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Extemporal la dirigentie torrent 411

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extemporal la dirigentie torrent 411

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The user then opens that file in a BitTorrent client, which automates the rest of the process. Then the client connects directly to the peers in order to request pieces and otherwise participate in a swarm. The client may also report progress to trackers, to help the tracker with its peer recommendations.

When the client has all the pieces, the BitTorrent client assembles them into a usable form. They may also continue sharing the pieces, elevating its status to that of seeder rather than ordinary peer. A torrent file contains a list of files and integrity metadata about all the pieces, and optionally contains a large list of trackers. A torrent file is a bencoded dictionary with the following keys the keys in any bencoded dictionary are lexicographically ordered :.

All strings must be UTF-8 encoded, except for pieces , which contains binary data. A torrent is uniquely identified by an infohash , a SHA-1 hash calculated over the contents of the info dictionary in bencode form. Changes to other portions of the torrent does not affect the hash. This hash is used to identify the torrent to other peers via DHT and to the tracker. It is also used in magnet links. A torrent file can also contain additional metadata defined in extensions to the BitTorrent specification.

These extensions are under consideration for standardization. Most are already widely adopted as de facto standards. BEP [3] extends BitTorrent to support distributed hash tables. A trackerless torrent dictionary does not have an announce key. Instead, a trackerless torrent has a nodes key:. The specification recommends that nodes "should be set to the K closest nodes in the torrent generating client's routing table. Alternatively, the key could be set to a known good node such as one operated by the person generating the torrent.

BEP [4] extends BitTorrent to support multiple trackers. A new key, announce-list , is placed in the top-most dictionary i. A new key, httpseeds , is placed in the top-most list i. This key's value is a list of web addresses where torrent data can be retrieved:. This feature is very commonly used by open source projects offering software downloads. Doing so reducing the load on the project's servers while maximizing download speed.

MirrorBrain [ de ] automatically generates torrents with web seeds. BEP [6] extends BitTorrent to support private torrents. A new key, private , is placed in the info dictionary. This key's value is 1 if the torrent is private:. Private torrents are to be used with a private tracker. Such a tracker restricts access to torrents it tracks by checking the peer's IP, refusing to provide a peer list if the IP is unknown.

The peer itself is usually registered to the tracker via a gated online community; the private tracker typically also keep statistics of data transfer for use in the community. A private torrent can be manually edited to remove the private flag, but doing so will change the info-hash deterministically , forming a separate "swarm" of peers. On the other hand, changing the tracker list will not change the hash. The flag does not offer true privacy, instead operating as a gentlemen's agreement.

The purpose is to reduce the file size of torrent files, which reduces the burden on those that serve torrent files. A torrent file using Merkle trees does not have a pieces key in the info list. This key's value is the root hash of the Merkle hash:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BitTorrent-related file format. Movies torrents view all popular torrents in this category.

TV torrents view all popular torrents in this category. Music torrents view all popular torrents in this category. Elvis Presley - Complete Singles Vol. Anime torrents view all popular torrents in this category. Games torrents view all popular torrents in this category. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin v1. Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition v1. Sword and Fairy 7 v1. Descenders v1. Farming Simulator 22 v1. Inscryption v1. Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager v1. Train Sim World 2 v1.

Software torrents view all popular torrents in this category. StartAllBack 3. Kaspersky Small Office Security v PanoramaStudio Pro v3.

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