers sq. More than ample free parking space surrounds the structure. Business card boasts Hi-Fi Kit Shop as only complete kit shop specializing in custom sound system in Houston.

A full capacity crowd was reported in attendance. Harris said he had curtailed his coin machine operation to a more or less part time basis. Anne Thome, better than well known in local wholesale record circles, now with Record Service Company complete one stop service on Dennis St. He fell on me. He did awkward little dances. I got his setlist. I remembered all the words. The whole thing was utterly surreal. There was sweat, blood, screaming.

This was mass hysteria, group catharsis, a torrent of pent-up energy fifteen years in the making. Does Mike Kinsella know the joy the moment I found out that American Football was only the tip of the family tree? Does Victor Villarreal know the way that I sat in front of my laptop listening to the first disc of Analphabetapolothology on repeat for five hours?

Music from fifteen years ago, that two years ago made a kid hundreds of miles from his home into a new person. Fourteen bands from my scene in one day. I was surprised, because they were actually pretty good this time. We were all surprised and impressed. I got their demos, vry good demos. I encourage you to. New Nnamdi band. Several bombs in the form of three minute songs. Moshing at a house show. When Nervous Passenger played, he threw himself with the stability of an epileptic sailboat in a hurricane.

Hey kid, if someone wants to apologize to smooth over whatever bad blood there may be, and you respond with pompous bullshit while you smell like underage drunk? You can get fucked. I know I was incredibly stoked for Thank Me Later.

Pitchfork — Pitchfork —gave the album an 8. Keep reading. See, anyone baller enough to drive out to the middle of the desert for a three-day drug-fueled party is a stone cold concert professional. This, one the other hand, was entirely populated by idiots. Another girl kept staggering around drunk, would fall down, then a drunk guy would fall on her and make out.

Just, terrible. A lot of people not cut out for the rigors of modern concerts. This took place on the grounds outside of Solider Field - not enough space for a sold out show.

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